Sunday, December 24, 2006

Simms resigns...

On Tuesday Chris Simms will resign his contract with the Buccaneers. Talk is that it is only a two year deal. I am not excited by this move at all, this means two things, Simms is the starter next season, and Gruden will be back.

Friday, December 22, 2006

I'm Back...

Well that was fun 1st semester of nursing school is over. 120 students started and we are now down to 60, with still 4 semesters to go. So hopefully the weeding out phase is over and we can get down to business. I feel like I am back in US Army RANGER school. If anyone is wondering, I did manage to get A’s in all my classes.

Now let me start off by saying what has happened to our beloved BUCS? Sure I went to the home games like normal. I watched the away games, I just did not have time to post on here due to school If you ask me what is wrong I tell you its COACH GRUDEN. Who, I am a big fan of, but after this season I have lost hope in him. So I am left answering my own question? IT WAS DUNGY’S TEAM that won the SUPERBOWL.

As most of you know I live in the Bay area, and I listen to the Bucs Radio Network daily specially now during the drive to and from school, and it is being reported that Gruden has lost the locker room.

We went to the International Mall last night to do some last minute Christmas Shopping and 93.3 FM the main radio station here in Tampa even said Gruden is gone after the season he has been given his walking papers. Now, I can’t find any truth to this rumor this morning, but time will tell.

The biggest story around town is Gruden is going to DALLAS or Atlanta. I find Atlanta hard to believe since Rich McKay is still there. But Dallas! Jerry Jones loves Gruden, and if Parcells retires, which most of the media believes he will then Gruden could be their man.

The problem is the BUCS will be 40 million under the salary cap next season and have a draft pick within the first 3 picks. So the fear is Gruden could mess this team up for years to come. That is what is being said here in Tampa.

So who replaces him? Good question, the top choice that has been named is STEVE MARIUCCI. Who I just heard on the radio, the Glazier’s wanted him over Gruden anyway. So with the Son’s now running the Bucs due to Malcom’s recent double strokes, Mariucci could be coaching again.

There is also talk that Andy Reid might get walking papers in Philadelphia, and Gruden could end up their. The owner loves Gruden, and publicly has sid that he should have made Gruden the head coach instead of Ray Rhodes, when Gruden was the Offensive Coordenator. If this happend, AndyReid would be the man the Bucs would go after, which I love that Idea. But I think Reid will be with the Eagles again next season.

Another reason I want Gruden gone, I did an article on Tim Rattay last year, and I knew he was the best quarterback on the BUCS bench. Why has it taking this long for Gruden to make a change. BECAUSE his EGO is so damn huge, and he won’t change his game plan for nothing. He won’t admit that a sixth round draft pick at QB was a mistake. After all Gruden is no Bill Belichick. What is really scary is Derrick Brooks said during his radio show he could end up playing somewhere else next season and so could Mike Alstott. Is that a sign the locker room is not behind GRUDEN mmmmmmmmmmm. Besides look how he has treated our beloved BUCS players like Mike Alstott, and John Lynch.

There is so much I could say, and have heard since living in the Tampa Bay area. But if you want to hear it for yourself listen to .

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Ravens 27 Bucs 0


Saturday, September 09, 2006

David Boston Cut

Yep, I am shocked like the rest, after releasing Edell Shepard because of David Boston, now Boston has been cut. Boston was cut due to the offensie line injuries and the Bucs need to bring back Scott Jackson.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bucs cut 22 to get to the 53 man roster.

Yes, I am still taking time off from blogging, but this is important.

There is some surprises with the list:

DT Anthony Bryant was cut, I thought he might be the future. He has great size, something the Bucs lack on the Def. Line. He could have been a nice run stopper.

WR Chas Gessner, the star of training camp, just was not the same receiver during preseason games. Plus it was going to be hard to beat David Boston and Ike Hilliard, and even rookie Maurice Stovall for that matter.

FB Rick Razzano, he looked good at times, and is probably the better blocking fullback that we have, but Gruden likes a fullback that can catch and Razzano needs practice in this area. I look for Razzano to be back on the team at some point. He was also cut last season as well and ended up back on the team.

WR Edell Shepherd, this is a shock. He was given a new contract at the start of this season, and has always been a good receiver. I wonder if last years dropped pass in the playoff game vs. Washington came back to haunt Edell. Besides with the receivers we got, Edell is on the back burner.

It is no surprise that the Bucs releases veteran Fonti.

David Boston, Michael Clayton, Joey Galloway, Ike Hilliard, Mark Jones, Maurice Stovall and Paris Warren are the WR for this season. I must say this is the best WR Corp the Bucs have ever had. I think this could be the greatest show on grass along with Cadillac and Alstott.

The 22 cut players:

Mark Anelli

Charles Bennett

Jon Bradley

Anthony Bryant

Steve Cargile

Jonathan Clinkscale

Marquis Cooper

Carey Davis

Dwight Ellick

Toniu Fonoti
Termination of Vested Veteran

Chas Gessner

Scott Jackson

Tim Massaquoi

Donte Nicholson

James Patrick

Rick Razzano

Edell Shepherd

Anthony Trucks

Torrin Tucker
placed on IR

Derek Watson

Andrew Williams

Keith Wright

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Taking time off from Blogging.

I will be taking time off from blogging. Sorry to all my readers, specially my blogger friend dolphin fan. I just have to much on my plate right now with nursing school/ studying. This degree is more demanding thin my bachelor degree. I am in school from 8-4, 4 days a week and then 1 day a week I have clinicals at the hospital, that leaves Friday, Saturday and Sunday to study.

I will try to post on here, when and if I get down time, but for all your Bucs Blogging needs you can read Ski's blog at, until I return.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Official Season Kickoff Party

Where will you be Friday, September 7th @ 7 PM, and you call yourself a Bucs Fan. I am a Bucs Fan and I will be at the official Season Kickoff Party for the Bucs, which is hosted by Miller Lite Beer. This fun event is located at Channelside in downtown Tampa.

I went last season, and it was a blast. If you read my blog, you know I go where ever the players are. I love meeting the players and getting their autographs. Last years kickoff party I met Cadillac Williams, Brian Griese, Michael Clayton, Shelton Quarles, Monte Kiffin and Coach Gruden. Of Course, I have met most of these guys during other Bucs occasions, but it is still always great to met them again and have them sign a new Bucs item.

Plus who doesn't like drinking Miller Lite beer and watching a free concert. It is like a high school prep rally but on the PRO-Level. Besides I have been out of high school for well over 15 years, so it is nice to feel like a kid again.

OK got to go, the Bucs had this morning off from training camp, but I will be heading out to make the afternoon practice. As always I'll report on the training camp practice later today. It so great living so close to your team and being able to report first hand on the Bucs activity.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Bucs Win 16-3, In First Preseaon Game.

As always I was there and watched the game live. What a feeling being at Raymond James Stadium for the opening Preseason game. The new grass looks great, the new seats look great, no more pink seats their back to Buccaneer red. The Pirate Ship even got repainted for this season. The stadium looked brand new again.

FIRST QUARTER:The Jets won the kickoff, and drove down the field pretty good against the NFL's number one defense. Chad Pennington looked as good as ever after all his surgeries. The Jets drove down the field, only to end up with a couple of penalties that made them punt the ball.

The Bucs got the ball at their 20 yard line after a touchback. The Bucs offense took the field without Cadillac Williams. Coach Gruden said Cadillac won't see preseason. The Bucs are going to save his legs for the entire season. So Pittman was the starting tail back.

First play for the Bucs: Simms threw a short pass Pittman for 3 yards.
Next play, is a damn PENALTY on Michael Clayton, False Start, 5 yards.
Next play, M.Pittman up the middle for 3 yards (He is not Cadillac or even Earnest Graham) Pittman always has a hard time running, it is like he stutter steps through the hole.
Next Play, another damn PENALTY on our new rookie and number one draft pick, Darvin Joseph, Face Mask (15 Yards).
Next Play, Simms pass incomplete to Clayton.
Another damn PENALTY, but thank God it is on the Jets. 1st down Tampa Bay. Mickens, Defensive Pass Interference, 6 yards.
Next Play, Pittman up the middle for 3 yards.
Next Play, and the crowd goes wild as Mike Alstott up the middle for 8 yards and another 1st down ( a real running back)
Next play, Simms pass incomplete to Alstott
Next Play, Pittman left side for no gain. (We need Cadillac back)
Next Play, Simms short pass left to Pittman for 5 yards.
We now have to punt: Bidwell punts 43 yards.

The Jets had a good drive going during their second possession, which takes the game into the SECOND QUARTER. In fact they got into the red zone and were getting ready to score when Kalvin Pearson sacked Pennington which caused a FUMBLE, which was RECOVERED by Barrett Ruud.

