Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mike Alstott on NFL Network.

Bucs legend, and a name that will surely be in the Bucs future RING of HONOR, which Derrick Brooks is working on, was on the NFL Network. Mike Alstott, said that he had to come back for another year, because there is something special about this team. He said it feels as if it is 2002 all over again. If that does not make you smile as a Bucs fan, this sure will: casinos in Vegas have been taking bets on the NFL season, and the Bucs are one of the teams that are predicted to go to the Super Bowl. The AFC team was the Steelers until Big Ben went down. The three teams leading the NFC are the Bucs, Panthers, and The Redskins.

Anyway Mike's interview was refreshing and he says he is ready to come back and be a leader for this team. He also said it made him feel really good that Coach Gruden had a big push in his returning for one more season.

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