Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Quarterback tiers/keepers.

As most of you know I am a huge fantasy football guru. I have been playing for over 5 years. I have been in 3 leagues, up until this year, which I just quit a league. I am the commissioner of my league known as Playmakers Fantasy Football League, which you can checkout our league blog at playmakersffl Here is were my creativity goes, since once again I was called out by Ski over at the alleged Best Bucs Blog. I think someone is jealous since I am the topic of most of his articles. Ok enough with the Buccaneer Blog Wars. I know a bandwagon fan. when I read one.
Besides I have my readers in fact here is what one well known sports blogger wrote about this blog The Armchair Quarterbacksaid
" Just like your old look, your new look still makes Pewter Pirates one of
the best technically done sites out there. I like your idea to include other NFL
stuff. It does have a broader appeal. But I also like that you'll be maintaining
a Buc flavor. If I want to know what's happening with Tampa I click here first."

Here is my top fantasy tiers and keepers on quarterbacks heading into the 2006 season.
First I must disclose my scoring system to understand my tier. I have played in leagues, where a QB gets 10 points after he passes for 250 yards. then 1 point for every twenty five yards after that. So your QB throws for 225 yards you get no passing points. So I changed it to 1 point per every twenty five yards, which seems to be more fair. In reality unless you have Peyton Manning or Carson Palmer this season how many QB threw over 250 yards on a regular bases.

1 point per 25 yards
6 points for a touchdown
-1 point for fumbler
-1 point for interception
2 points for 2pt conversion
-1 point for QB sack

First Tier:

1. Peyton Manning - For several years now Peyton has been the number on QB in fantasy football. He had the second most touchdowns with 28, and he is due to throw 35-40 this season. Here is the thing, the Colts lost Edgerrin James. So will this hurt Mannings fantasy value or make it better. The Colts at present are going to rely on Dominick Rhodes as their starting running back. So Peyton may have trouble throwing this year because defense are not worried about the Colts running game. This could also work into Mannings advantage. With no running back, the Colts will be forced to pass the ball, and passing the ball is what Manning does best. He is a keeper in my book.

2. Carson Palmer- Palmer finally came into the fantasy football stud category after throwing 3,836 yards and 32 touchdowns. However, we also know that he suffered numerous tears, a shredded ligament, cartilage damage and a dislocated kneecap. Many fantasy owners will dump Palmer out of fear that he won't recover to his 2005 form. I say all that to say this, I would keep Palmer. Sure I would watch him closely during training camp, and preseason. However, he is a great quarterback, who just got his payday. Besides he throws to one of the best wide receivers in the game Chad Johnson. Palmer in a wheel chair could throw 20 TD and 2,000 yards to this receiver alone. Hes a keeper.

3. Daunte Culpepper- Culpepper has been a fantasy stud for several years with the likes of Randy Moss. Last year that fantasy value fell way off. Culpepper also has a serious injury to his knee. However, with the trade to Miami, and the receiving corp and tight end that Miami possess, I think Culpepper goes back to the top tier. With the help of a great receiver in Chris Chambers, and a good 2nd receiver in Marty Booker, and a great tight end in Randy McMichael, Culpepper regains his fantasy status as elite. He is a keep. Also check this video out on Culpepper:Daunte Culpepper Highlights

Second Tier:

4. Drew Bledsoe- Yep, I know sounds crazy, but you got to factor in T.O. Bledsoe posted decent numbers last season without WR Terrell Owens, now imagine what he will do with T.O and Terry Glenn, who just got a contract extension and a nice payday. Two happy WR and a legends at quarterback. The Drew now has 4,000-yard, 25-30 touchdown potential. Not to mention Dallas also has a good running game in Julius Jones. Could be a keeper.

5. Donovan McNabb- McNabb has always been at the top, in fact before T.O. McNabb was a 1st round Tier. Last season McNabb fantasy fell off due to injure and a disgruntled T.O. Now with T.O. in Dallas and the Eagles can get back to what they do best and that is go to the NFC Championship game. McNabb becomes a fantasy factor again. However, there is one problem they need to fix. Before T.O. they had Freddie Mitchell and James Thrash, now they have Reggie Brown as the their No. 1 wide receiver. They need a veteran free agent and a good Rookie WR in the draft to help them. I am surprised they did not go after Keyshawn. He would have been a nice target for McNabb. Plus the media would have had a field day with the Eagles and Dallas games. Which they still will because of T.O. McNabb is 100% healthy and ready for this season. I think he will be fine. But I would not keep him yet, you could draft McNabb in the second round.
However, there is rumors that Eric Moulds might land in Philadelphia. We should know in the next 48 hours. The Texans are also in the bidding for Moulds. If Moulds goes to the Eagles, this would be huge for McNabb.

More of the second tier to come.


dolphinfan said...

My Dolphins vs your Bucs the second week of the pre-season. Won't matter in the standings but it should be fun!

Cutthroat Pirates said...

Yes, it will be fun, It is the only time I do not care for the Dolphins. But other then that they are my AFC team since I am in Florida and you got Chris Chambers. Did you read the new rule that will affect this game?

The competition committee has banned Chris Chambers from playing in this game.

dolphinfan said...

You wish my friend! Actually Saban will prevent him from playing more than a quarter.

It will be Dolphins/Bucs for about 15 minutes. Then it will be Dolphins/Bucs - scrubs - for 45. However that won't take the joy of victory away!

Cutthroat Pirates said...

This is true, I know I keep giving you a hard time about Chambers, I just think he is that good.

joebook said...

guys... come check out my blog... i'm a fantasy commissioner who has been playing for more than 10 years... leave some comments and we can interact throughout the offesason...