Tampa starts their second drive: Simms is out and Rattay is in.
Handoff to Pittman up the middle for 3 yards.
FUMBLES, recovered by the Rookie Davin Joseph (making up for that penalty).
Next Play, handoff to Pittman for 4 yards.
Next Play, handoff again to Pittman up the middle for 3 yards.
Next Play, Pittman out and Graham is in. Graham up the middle for 9 yards( Finally a real run). (T.Johnson).
Next Play, Pittman (back in) up the middle for 1 yard.
Next Play, Tim Rattay runs for his life and dumps a short pass to the middle to Graham for 26 yards. Rattay looked really good on that play. He made something out of nothing.
Next Play, Graham left for 6 yards (Graham is at least getting more then 3 yards a carry unlike Pittman.
Next Play, Graham up the middle for 3 yards.
Next Play, Rattay up the middle for 2 yards.
Next Play, Graham up the middle for 6 yards.
Next Play, Graham up the middle for 4 yards.
Next Play, Graham up the middle for 3 yards.
Next Play, Rattay pass incomplete short right to M.Clayton.
On comes the kicker, M.Bryant 25 yard field goal is GOOD.

Jets get the ball back and can't do anything no real big plays, but the Bucs Defense holds. Jets Punt.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers ball:
We go right back to Graham running like a mad man. Graham up the middle for 2 yards.
Next Play, Rattay pass incomplete short left to I.Hilliard. (Rattay having a lot of Incomplete passes).
Next Play, handoff to Graham off the left tackle for 5 yards.
Bucs have to punt, Simnjanovski punts.

Jets get ball back and drive down and Mike Nugent hits a 20 yard field goal, which is GOOD.

Third Quarter: Changing of the guard, Rattay out Gradkowski in.
Start with another handoff for Graham up the middle for 6 yards.
Next Play, Graham off the right guard for 3 yards.
Next Play, Graham up the middle for 3 yards,
Next Play, Graham up the middle for 3 yards
Next Play, finally a Bruce Gradkowski pass to E.Shepherd for 15 yards.
Next Play, Graham run to the left for 2 yards.
Another pass by Gradkowski to Massaquoi for 6 yards.
Next Play, Graham up the middle for 2 yards.
Next Play, Gradkowski scrambles right end for 5 yards
New runner in, Carey Davis run off of right tackle for 7 yards
Next Play, Davis off of right guard for 5 yards
Next play, Gradkowski pass to Davis for 4 yards
Next Play, Davis off of right end for 4 yards
Next Play, Davis up the middle for 4 yards
Next Play, Gradkowski pass incomplete to Shepherd
Here it is his first NFL TD, Gradkowski pass to Warren for 11 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
X.Beitia extra point is GOOD,

Fourth Quarter:
I got tired at this point, but one thing that stood out was
Gradkowski pass to Stovall for 2 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
X.Beitia extra point is No Good.

Over all I was not happy with the first offensive unit for the Bucs. I mean, Cadillac did not play, which I understand, but damn we really did not look good. During the Colts preseason game Vs. the Rams, the Colts come out on their first drive and score a TD. Peyton Manning, Harrison and Wayne orchestrate a touchdown that looked very easy. Why can't our offense do this?

Anyway, I think Davin Joseph looked great, sure he had a huge penalty right off the bat, but he rebound and played very well. He was excellent at opening holes, and he looked very good at pass protection, which Gruden said he would.

I am tired of Mr. Pittman. I know he is the guy saving his job by playing any position that is needed, but I think Graham has earned his spot as the backup to Cadillac. Graham is a better runner and he hits the holes a lot faster then Pittman does. Now I will say this, Pittman has the best hands out of all the runningbacks, and that is what is keeping his job. Torrie Cox was on fire last night and if you were at the game (LIKE ME) had to rub that in, you would see how is becoming a leader and is in on almost every play. He is looking like a young Ronde. Gradkowski is looking even better then what Gruden has been telling us. I think we got a steel with Gradkowski in the 6th round, and I will remind you all that Tom Brady was a 6th round pick also.

Bruce Gradkoski: 13 Att, 11 Comp, 104 Yards, 2 TD, and 84.6% not bad.
Tim Rattay: 4 Att, 1 Comp, 26 Yards, 0 TD, and 25.0% bad.
Chris Simms: 3 Att, 2 Comp, 8 Yards, 0 TD, and 66.7 % over 50% so I'll give it to him.

Earnest Graham 17 Carries, 69 Yards, 4.1 Avg, as always he did very well.
Carey Davis 14 Carries, 67 Yards, 4.8 Avg, did very well
Michael Pittman 6 Carries, 14 Yards, 2.3 Avg, stinks

Maurice Stovall 3 catches, 21 yards, 1 TD, he looks good
Earnest Graham 2 catches, 37 yards, 0 TD looked good
Paris Warren 2 catches, 22 yards, 1 TD looked good
Carey Davis 2 catches, 12 yards
Michael Pittman 2 catches, 8 yards
Edell Shepherd 1 catch for 15 yards

Offensive line gave up 0 sacks (this is huge for 2 rookies)

Bucs D. had 2 sacks, o INT, 2 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recovery.

Head Coach Jon Gruden (On the overall game)

“I would like to say we’re pretty happy with the performance tonight. A lot
of people played. There weren’t a lot of penalties. We didn’t waste a lot of
time. We got some things done in the running game. Our rookie class got a chance
to play a lot of minutes and we’re happy to win the game. We’ve got a lot of
work to do.”

(On QB Bruce Gradkowski)

“He did some good things tonight and it is a great step in the right
direction. You can’t do much better in your debut.”

(On WR Maurice Stovall)

“Some of the blocks he made tonight, I realize it is a preseason game, but
my God. He’s a very physical guy. He is a special competitor. The guy does not
quit. He has a long way to go, I think, to make a real splash here. He
understands that, but he’s learning, he’s working. He has a physical presence.
We said that when we drafted him and when you look at this tape, you will see
that on tape.”

(On G Davin Joseph and T Jeremy Trueblood)

“I thought they did a good job. New York chose to come in here and rush
three guys for the most part, early in the game; [they] made it tough on us to
throw the ball, a lot of two-deep with six-man underneath and we chose to run
the ball and stick with it and there was a couple great plays that those two
guys made. Some really good physical play at the point of attack, some
athleticism on the backside. I don’t believe we had a sack tonight, although we
didn’t throw it a lot, but there are some real positive signs tonight. (Alan)
Zemaitis made a great play in the end zone on a fade. A lot of young guys, our
draft picks, stood out tonight in some ways.”

(On the choice to sit Carnell “Cadillac” Williams)

“Brian Kelly was excused tonight for a personal matter and (we) hope to
have him back soon. We’re with him. We understand his situation. Carnell
Williams, Joey Galloway, some other players, Kenyatta Walker did not play
tonight. Coach’s decision.”

(On FB Carey Davis)

“How ‘bout that. Derek Watson had an ankle sprain. We didn’t feel it was
right for him to go tonight. Earnest (Graham) took 16 or 17 carries. We wanted
to see him perform as we did last season in the early preseason and he has
proven again he’s is a great back, a very good football player, but Carey Davis
was pressed into service today as a halfback. He’d been playing fullback
throughout the entire offseason into training camp, coming here and carrying 15
or 16 times, run hard, pick up blitzes and catch some passes. He gets steak and
lobster in Orlando this week and that’s a fact. He is going to eat steak and
lobster. He gets the game ball. I know it is a preseason game, but what a gut
check, grit performance by a guy who has really worked hard.”

Friday, August 11, 2006


Football season is finally here, sure it is preseason, but the Bucs play tonight and as most of you already know, I will be at the game since I am a season ticket holder.

Coach Gruden will be evaluating about 80 guys, but one sticks out more then others:
“I want to see Torrie Cox play,” said Gruden. “I want to see him out there at cornerback. He has made a lot of plays here in training camp and I want to see if he can take that out on the grass.”

MATCHUP: New York Jets (0-0) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-0)
WHERE: Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida
WHEN: Friday, August 11, 2006 at 7:30 p.m. ET
TV ANNOUNCERS: Chris Myers and Ron Jaworski

LAST YEAR: The Jets compiled a 4-12 regular season record en route to finishing in last place in the NFC East division. New York went winless (0-8) on the road in the regular season. That outing led to the trade of head coach Herm Edwards to Kansas City and the hiring of new head coach Eric Mangini.

The Bucs produced an 11-5 regular season record en route to winning the NFC South division title and securing a spot in the playoffs.

BUCS-JETS SERIES: Tampa Bay and New York have met a total of six times in the preseason, and each team has won three times.

BUCS Injury update: Michael Clayton, who missed Wednesday's practices because of a bruised toe, will play tonight, Gruden said. Right tackle Kenyatta Walker will not play because of a sore right knee. Rookie Jeremy Trueblood will start in his place. Others nursing injuries will be game-time decisions. "Some of these guys will go to the football stadium [tonight] and we'll take them out and see if they can go," Gruden said. , The Tampa Tribune August 2006

Things to watch for during this preseason game:
QB: Tim Rattay as Simms’ backup, followed by rookie Bruce Gradkowski, who seems to be outperforming Rattay on the practice field. There is talk that Gradkowski could push Rattay out of a job and maybe even off the roster.

