Thursday, March 16, 2006

Damn It I knew this is where he would go.

This will make every Buccaneer fan happy NOT. I just knew that we would see ME-Shawn twice a year. With the Panthers in need of a number two receiver, and Me-Shawn's hate towards Coach Gruden, the writing was on the wall that we would see this SOB twice a year. Ok sure he is one of the all time great receivers STAT wise. Don't believe me, he just broke into the top 20 all time receivers this past year. Sure the Panthers have the Best Receiver in Steve Smith, and if they add Keyshawn, they could be deadly. However we must remember that we have the NUMBER 1 Defense in the league. So it could also be nice seeing Keyshawn with no stats after he plays us.

Free agent wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson expressed interest on Wednesday in playing for the Panthers. In fact, he told the Fort Worth Star Telegram that he's already spoken with team officials. However, an hour later he told Sirius NFL Radio that he has yet to speak to any teams. Johnson has previously stated that Panthers offensive coordinator Dan Henning is the best offensive coordinator he's ever played for. Plus, the team is less than thrilled with Keary Colbert's lousy sophomore season. If Carolina has the cap space, it wouldn't surprise us to see him end up with the Panthers.


Ski said...

do you think it's fair to label the guy a bust? after all, keyshawn was the first overall pick of his draft but has never been the best receiver any season he's played.

random side note, but '96 (the year Keyshawn was drafted) was the best receiver draft class ever. marvin harrison, eric moulds, joe horn, muhsin muhammed just to name a few. if the draft was held again I don't envision Keyshawn going first overall again.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

I did not call him a bust, He hit the top 20 all time receivers so how is that a bust? He has had his times of greatness and times of troubles too. We can not forget that he played a huge part in getting us to the Super Bowl.

dolphinfan said...

I really can't stand Keyshawn! The guy has talent but he isn't top 5 in the league and if you ask him he'll tell you that he is the best to ever play.

If he played as good as he talked he would be the all-time greatest. As it is now he is just a soft loud mouth who is scared to go inside to catch a pass.