OL: Trueblood gets the start and should win the starting job this season, this will be a good test for him. I also want to see our 1st round pick Davin Joseph. I also think he will win the starting job this season.

WR:Galloway and Clayton's spots are secure, but watch for Boston and Hilliard, who are competing for the number 3 spot. You also need to watch this new fan favorite Chas Gessner, who is a household name among Bucs fans everywhere. As I have said, I have been at training camp almost everyday this season, and fans are in love with this guy, and I think Gruden is too. Coach Jon Gruden calls him “The Golden Goose,” he has been one of the spotlights of training camp, making plays all over the field.

Safety: Bucs are a little thin at safety. The projected starters are Will Allen and Jermaine Phillips. Then the list drops off to n0 names: Kalvin Pearson, Blue Adams, Donte Nicholson and Steve Cargile. Blue Adams had a decent year last season during preseason, and he has had a good training camp. The Jets need to test these unknown guys tonight so the Bucs can get a good look at them.

Corner: Alan Zemaitis should be fun to watch and he should be a big name with our Bucs in the future.

I also want to watch fullback Jerald Sowell, who came to us from the jets. Sowell is a great blocker and has helped Curtis Martin over the years be the man that he is.

Speaking about the Jets and Curtis Martin. Martin is out on PUP with an injury, so fantasy wise, it will be nice to see the backup running back for the JETS.

I will post more on this after the game, when I return home.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

NFL News From Around the League.

New NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke with Rich Eisen on the NFL Network. He seems very young and energetic. I think he should be a great Commissioner. Of course the future Labor talks seem to be his biggest obstacle that he will face during his time as Commissioner. He did say that the NFL Network will become huge under him, and host a lot of regular games. I am glad I got Direct TV.

Maurice Clarett is at it again, I bet Denver Broncos are happy they released this criminal. He has been charged with carrying a concealed weapon and a traffic violation after a highway chase. Clarett was arrested early Wednesday after a highway chase that ended with police using Mace on him and finding four loaded guns in his sport utility vehicle, a police spokesman said.

Clarett Officers used Mace to subdue Clarett after a stun gun was ineffective because the former Fiesta Bowl star was wearing a bullet-resistant vest, Sgt. Michael Woods said.
"It took several officers to get him handcuffed," Woods said. "Even after he was placed in the paddy wagon, he was still kicking at the doors and being a problem for the officers."

They need to throw this guy away for life now, he is going to really hurt someone down the road. For a criminal to wear a bullet proof vest, shows he planned to have it out with the cops.

The New York Jets' future Hall of Famer Curtis Martin might be calling it quits. That would mean the NY Jets would have a new running back this season for the first time since 1997. Two sources close to Curtis Martin told the New York Daily News that the running back talked about retirement before deciding to give it a go for another season, and one of the sources told the newspaper "I'd be really shocked if he came back." This would be a sad, but happy day for the Jets fans, as a legend retires. Sad because the fans could not see him on the field anymore, but happy because of what he has done, and the fact that he would retire a Jets Player, after all these years playing for the Jets. We all know that retiring with the same team you played for all these years is hard to do in this day in age, due to free agency.

A Stroke could not keep Tedy Bruschi out of the NFL, but a broken wrist could. Well it will keep him out of preseason anyway.

Coach Bill Parcells, is tired of answering media questions about T.O.’s injury. Some are saying this is a new T.O. trick to keep him from practicing. Dallas training staff, who has been praised by Parcells in the past can’t find what is wrong with T.O.’s hamstring. T.O. is using outside staff to treat a hamstring injury that he claims he has. Parcells had this to say :If the player is telling you that he has something bothering him, then you have to give the player the benefit of the doubt," Parcells said Tuesday. "At some point in time it's going to be prohibitive. But that's not now. That shouldn't be the story today." Parcells is also ok with T.O. seeking outside help with the injury. Parcells onlu concern is keeping the media away from T.O.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8ft Airblown Inflatable NFL Player

I am a crazy Bucs fan, but we all know that. My neighbors love it. I have this 8ft Buc guy and I put him in my front yard every Bucs game. It has become a tradition.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

NFL's New Commissioner Chosen

Roger Goodell son of former U.S. Sen. Charles Goodell of New York, he worked his way from a public relations intern to perhaps the most powerful job in American sports, most recently serving as Tagliabue's top assistant, particularly on expansion and stadium construction. In 2000, he became the NFL's chief operating officer.

League revenues have skyrocketed during the 17 years under Tagliabue, who said he would leave his post after brokering new television and labor deals. The NFL will collect about $10 billion in TV rights fees during the next six years, and enjoys labor peace with the players' association under an agreement completed in March.

If Tagliabue is happy with this choice, then us fans can be happy with it as well.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Offensive Line falling apart.

Back-up guard Toniu Fonoti sprained his ankle and had to be carted off the field. Coach Gruden said he did not know how sever the injury was.

Kenyatta Walker missed his fourth day of practice. He has knee pain and discomfort. Left tackle Torrin Tucker was walking without having his right knee wrapped today, but he did not practice. Tucker has now missed at least four days of practice. This could be just what the doctor ordered for the two new rookie offensive linemen, Joseph and Trueblood, who have played with the first team since training camp opened. Could our two new rookies make the starting line-up this season. I know Joseph will and if I was to guess, I would say that Walker is replaced by Trueblood.
Just another reason to go to training camp.

NFL Fantasy Football File No. 3-174719KER.CS

What the hell does that File No. mean? Who knows, but I do know that it is Chris Simms. Watch this video of Chris. He is so accurate. Lets just say I know why the Bucs are now in a hurry to give him a long term contract.
NFL Fantasy File: Chris Simms

Chris Simms has Tremendous Accuracy, Don't you want him as your fantasy football quarterback? I know I do. Thank God he is the Bucs quarterback. This video is tooooooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Training Camp Notes:

The Bucs gave the players off on Saturday afternoon, after a sloppy morning practice, Coach Gruden hopes that the Bucs will come back Sunday morning rested.

Another change to the Bucs Training Camp schedule, is the Sunday afternoon practice will be moved to a private location and closed to the public. This means I will be home Sunday afternoon.

Coach Gruden's comments on giving the players the afternoon off:
“The coaches [get time off], too,” he said. “You get a chance to maybe have
dinner with your family and have a meal with somebody else. See some different
faces, you know what I mean? You can only see so much of Bruce Gradkowski in a
week. This is just to break the grind a little bit. Hopefully guys get mentally
rejuvenated and we all come back ready to roll.”

It is funny how he mentioned Bruce Gradkowski, I think Coach Gruden has a new favorite.

ROSTER MOVES: Bucs released rookie cornerback Reuben Houston and re-signed first-year cornerback Dwight Ellick.

I found it interesting that Kenyatta Walker and Torrin Tucker have missed most of training camp this season, but this is really good for Jeremy Trueblood. Walker is the starter at right tackle and Tucker has been working behind starter Anthony Davis at left tackle. With those two out, the Bucs are in a two-man rotation on both ends of the line. On the right side, rookie Jeremy Trueblood, a second-round draft pick, has moved up to the starting line and has seen a significant jump in his number of practice reps.That’s helpful for Trueblood in terms of gaining experience, particularly on the first-team line.

Coach Gruden Comments from

On the receivers:
“They’re doing well. They’re doing very well. [Joey] Galloway’s had a great week. [David] Boston is picking it up and making big plays for us. We're getting better. We’ve got a deep group of receivers. We like what they’ve done so far.”

On if practice will change next week with the first preseason game coming up:
“Well, in the mornings it won’t. We’ll have very similar practices to the ones we’re having now, try to get some physical work done early and some situational work done late in practice. Then in the afternoon we’ll have a couple periods where we take a look at the Jets – they’re obviously a lot different than they were last year – and familiarize our football team with not only their personnel but what we predict them to do.”

On comparing this team to last year’s team at this point in camp:
“I forgot all about last year’s team. When you get into the grind like this, all you worry about is where you are now. We have a lot of returning starters from a year ago, and we do have, I think, some key additions who are making things quite interesting. I just look at this year’s team. I like the work ethic that we have. I think we do have some talent, but I also know that we have a long way to go.”

On the importance of receivers gaining yards after the catch:
“It’s really important. Sixty percent, on some teams 50 to 60 percent, of what you get is effort. A lot of these 80-yard touchdown passes that guys throw are quick screens where a guy stretches it, breaks a tackle and runs. Yards after the catch is a big part of winning football, yards after contact, hidden yardage is a big part of pro football. We’re always looking for guys who have a knack to do that.”

On if he has thought about a quarterback rotation for the first game:
“Yeah, we have thought about that, but we won’t make any finalization on that until the next few days. We’ve got to see who’s up and who’s out and we’ll go from there.”

On what he likes about Gessner:
“I don’t know, he’s just a good guy. He’s a good player. He makes plays. He’s a functional guy in different positions. He plays pretty good special teams. He’s practiced well; we’ll see how he plays in a game. He’s done a good job. You’ve got to give him credit. He’s worked hard. He’s a bit of an obscure guy coming in here and he’s gone wire-to-wire here with a lot of good players. He’s doing well.”

More on Joseph vs Hovan as I Reported yesterday.

The battle between Davin Joseph and Chris Hovan is getting a lot of media attention.
As I reported yesterday, I was there and it was a scene. Here is more about the battle from the St. Pete Times.Battle of linemen draws big crowd

Friday, August 04, 2006

Davin Joseph vs Chris Hovan.

What a treat it was to be at the Bucs training camp on Friday morning as one-on-one pass rushing drills took place. Davin Joseph and Chris Hovan set the standard. Everyone was on their feet to watch these two guys go at it. The entire team gathered in a circle to watch as the Rookie, Davin Joseph put a licking on Chris Hovan. Hovan who previously according to Coach Gruden set the standard on these one-on-one drills, was beaten by the star rookie, and 1st round draft pick, Davin Joseph. Hovan was so pissed he ripped his helmet off and slammed it to the ground. Now is there any doubt the Bucs made the right choice with Davin Joseph. Like my Poll says PRO-BOWLER.

Buc tight end Alex Smith did not practice today he was out with a slight hamstring injury. He told the media afterwards that it was no concern.

Update on safety Will Allen, he needs a surgical procedure on his thumb. The team originally said Allen will miss a few days but now it seems that Allen might miss at least a week. While Allen's injury does not seem serious it comes at a position where the Bucs have no real depth.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ronde Barber and Jon Gruden Video.

Goto and watch the new video of Coach Gruden and see training camp live shots, plus a interview with Ronde on his contract. GOOD STUFF

Davin Joseph's Poll Results

Thanks again to all who voted, this time I had 40 votes on the question: How do you think Davin Joseph's career as a Buc will be?

21 votes went towards Pro-Bowl Offensive linemen.
5 votes went towards a good Offensive Linemen.
12 votes went towards an OK Offensive Linemen.
2 votes went towards won't cut it in the NFL.

I have been watching Davin Joseph at training camp and he is the real deal. We have not had an offensive linemen this good since Paul Gruber. This guy is opening huge holes for Cadillac. Coach Gruden has also been giving him a lot of praise.

Thanks again for your votes.

Side Note, I won't be at training camp this afternoon, I got a migraine headache, I think from being in the sun too much this week. I don't have an IV like the players get to help hydrate.

Brian Kelly Wants His.

Ronde Barber is a little richer and a lot happier now that he has his new contract, but this has left Brian Kelly wanting his payday. However, Kelly is signed through the 2008 season so what is he crying about? Sure he will never see the 2008 money, as it was added to help with the salary cap. So basically Kelly has until the END of next season to get a new deal.

Bruce Allen's policy is he doesn't discuss an extension with a player until he is in the final year of his contract. So Kelly will have to wait until next season to start talking about a new contract.

Besides Chris Simms is in his final year of his contract, sure the Bucs just gave him a one year deal, but the Bucs also want to offer Simms a long term deal. I have been told and I have read on several media reports that the Bucs are now working towards a long term deal with Chris Simms, that will keep him locked in as the quarterback of the Bucs for many years. This is going to be a good move. Simms has the ability to be a huge star in the NFL. We don't need another Steve Young situation, where we let Simms go, and years later he is inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Will Allen Injures Thumb.

I noticed today at practice Will Allen was not out there practicing. I later found out that he had hurt his thumb. They told us at training camp that he is being fitted with a splint and should be back on the practice field on Friday.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Barber's Deal Done and Simms' is Next.

According to my source, which I must remind everyone that I got word that a deal was in the works for Ronde Barber on May 22, 2006. However, after two months and a couple weeks Ronde got his money.

Barber and the Bucs have reached an agreement on a five year extension that guarantees Barber $12 million and could be worth as much as $24 million. It includes a $6 million signing bonus. Barber was due to make $3.5 million this season and count $5.1 million against the salary cap. Under his new contract, his salary cap number for this season would be reduced to approximately $3.3 million, reducing his cap number by as much as $1.5 million. Way to go Ronde. But like I said, I knew it would get done, unlike so many media fans, who had Ronde leaving for a new team next season.

My buddy also told me that now the Bucs are going to focus on giving Simms a new long term contract with some of the money the Bucs recovered from Ronde on this years salary cap. I was told it may take a few months to get done, but this is the new focus of the Bucs front office. I guess the Bucs have seen enough of Simms in the offseason workouts and now training camp to make him an offer. Besides every media reporter is now on Simms bandwagon, from NFL Network, to ESPN's Len Pasquarelli: Cool confidence is Simms' defining trait . I wonder what does Steve Young think about Simms now.


Adam Schefter's reported today on the NFL Networks about Ronde's contract, then followed up by saying the Bucs are working on a contract with Simms.

No afternoon practice the Bucs do the Movies instead.

Well I am home, since the Bucs will not be holding an afternoon practice. Thanks to my Buddy who works for the Bucs called me and told me practice was cancelled. Coach Gruden has decided to let the Bucs go to the movies as a team. The Bucs will be watching a movie called "Invincible" which is a true story of Vince Papale, a 30 year old teacher who quit his job and tried out for and made the 1976 Philadelphia Eagles. Thanks to my buddy for that movie info also.

I can now update you all on Bucs News:
It seems Coach Gruden is is unhappy with the number of passes rookie wide receiver Maurice Stovall has dropped. I could hear Gruden yelling at him from a mile away. Gruden told the St. Pete Times:
"We have one guy who obviously has to starting catching the ball,"
The Buccaneers selected Maurice Stoval in the third round of the draft. With Gruden already fired up about Galloway, Clayton and Boston it looks as if Stoval might find it hard to make this team this season. Maybe Practice Squad is where he will end up.

David Boston The Real Deal?

I am a huge Ike Hilliard fan, but I think I like David Boston better. I have been at training camp and I have seen what Boston is brining to the Bucs and WOW is all I can say. Buccaneers wide receiver David Boston has lost over 40 pounds from his peak weight. He reported to training camp at 219 pounds, 41 pounds below the 260-pound mark he previously played at, according to the St. Petersburg Times. Boston is pushing Ike Hilliard for the No. 3 wide receiver job this summer.

"Boston is no longer concerned with being a bodybuilder. He's refocused on
football and has been earning high praise from Bucs head coach Jon Gruden this
summer. David is also trying to bounce back from a knee injury that spoiled his
two-year stay with the Dolphins. "

"His attitude's been great," Galloway said. "We've all heard things in the
past of other places and what's happened. But it really doesn't matter to us.
All we care about is what happens once he shows up here, and he's been great so

Head coach Jon Gruden has said the same thing throughout the summer workouts.
"He's had some setbacks and they've been well-documented," Gruden said,
"but he's real big and he's real fast and he's got a burning desire right now to
prove he can still play."

Buccaneers and Coach Gruden are always willing to give receivers another chance. Look at Joey Galloway, he has become a star again in Gruden’s Offense. Ike Hilliard has been productive as the 3rd WR, even though I thought that he did not get the ball enough last season. Tim Brown was able to play one more season and get his 100th career touchdown catch. The Bucs even took a brief look two years ago at Andre Rison.

So Boston is the next WR that Gruden will take a chance on. Besides Galloway, Boston is the real deal. Boston is only 27 and all the other WR listed above were over 30 when they were signed by the Bucs. Lets not forget that in 2001, Boston was a Pro-Bowl Wide Receiver.

I like this guy and I think with Galloway, Clayton and Boston as our 1,2,3 guys and Cadillac as our tailback, we might have the greatest show on grass.

In the early training camp practices, Boston has shown the burst of speed on deep routes that once made him one of the top receivers in the NFL. Physically, he thinks he's 100 percent recovered from the knee injuries that limited him to five games in his two years with Miami.

"Speedwise, midway through the offseason I felt like I got all my speed
back so I've just been maintaining it," he said. "I want to go out and prove I
can still play. That's the obvious thing. It's driving me to compete.""I'm a
competitor," Boston said. "No matter what I'm doing, I run through a brick wall
until I win. I'm just glad my body will allow me to go out there again and show
my talent."

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What has cutthroat been up to?

Hello Bucs' Fans,

Well, I have been on vacation in Daytona last week. Then left there in time to make every Bucs training camp to date. I have seen some great match ups to date, and some great competition, which I will talk about later. My digital camera is not working, which is what happens when salt water and electronics come in contact. I am in the process of buying another one before training camp ends, and I will get those pictures posted on here.

Training camp has been fun, but very hot and it does not help that Disney’s Wide World Sports Complex sells beer but at $5.00 a pop. Never the less, training camp has been a blast. It is so nice living only 30 minutes from Disney and being able to go everyday. I must say that I hated the afternoon practice when it is special teams only. However, it is great to meet the players and get autographs. I was really excited to meet and get Davin Jospeh's autograph. In fact, I got to see Simeon Rice's press conference, is he not the man? It was funny to hear him talk about himself, this guy is very animated. He talked about how Joe Green told him when Simeon started playing football, that “Once the world knows your good, you got to be that good everyday, and Simeon said that is the hardest thing for him to keep doing.” Simeon was very positive on this years team, he talked about how Simms is looking great, and how Clayton is hungry this season and looks great, which I will say that he could emerge again as the go to guy after this camp. I was watching Clayton practice and he sure does have a fire lit under his ass. If you play fantasy and Galloway is your guy, watch out because Clayton is back and leaner then every. Simeon closed his press conference by saying “I’m on my way to being the best ever, period. The he basically said he is better then Kobe, and D-Wade.

I also found it very interesting that David Boston has been getting a lot of the 3rd WR set snaps over Ike Hilliard. Boston looks great and I say right now he is on this team, and might even take Hilliard’s slot. Also for a little bit of rookie info, Davin Joseph is lining up with the starting offensive line, and is opening huge holes for Cadillac.

Another first at Pewter Pirates,
I got in a quick Q&A session with Buccaneer Linebacker #56 Ryan Nece.

Like I said this was fast and on the spot, so all I could get was two questions in. Which I don’t think its bad considering it was my first time. So my new thing during training camp will be when the players come over to the fans to sign autographs, I will try to get a couple questions in and post them on here.

Q. Ryan what do you think of this years Bucs?

"The team is good and fast. The team chemistry is the best it has ever been.:
Q. Ryan with the new training facility in Tampa, do you think that this will be the last year at Disney Wide World of Sports?

"Good question, I don’t think so. They (Coaches) make training camp like boot camp. They like us isolated and away from our families so we can train hard. I think we will be back here next year."

Barber gets deal.

Barber gets his. Funny I have been saying this since May 22nd, 2oo6. Well let me say this, Cutthroat Pirate has done it again. I guess I can now say "I TOLD YOU SO" .

Monday, July 24, 2006

Bruce Gradkowski signs.......

Toledo quarterback Bruce Gradkowski signs with the Bucs. The Bucs took Gradkowski in this years draft with one of their two 6th round picks.

From what I have read, Gruden has the hots for this QB. Could this spell doom for Rattay, or even McCown and most defiantly Jared Allen.? If Gradkowski has a great training camp, which all indicators point to yes, this might hurt Simms contract next season, specially if Simms has a bad year (Which I hope not).

It is funny how most of the media is referring to Gradkowski as the future QB of the Bucs. I already like this guy, but we have heard this before, with King, Simms, and now Gradkowski. So lets just see what happens.

To make room for Gradkowski on the 89-man camp roster, the Bucs released first-year fullback Robert Douglas. Draft picks do not count against the 80-man (plus exemptions) roster until they have signed a contract, but they cannot report to camp without a deal.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

No Misguided Rumors, I Tell Facts and Ronde is Here to Stay.

First let me remind some critics out there, that I was the first to break the story on May 22nd, 2oo6 that the Bucs were working on a deal with Ronde. Ronde Barber is here to stay.

Back in May I received a phone call from my good friend, who works at One Buc Place and told me that the Bucs were going to get a deal done with Ronde this season.

Sure it took longer then expected, after all the Bucs had to make sure they had money for the rookies. Like Bruce Allen said, Ronde was already under contract and had agreed to honor it without holding out. So Allen had time to work on Ronde's deal. Now it seems that the deal will be finalized this week according to the Orlando Sentinel's reporter Chris Harry:
"It took a few years, but the Bucs seem to have figured that out. The team is
expected to give Barber a generous contract extension this week."
Orlando Sentinel

Now after all the bitching that some of the Bucs Bloggers have done about the Bucs letting Ronde go next season, now one is bitching about what it might cost to keep Ronde. from a confused soul .

Well let me say this, Cutthroat Pirate has done it again, and after the deal is finalized and public, I will be the one saying "TOLD YOU SO" . I think someone is just out right jealous of another's blog, knowledge and sources. GROW UP.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Buccaneers Signed Rookie Tight End Tim Massaquoi

The Buccaneers signed rookie tight end Tim Masaquoi on Wednesday. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The team selected Masaquoi in the seventh round of the draft back in April.

Sorry it has taken me a short while to get the Bucs news out, I have taken an early retirement from Law Enforcement, and now I am starting to prepare my new career as a RN. So, I have been preparing for school. After having a BA in Business and going back to school, for an AA in a science field, I have much more respect for my new career, plus it pays almost double what I was making.

Anyway it has kept me off of here a little, but never fear, I will still be around. Plus I will be still going to training Camp almost every day, since school starts near the end of August. So I should have pictures of training camp posted on here daily.

Mike Alstott on NFL Network.

Bucs legend, and a name that will surely be in the Bucs future RING of HONOR, which Derrick Brooks is working on, was on the NFL Network. Mike Alstott, said that he had to come back for another year, because there is something special about this team. He said it feels as if it is 2002 all over again. If that does not make you smile as a Bucs fan, this sure will: casinos in Vegas have been taking bets on the NFL season, and the Bucs are one of the teams that are predicted to go to the Super Bowl. The AFC team was the Steelers until Big Ben went down. The three teams leading the NFC are the Bucs, Panthers, and The Redskins.

Anyway Mike's interview was refreshing and he says he is ready to come back and be a leader for this team. He also said it made him feel really good that Coach Gruden had a big push in his returning for one more season.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Michael Clayton Celebrity Hoops Jam.

What a night at the St. Pete Times Forum, watching Bucs players for two hours at the Michael Clayton Celebrity Hoops Jam. I really enjoyed seeing Lamar Thomas the old Bucs receiver. Other Bucs were Cadillac Williams, Anthony McFarland, (who coached Clayton's team), Chris Simms, Juran Bolden, Alex Smith, Greg Spires. Other NFL players that were there was Warrick Dunn, Corey Ivy, Shaun King, Marcus Spears, Dwight Smith and Peter Warrick. Warrick Dunn and Dwight Smith got a huge fan welcome.

Michael Clayton won the game during a 15 second overtime, which was the four overtime period played. He won it with a 3 point shot with no time left on the clock.

Anyway it was fun and what a way to met the Bucs players again.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Season Tickets Arrived Today........

My season tickets arrived today, and Wow what a difference from last seasons tickets. Last year my four seats were in a regular envelope, this season they are in a nice calendar type spiral book. With photos and images with lots of information. This was a nice gift for season ticket holders, THANKS to the BUCCANEERS for caring about their fans.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My Season Tickets are on Their Way.

According to, my season tickets are in the mail, woooooooooooooooooooo. It also seems the Bucs are sending a nice little gift with the ticket book this season.
You can read about the gift here at

"Tiki Tuesday on Fox & Friends."

I was watching Fox News yesterday morning, and saw what is referred to as Tiki Tuesday. As we all know Tiki Barber is the twin brother of the Bucs Ronde Barber. Barber has appeared a number of times as a guest host on Fox News' morning show, Fox & Friends and has signed a contract with the network to be a general contributor and appear each Tuesday (dubbed "Tuesdays with Tiki" or "Tiki Tuesday") on the morning program.

The topic of the day was "How to approach your boss on getting a raise". Of course the joke was for Tiki to try this approach with Coach Tom Coughlin. I don't remember all the steps they talked about, but I do remember one was to get a job offering from another company and then go to your boss, but be prepared to leave if he does not give you the pay raise. Tiki said that maybe he should see if the Washington Redskins would give him an offer. Then they all laughed and said that Tiki was underpaid as a runningback in the NFL and the Giants should treat him better.

How does this relate to the Bucs, well like a good brother, Tiki said at the end, his brother Ronde is also underpaid. We all know the rumors going around that Ronde will not be in a Bucs uniform next season. However, like I have said before, Ronde will get his, and it will be from the Bucs. Why not let the guy play out his last year on the contract, which in the past contract years make Pro-Bowl Players. Playing for a new contract does something to a player, where he finds a new level of play. Then Ronde gets his new contract at the end of this season.

Lets not forget the League MVP last season was playing for a new contract and he went to the Superbowl (Shaun Alexander).

Thursday, July 06, 2006

14 Wide Receivers, Who's Out. reports the Tampa Bay Buccaneers currently have 14 wide receivers on their roster. The team normally carries six wide receivers so they have some cutting to do if they are going to maintain six for the 2006 season. Clearly, WRs Joey Galloway and Michael Clayton are good bets to earn spots. WRs David Boston and Ike Hilliard are the most experienced of the rest. Three of the candidates as of late June are 2005 draftees, WRs Larry Brackins, Paris Warren and J.R. Russell, which means the Bucs are looking forward to taking another extended look at them. WR Edell Shepherd remains an intriguing receiver for the team. The rest of the wide receivers are free agent additions and first-year players.

Luke McCown is Recovering from Knee Surgery.

The Associated Press reports Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Luke McCown (knee) is recovering from knee surgery and is looking forward to competing for one of the team's backup quarterback positions. Doug Williams, a personnel executive with the team, said McCown would be placed on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list, prohibiting him from practicing with the team early in the season but allowing him to participate in team meetings. The team will consult with doctors midseason and if he is cleared, he could return to the active roster, according to Williams.

Friday, June 30, 2006

A Blast from the Past: Number 63, DE, Lee Roy Selmon.

Football has many great players throughout time. However, not every great player gets selected to take his place in Canton, Ohio in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. If you ever visited the Hall of Fame, you would see great players such as: Jim Thorpe, Jim Brown, Bart Star, Johnny Unitas, Walter Payton, Tony Dorsett, and Joe Montana.

You would learn that teams like the Arizona Cardinals has 10 Hall of Famers, the Chicago Bears have 26 players, Cleveland Browns and Washington Redskins both with 15, Green Bay Pakers 21, New York Giants 18, Steelers have 17, while the Colts and Rams both have 13 each. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have one actual Hall of Famer and he is none other the defensive end, number 63, Lee Roy Selmon.

As promised here is "A Blast from the Past". This is my way to pay tribute to the great Buccaneer players of the past. Some of these players are in our hearts as Buccaneer fans, but will never be honored any other way. This week I picked Lee Roy Selmon, Defensive End for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
In 1954, Lee Roy Selmon was born to Lucious and Jessie Selmon in Eufaula, Oklahoma; the youngest of nine children.

In 1974-1975 Lee Roy Selmon was a 3 Time All-American at University of Oklahoma. Lee Roy and his brother Dewey Selmon helped the Sooners win back-to-back championship titles All Big Eight Conference Team

"He's a franchise. You know, it's easy to hand out
the word great and all the other superlatives, but if those words ever fit a
ballplayer they have to fit Lee Roy. I know that there have been some players
like him in the country. I'm sure that Mean Joe Green and Alan Page and those
people must be that kind of football player. But I've never ever had anything
like Lee Roy."
- Larry Lacewell, former Sooner defensive coordinator.

Lee Roy Selmon was drafted in 1976 by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the number one pick overall of the 1976 NFL draft. First-ever draft pick of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Lee Roy Selmon played on the sorriest team in the NFL during this time, but in 1979, he was the Key member of NFC Central Division Champs and selected as the NFL Defensive Lineman of the Year, he was also selected All-Pro that year.

1980Selected All-Pro

1980 Buccaneer (Miller Brewing Company) Man of the Year

1980 Kiwanis Citizen of the Year (District 8 - Florida West Coast)

1981 Key member of NFC Central Division Champs, Named NFL Defensive Player of the Year

1982 Selected All-Pro

1982-83 "Service to Mankind" Award by the Hillsboro Sertoma Club

1983 Selected to play in Pro Bowl - NFC TeamSelected All-Pro, All-NFC

1986 Retires from professional football.Career stats: 78 1/2 sacks, 380 quarterback pressures, forced 28 1/2 fumbles, recovered 10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers all-time leader in starts (118), #63 jersey only one retired by the Buccaneers.

1988 Inducted College Football Hall of Fame

1993Joined University of South Florida (USF) as Associate Athletic Director for External Affairs; spearheading effort to commence intercollegiate football

1994 Inducted into the GTE Academic All-America Hall of Fame

1995 Inducted into NFL Hall of Fame; the first former Sooner and the only Tampa Bay Buccaneer to date
"I had the opportunity to speak to the Hall of
Famers who preceded me like Otto Graham, Gene Upshaw and Gale Sayers...we spoke
of what it all means to join the Hall and it goes far beyond what's on the
football field. It goes and stretches right into life. And how you can use it to
reach out to help others. That's the true meaning of the Pro Football Hall of
- Lee Roy Selmon

Lee Roy Selmon played for the Buccaneers from 1976-1985. He retired in 1985 as a Buc.Lee Roy Selmon was selected by the Pewter Report as the number 1st greatest Buc of all time, and shares that title with Derrick Brooks.

Lee Roy Selmon was named as the 2nd Greatest Buccaneer Player of all-time by BUCPOWER.COM in 2003.

Lee Roy Selmon’s jersey is the only Jersey that has ever been retired by the Bucs. No one will ever where number 63 again.

Bucs Updates......

By Now everyone knows that Jay Fiedler has signed with the Bucs. Call Jay Fiedler the Sunshine Quarterback. He now has accomplished what no other quarterback in history has. After signing a one-year deal for the veteran minimum with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on June 29, Fiedler became the first quarterback to play for each of Florida's three NFL teams. Fiedler already has played for Jacksonville and Miami. The Buccaneers signed quarterback Jay Fielder on Thursday. Fiedler will compete with Tim Rattay for the No. 2 job behind starter Chris Simms. Fiedler is still nursing his surgically repaired shoulder, but he hopes to be ready for training camp. Jay previously played under Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden back when he was an offensive coordinator for the Eagles.

I think this is a smart football move, Gruden wanted another QB going into training camp. Ask any Dolphin fan, and they will tell you they like Fiedler, specially in 2001: Along with C Tim Ruddy, was voted by his teammates as a co-captain on offense ... Started all 16 regular season games ... Completed 273 of 450 passes for 3,290 yards with 20 touchdowns and 19 interceptions, for a passer rating of 80.3, which ranked seventh in the AFC ... Established personal single-season career highs for passing yards, attempts, completions and touchdown passes ... Became just the second Dolphins quarterback (Dan Marino) to throw for 3,000 yards in a season, and the third signal caller in team history to throw 20 or more touchdowns (Dan Marino, Bob Griese) ... His rating was the highest by a Dolphins quarterback since 1997 when Dan Marino put together a rating of 80.7 ... Also finished second on the team with 321 yards rushing and four touchdowns on 73 attempts ... Led the team in rushing twice during the course of the year ... It marked the first time since 1998, and just the third time over the last seven seasons (1995-01) that a Dolphins quarterback started every regular season game ... Led the Dolphins to five fourth-quarter comeback wins over the course of the year.

Am I saying Fiedler is the Bucs savor? HELL NO, I am just saying it was a smart move bringing Fiedler in. I am still sold on Rattay as the number 2 guy, but maybe Coach Gruden isn't and that is all that matters. Besides, I think Gruden has found his quarterback with Gradkowski (which will take a few years to develope since he is a rookie).

As for Mr. Jamael Oronde Barber, he will get his as I am told. Let see how many times have I been wrong when I reported something? If and only if I am wrong, I will be the first to admitt I was wrong. One must remember that the Bucs must sign all their rookies, they needed a new QB, since Luke went down, but I guess the real live reporters didn't consider that, they just wanted to stir things up before training camp, where it has also been reported that Barber will holdout, But wait he said he would not do that, so I guess those real live reporters LIE (I am shocked).

But what do I know, I am just a computer dork, wearing pajamas . Which is a lot better then being a Fucking idoit wearing Superman Underoos, who dosen't know shit about his so called favorite team, which proves he is a true bandwagon fan .

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

T.J. Williams out for the Season.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have suffered their first season injury to rookie tight end T.J. Williams for the entire 2006 season after the sixth-round draft choice suffered an injury to his right Achilles tendon during the team's mandatory three-day minicamp last week.

It is expected that Williams, the sixth round pick and the 202nd player chosen overall, will be placed on injured reserve.

This is bad for Williams, but at least this was not a starter that went down.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Jermaine Phillips on Cadillac Williams...

Ever wonder what Tampa Bay Safety Jermaine Phillips and the Bucs Defense think of Cadillac Williams? Well check it out and also see why they voted Cadillac as the MVP of the Defense.

Bucs Hire Kevin Demoff..

Pewter Report broke a story that the Bucs have hired Kevin Demoff to be the senior assistant to Buccaneers general manager Bruce Allen. You ask who the hell is Demoff, as I did? Well I did my research and discovered this guy might be a "diamond in the ruff."

Kevin Demoff has an inside lane on the fast track. He has three years as director of football operations for the Arena Football League's Los Angeles Avengers. He was a consultant in 2005 for the Buccaneers, and now it seems with the major loss of director of player personnel Ruston Webster, who was hired by Seattle, Demoff is the man. Ruston Webster is a major loss for the Bucs, who have not really felt his loss yet. Next season the Bucs might feel it after they have gone a full year with out Webster's input.

Demoff seems like he could be the man to help GM Bruce Allen with contract negotiations, salary cap management, scouting and planning. I have always been impressed with the Bucs since the Glazers Era on their selection of front office staff.

Here is ainformativee article about Demoff:
Valley News Web

Gruden Loves Boston...

Wide receiver David Boston has looked "pretty damn good" at Buccaneers minicamp thus far, according to head coach Jon Gruden. Boston certainly has the potential to help the Buccaneers passing game, but considering his injury problems, he is likely to become the No. 3 receiver and push Ike Hilliard out of a job. I love the fact that we got Boston and it came at little cost. I think if he can find his former self, he could be the number two guy on this team. Don't get me wrong, I love Galloway and Clayton as 1 and 2, but Boston is good enough to steal Clayton's job if Clayton does not bring it this season.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Jay Fiedler visits with Jon Gruden.....

Former Dolphins and Jets QB Jay Fiedler (right) attended Bucs practice on Thursday and spoke with Head Coach Jon Gruden . Could Fiedler be the back-up quarterback that the Bucs are looking for after Luke McCown went down with a knee injury.

“It’s just a feeling-out process right now, coming in here,” said Fiedler.
“Obviously, with what happened with Luke [McCown] last week, there looking for
another guy to come in and compete a little bit. My situation, I’m rehabbing
right now and hoping to be ready to go once training camp gets started. So we’re
just feeling each other out and hopefully we can come together on some terms and
see where it goes.”
Fiedler did say that the Buccaneer possibility intrigued him, in no small part because of the presence of Gruden. The two were together for several seasons in Philadelphia, with Gruden as the offensive coordinator and Fiedler as an inactive third quarterback in 1995 and a training camp participant in 1996. Fiedler also worked with current Bucs’ offensive coordinator Bill Muir in 2004 after signing with the Eagles as an undrafted free agent from Dartmouth.

“I would love to get back together with [Gruden] again and
work with him,” said Fiedler. “He does a great job coaching the quarterback
position and making it easy on the quarterback to be successful. Right now, I’m
just looking at this situation as well as a few others and trying to determine
where the best spot for me is going to be.”

Gruden had this to say about Fiedler:
“He’s won a lot of games,” said Gruden. “If you look at his
won-lost record in Miami, it was pretty solid. He’s a smart, quick study and
he’s a good guy and right now he’s looking for a team to help out. We’re looking
into his situation and everything else is just speculation at this

It seems almost every quarterback would love to play for Coach Gruden, how many time have we heard an offensive player, specially a quarterback say they were interested in Tampa because of Coach Gruden. The man is that DAMN good.

My thoughts: I have said it before and I'll say it again, I like Tim Rattay. Remember this is what Gruden said about Rattay back in October of 2005:

“We didn’t bring [Rattay] in here to hold a clipboard forever,” said Gruden “We
try not to draft players or sign players who we don’t think can eventually play
for us.”

“However, given what did occur, Rattay said he couldn’t have asked
for a better turn of events than Tuesday’s surprise trade. He felt even better
about it when he was informed that the Bucs had previously tried to deal for him
before the season.”

Rattay is also the same guy that the Bucs were after in the 2005 offseason, before Griese went down. I also would not forget that Gruden is falling in love with rookie quarterback Bruce Gradkowski.

"I've got a lot of confidence he's going to be a player," Gruden said.
"We've just got to temper our enthusiasm and bring him along, but he really shows
a quick, accurate arm. He's got really good mobility. And he's got a
charisma about him that quarterbacks I think have to have.

No matter what happens, I like the Jay Fiedler thing. I think Rattay and Gradkowski are going to be very good NFL quarterbacks. I think both server nicely as Simms back-up. Rattay questionably could be the starter, so if Fiedler does sign, he knows Gruden, and sure he is coming of a shoulder injury. Having Rattay and Gradkowski on the team gives Fiedler time he might need to heal. Don't forget we still have Jared Allen also on the team. We will keep you posted on the back-up quarterback position as the Bucs continue to interview.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bucs Updates.......

I am so behind on Bucs news, I have been studying for my medical test.

Number 2 Quarterback on the Depth Chart Luke McCown, has to have knee surgery. McCown, who is considered the most mobile quarterback on the Bucs roster injured his right knee during Organized team activity.

Coach Gruden had this to say about the situation:
"He's going to have surgery here in the next couple days," said the coach. "Our main man down in Miami, Dr. [John] Zvijac will do a great job, and [Head Trainer] Todd Toriscelli will begin the rehab process immediately. We can only update you as time moves on, but right now he won't be with us for the early part of the season. But knowing Luke McCown like I do, he'll be back sooner than most guys."

I think Rattay and Gradkowski got a big break, and I think both of these quarterbacks are fine as back-ups. Gruden, who normally enters training camp with 4-5 quarterbacks. He probably will look to bring in another guy to spark competition during training camp. If I was a betting man, I would say that Gradkowski wins the back-up job, until Luke can return.

Gradkowski has been a favorite of Gruden's since he was drafted by Tampa. Gruden's comments on Gradkowski. With Kerry Collins as the star veteran qb, I think we might see a little more of Rattay and Gradkowski at training camp. I'll let you know as I will be there every day.

Anoter former Bucs player dies at the age of 52: Former Bucs receiver Theo Bell died Wednesday at St. Joseph's Hospital after a lengthy battle with kidney disease and scleroderma. You can read about Theo Bell's NFL Career with the Bucs at St Pete Times.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Bucs Story 1976-Present

Schedule for the Bucs’ 2006 Training Camp

July is almost here and so is football season. I look forward to this time of year, because being a HUGE Bucs Fan, and living so close to Tampa and Orlando, I get to see the Bucs in person all the time. This year is a little different for me. For the past three years, since 2003, when the Bucs first started going to training camp at Disney's Wide World of Sports complex outside Orlando, I have had to take a week off of work. I always had a lot of vacation time so it was no big deal, the reward was seeing my Bucs in Person all week long. Well, I have since taken an early retirement and I am back in school working on my second degree and second career (not counting the Army of course), so this year I will be able to go everyday. My friends who still work at my old job, hate me right now lol, and they have to take a day off here and there to go with me to training camp. But they get me back when they get to work the security details for the Bucs and I don't anymore. Anyway, I will take a lot of photos and post them on here from training camp. This is also a great way to get autographs. I have so many autographs just from training camp.

Here is the Bucs Training Camp Schedule:

Friday,July 28
8:30 - 10:45 a.m.
2:45 - 4:45 p.m.

Saturday,July 29
8:30 - 10:45 a.m.
2:45 - 4:45 p.m.

Sunday, July 30
8:30 - 10:45 a.m.
2:45 - 5:00 p.m.

Monday, July 31
8:30 - 10:45 a.m.
2:45 - 3:55 p.m. (ST)

Tuesday, August 1
8:30 - 10:45 a.m.
2:45 - 5:00 p.m.

Wednesday, August 2
8:30 - 10:45 a.m.
2:45 - 5:00 p.m.

Thursday, August 3
8:30 - 10:45 a.m.
2:45 - 3:55 p.m. (ST)

Friday, August 4
8:30 - 10:45 a.m.
2:45 - 5:00 p.m.

Saturday, August 5
8:30 - 10:45 a.m.

Sunday, August 6
8:30 - 10:45 a.m.
2:45 - 5:00 p.m.

Monday, August 7
8:30 - 10:45 a.m.
2:45 - 3:55 p.m. (ST)

Tuesday, August 8
8:30 - 10:45 a.m.
2:45 - 4:45 p.m.

Wednesday, August 9
8:30 - 10:45 a.m.
2:45 - 4:45 p.m.

Thursday, August 10
10:15-11:15 a.m. (WT)

Friday, August 11
N.Y. Jets at Tampa Bay - 7:30 p.m. ET

Saturday, August 12

Sunday, August 13
2:45 - 4:30 p.m.

Monday, August 14
8:30 - 10:45 a.m.
2:45 - 4:45 p.m.

Tuesday, August 15
8:30 - 10:45 a.m.
2:45 - 4:45 p.m.

Wednesday, August 16
8:30 - 10:45 a.m.
2:45 - 4:45 p.m.

Thursday, August 17
8:30 - 10:45 a.m.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Big Ben's New Sponsor...

Courtesy of

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My 3rd blog

For those of you who has a love for Pro-wrestling like I do, I am starting my 3rd blog dedicated to Pro-Wrestling.

Just as my love for the Bucs, I also have a love for Pro-Championship wrestling. This started when I was a little boy and my dad would take my brother and I to the Civic Center in Punta Gorda, FL where I grew up at (yes Ski, this is where the big hammerhead was caught), and we would see great names like Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Mike Graham, and Magnum TA. When wrestling became big, they stopped wrestling at the Punta Gorda Civic Center, which is no longer due to hurricane Charlie. I had to goto the Fort Myers Civic Center and watch the big stars like Sting, Lex Luger, Ric Flair and such. Today, I still follow wrestling with a passion. So I am creating a wrestling blog, which will be as technically advanced as this blog. I promise it won't interfere with the Bucs Blog, "Pewter Pirates" come first, followed by my fantasy football blog, and my wrestling blog at

Thursday, June 08, 2006

From the Desk of Cutthroat.....

Bucs News:
Man so much has been going on, I last left off at the Bucs Fan Fest, which has now passed. Another success.

This past Monday was also another first for the Bucs as "Making the Squad" aired on the NFL Network, channel 212 as us Direct TV customers well know. This was a good show, my wife and I watched not just because we are Bucs fans, but our good friend’s girlfriend just made the squad and she was on the show. The next episode airs this Monday, and Yes, I will be watching.

Talking about the NFL Network, they have the Bucs like never before, this Monday at 8PM is Making the Squad - Tampa Bay Bucs - Episode 2 - The three-part series chronicles all aspects of the cheerleader audition process as veterans compete to maintain their positions while eager rookies struggle to make the team.

followed by The Birth of the Bucs - follows the terrible 1976 expansion Tampa Bay Buccaneers through its first season from training camp to the end. Much of the footage is outtakes and mistakes because this was not only a bad season for the team, but also a test to NFL Films crews since they had never done anything like this before. Also includes footage of other people in the NFL.

Then Thursday, June 15, 2006, the NFL Network will air at 8pm 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Under head coach Jon Gruden, the Buccaneers finished the regular season 12-4. Led to the playoffs by defensive player of the year Derrick Brooks, the Buccaneers defeated the 49ers and the Eagles on their way to a victory agains the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII.

8:30pm Super Bowl XXXVII: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Oakland Raiders - Under head coach Jon Gruden, the Buccaneers' defense that featured Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks intercepted five passes, three of which were returned for touchdowns en route to the franchise's first Super Bowl victory 48-21 over the Raiders. After two interceptions, Bucs safety Dexter Jackson was named MVP.

9 p.m. -- Game of the Week (Normal show where the NFL Network picks a game and we get to watch it again)
2005 Atlanta Falcons vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers - (12/24) - 24-27, OT - Matt Bryant's 41-yard field goal with 15 seconds remaining in overtime Saturday gave the Bucs a 27-24 victory over the Falcons and a share of first place in the NFC South heading into the final week of the season. Chris Simms threw for 285 yards and two touchdowns.

Also yesterday the NFL Network interviewed Michael Clayton. He talked about the typed “contract” between him and Coach Gruden. He said that he was brought into be the “GO TO GUY” and Gruden still plans on using Clayton that way. He stated he is healthy and ready for this season. He was asked about his and Chris Simms relationship, which he said was good and even hinted about the rumor (Simms has talked publicly about Galloway, and David Boston, but has left Clayton out of the headlines). Some say that Simms is doing this just to keep Clayton on his toes. You can watch the video at .

I will be adding to my Video collection this next week. I have a huge Bucs Video collection of old games, new games, interviews, HBO Inside the NFL, The Superbowl, to include that entire year, anything and everything you name it, I record it.

Around the NFL and Fantasy Talk:

Steve McNair passed the Ravens team physical Thursday morning, according to the Baltimore Sun, completing the final step in the deal which sends the quarterback from Tennessee to Baltimore in exchange for a fourth-round draft pick in 2007. The Ravens have called a press conference for later Thursday afternoon to formally announce the deal. Huge Fantasy impact here, since the Ravens number one receiver played with McNair.

Carson Palmer won't participate fully in the Bengals' minicamp which opens June 15, but head coach Marvin Lewis still thinks his quarterback will be ready for the start of the season. When asked if he thought Palmer would play during the preseason, Lewis told the Cincinnati Enquirer, "Yes." Lewis also said he believed Palmer would start the regular-season opener September 10 against the Chiefs.

In a move that appears to be salary related, Patriots wide reciever Deion Branch is not attending the passing camp being held this week in Foxboro. While the camp is technically deemed "voluntary," sources close to Branch have told the Boston Herald that he may not attend the mandatory minicamp scheduled for June 13-14 as well. Jayson Chayut, Branch's agent, would not comment on the situation, but Branch has told those around him that he is considering taking any necessary steps to get what he deems a fair market contract

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will join Donovan McNabb and Matt Hasselbeck as pitchman for Campbell's Chunky Soup. A commercial starring Roethlisberger, his mother Brenda, and six Steeler teammates will begin shooting at Heinz Field next week. This is bad news for Steeler fans. There is a curse with this commercial, every NFL Player that has done Chunky Soap has been hit with the Injury Bug. Donvan, and our beloved John Lynch.

Niners wide receiver Arnaz Battle is expected to return to practice on Tuesday after sitting out on Monday due to swelling in his knee. "I had another MRI done and there are no problems structurally or anything," Battle told "My knee is still stable but I had some swelling in there because of the workload. It's frustrating not to be out there taking reps but I don't expect it to be a lingering problem."
Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb addressed the media following practice on Tuesday and provided an update on his return from hernia and groin surgeries. "I would like to say at 100 percent, but you never know until you put the pads on and get back into a scrimmage situation or a possible game situation," he told the team's official web site. "I feel like I've been getting stronger and with the flexibility trainer I've been working with...I'm getting looser...I am pretty much already convinced to say I am healthy, but until (I'm) tested, we won't know for sure." McNabb underwent surgery on November 28, 2005 to repair a sports hernia and a groin tear.

After attending mandatory minicamp workouts over the weekend, Bears running back Thomas Jones skipped a voluntary team meeting on Monday morning, according to the Chicago Tribune. As such, the disgruntled rusher is not expected to attend the team's upcoming voluntary workout sessions. Bears running back Cedric Benson once again got most of the first-team reps. Rumor has it that Coach Smith is pissed at Thomas and Thomas as asked to be traded.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Shepherd Signs New Deal

Edell Shepherd, the 26-year-old wide receiver signed a new contract with the Bucs.

“We’ve got a lot of speed at receiver right now, we really do,” said Simms
after a recent offseason practice introduced Boston to the lineup. “[Boston] is
great, but we’ve got guys like Edell Shepherd and Ike Hilliard and J.R. Russell
who are also extremely capable of making some big plays.”

According to,
Shepherd’s signing very nearly completes the work of re-signing the list of
Buccaneers who became free agents in March. Only running back Earnest Graham,
another exclusive rights free agent, remains on the to-do list. The Bucs had
previously re-signed unrestricted free agents Hilliard, Mike Alstott, Matt
Bryant, Chris Hovan, Dave Moore and Kenyatta Walker, restricted free agents
Torrie Cox and Sean Mahan and exclusive rights free agents Anthony Davis and Jeb
Terry. In addition, potential free agents Simms and Juran Bolden were re-upped
before the open market period began.

Where Will I Be Tomorrow.............

Of Course, I will be at the 2006 Buccaneer Fan Fest. I never miss it, what true fan would? If I lived in Alaska, I would still be here for this event. This is truly a way for the Bucs to give thanks to their fans.

Ok for those that have never been here is how it works?

9:30 am gates open, and on-field activities and Pirate ship open. However, most of us will still be standing in a line of about 40,000 waiting to get our VOUCHERS for club level autographs. In fact most of us have been waiting since 6:00 am. YES, a die hard Bucs fan gets up at 6:00 am and waits in line to get his VOUCHER to get the Rookie of the Year(Cadillac Williams') autograph. A small price to pay but well worth it to me.

10:00 All autograph areas open ( and there is a lot of areas to get autographs. Ok, here is how it works, the stadium is broken into for corners, A, B, C, D. Each club level gets an A, B, C, D. Inside each area is 3-4 players that will sign autographs for you. The nice thing is that this is inside the air- condition, which as we all know Florida heat is a killer.

AM Shift 10Am- Noon

A Section
Josh Bidwell
Mike Alstott
Dewayne White

B Section
Kenyatta Walker
Barrett Rudd
Anthony McFarland

C Section
Alex Smith
Jermaine Phillips
Sean Mahan

D Section
John Wade
Ike Hilliard
Derrick Brooks

PM Shift Noon-2pm

A Section
Will Allen
Ryan Nece
Carnell Williams
Jeb Terry

B Section
Mark Jones
Torrie Cox
Chris Simms
Davin Joseph

C Section
Matt Bryant
Juran Bolden
Michael Pittman
Chris Hovan

D Section
Michael Clayton
Earnest Graham
Luke McCown
Anthony Davis

Main Concourse
Scheduled Players
No Voucher Required

10:00 am - Noon
Bruce Allen
Coach Gruden
Scott Jackson
Lynn McGruder
Jason Nerys
Donte Nicholson
James Patrick
Kalvin Pearson
Justin Phinisee
Rick Razzano
Stefan Rodgers
J.R. Russell
Edell Shepherd
Brian Simjanovski
Jerald Sowell
Maurice Stovall
Terrence Stubbs
Boone Stutz
Jermaine Taylor
Moe Thompson
Anthony Trucks
Jeremy Trueblood
Torrin Tucker
Paris Warren
Derek Watson
Andrew Williams
T.J. Williams
Todd Williams
Jamie Winborn
Keith Wright
Ellis Wyms
Alan Zemaitis

Noon-2 pm shift

Blue Adams
Jahmile Addae
Jared Allen
Mark Anelli
Xavier Beitia
Charles Bennett
Phil Bogle
Larry Brackins
Jon Bradley
Anthony Bryant
Steve Cargile
Antoine Cash
Jonathan Clinkscale
Chris Colmer
Marquis Cooper
Carey Davis
Robert Douglas
Dwight Ellick
Toniu Fonoti
Chas Gessner
Bruce Gradkowski
Andre Hall
Reuben Houston
Julian Jenkins
Jacque Lewis
Sam Lightbody
Wesly Mallard
Tim Massaquoi
Derek McCoy

12:15 Pm Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders Performance, which I can't miss because my buddies girlfriend is a new 2006 cheerleader, (I guess that means more perks, and another source for me lol.)

Coaches Corner with Head Coach Jon Gruden, General Manager Bruce Allen, and other Buccaneers Coaches. This is usually a Q and A session with the fans.

Anyway this is so exciting, I am like a little kid when it comes to my Bucs. I will try to get some photos and post them on here for all to see. GO BUCS.