Tuesday, February 28, 2006

CBA Talks DEADLOCK......

IS THIS THE FUTURE OF A GREAT AMERICAN GAME. Well the NFL/NFLPA thought that today would bring an end to the Collective Barging Agreement, however the NFL labor talks broke off Tuesday three days before the start of free agency, leaving teams and players in a quandary about negotiating new contracts.

This is bad, real bad if your a NFL fan, let alone a Buccaneer fan. The NFLPA, Gene Upshaw has been in New York meeting with Commissioner Paul Tagliabue.

We're deadlocked. There's nowhere to go," Upshaw said. "There's no reason to
continue meeting."

This is going to be a bad year in the NFL, can you imagine stars like Derrick Brooks and Edgerrin James not being able to find a team because their is no money this year. This is a reality folks, with 2007 being an uncapped year, teams take a huge inflated salary hit this season on roster bonuses. Therefore some of the stars we all love and know may not even be able to sign with a team this season.

Take the Buccaneers, who are one of the teams who will have a $19 million salary cap hit this season with no new CBA contract. This means Mike Alstott is done, he will be forced to retire (no money to sign him), Rice and Brooks could both be out due to salary cap, and Bruce Allen can blame it on the CBA. The scary thing that ESPN and the NFL reported on is that in 2008 there will be no more NFL Draft and more then likely a NFL strike or the owners locking the players out.

Without an extension, the 2007 season would become a so-called uncapped year with no spending limit and no minimum, and players could potentially face a lockout in 2008.

Team officials and player agents have said that doing business without an extension -- particularly with the free agent signing period set to begin Friday and the draft on April 29-30 -- will prove virtually impossible. Because of the extreme circumstances that would exist with an uncapped year on the horizon, it would be difficult to meet the financial expectations of free agents and high-round draft choices.

There is one last shot, Commissioner Paul Tagliabue has called a league meeting in New York for Thursday to explain to NFL clubs why the sides have been unable to come to an agreement. This would be the last chance for them to come to an agreement. Tagliabue has also said that no matter what the new NFL year starts Friday, March 03, 2006. This will start free agency period for the last time as we know it.

Accoring to Len Pasquarelli from ESPN,

Salary cap managers from several franchises are readying themselves for what one
general manager suggested late Tuesday will come to be known as "Bloody
Translation: Because so many teams are up against the projected
cap limit of $95 million to $96 million for 2006, and the lack of a CBA
extension means there are few options for relief, some big-name players will be
jettisoned by Thursday, when teams must be in compliance with the spending

"This year? People are going to be stunned -- not just by the quantity of players who are cut by Thursday, but by the quality, too. It's going to be ugly. There's going to be blood in the streets and, compared to past years, it's going to be from some bluebloods, guys who can still play." Tuesday night in Atlanta, there were rumblings the Falcons, who aren't in nearly the dire straits some other franchises are, might be forced to release tailback Warrick Dunn, who rushed for a career best 1,416 yards in 2005. Tagliabue will convene a Thursday meeting of all owners. By that point, though, the mechanisms for an "uncapped" season in 2007 will already be in place. And Upshaw has reiterated throughout the talks that, if the NFL ever plays without a salary cap for one season, players will never permit one to be reinstituted.
There also exists the possibility that players could be locked out before the 2008 season, by which point the current collective bargaining agreement will have expired. "

Juran Bolden Resigns with the Bucs...

Well good news for the Tampa Bay Buccaneer Defense, on Monday the Bucs resigned their nickel corner Juran Bolden.

Bolden would have became an unrestricted free agent on Friday, March 3, 2006 after signing a one year deal with the Bucs in 2005. The Buccaneers are getting a good start at keeping this number one defense together. Now the Buccaneers need to resign Chris Hovan, and work out the details on Brooks and Rice's contracts.

Bolden beat out Torrie Cox and Blue Adams in 2005 training camp for the right to be the team’s third cornerback in the nickel defense. Bolden recorded a career-high 42 tackles, two interceptions, nine pass breakups and notched two tackles on special teams, and helped Tampa Bay’s defense achieve the number one ranking in the NFL, while the Bucs’ pass defense finished sixth in the league.

"At my age, you get tired of switching from team to team," the Tampa native
said. "I don't even remember how many teams I've been on. I like what we're
doing in Tampa. ... And I love coach (Jon) Gruden. He showed me a lot of love,
and one thing about me is when people show me loyalty, I'm loyal to them."

Terms of Bolden’s new deal were not disclosed as of this date.

CBA Reaching the 11th-hour and A Deal by Wednesday?

Well there just might be a NFL in the future after all. It seems that owners are making progress in talks to extend the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement). League owners are scheduled to meet Tuesday Via a conference call about the CBA according to Len Pasquarelli from ESPN.

Owners are delaying their departures from the scouting combine to make this meeting. According to the Patriots vice president Jonathan Kraft, “If I were betting, I would bet there would be a deal by Wednesday.”

Among the owners who have expressed optimism that an 11th-hour deal will be hammered out is Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys. "I think that we'll likely have a deal," Jones told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel on Monday. Other owners and team officials allowed there have been rumblings of progress and that they feel an extension will be in place before the end of the week.

Team officials and player agents have said that doing business without an extension -- particularly with the free agent signing period set to begin Friday and the draft on April 29-30 -- will prove virtually impossible. Because of the extreme circumstances that would exist with an uncapped year on the horizon, it would be difficult to meet the financial expectations of free agents and high-round draft choices.

Compounding the situation is that several franchises are in the throes of salary cap overages and will find it difficult,
if not painful, to come into cap compliance for 2006 without an extension. If an extension is not struck before Friday, several cap managers acknowledged, there figures to be many
veteran players purged from rosters in the next few days.

If the CBA happens on Wednesday, like some owners think, this will help the Buccaneers, who with out the CBA are $19 million over the salary cap, but with a new CBA the Bucs are a reported $15 million over. This is not much, but $4 million difference, equals resigning players like Mike Alstott, Chris Hovan, and maybe even Griese and Simms.

If a deal is struck before Friday, it is likely the start of free agency would be delayed at least a week in order to allow teams to recalculate their cap status.
Lets just hope the NFL/NFLPA can get this done, so we as fans can enjoy the game as we love it.

Monday, February 27, 2006

The Greatest Buccaneer to Wear the uniform May Be Forced to Retire.

Well as March 3rd approaches fast, it looks as if the "Greatest Player to Ever Wear a Buccaneer Uniform May Be Forced to Retire." I have learned that the Buccaneer's GM did make Mike Alstott and his agent an offer to return this year, but the offer was very small and Mike was asking for his last years salary of $1.5 million.

The Bucs are as much as $19 million over the cap, so that may not be practical.
As I have said all along Mike Alstott has been my favorite player for many years. Before him I was a huge Errict Rhett fan. It will be hard not to see number 40 in the game, but his ties with the Tampa Bay area will remain. If he does call it quits, Pewter Pirates will host a tribute to this great beloved Buccaneer.

The only good news for me with this retirement come my new favorite Buccaneer Cadillac Williams, who is my star running back on my fantasy football team. If Alstott hangs up his cleats, Carnell Williams' fantasy value increases because now goal line duties will be up for grabs. You can check out my Fantasy Football Blog at http://playmakersffl.blogspot.com/

Friday, February 24, 2006

Bucs QB in 06?

Well the tables have turned, and the question is how much of this is just a tactic to scare Chris Simms. It seems now that the Bucs are saying that Griese is their man for one more year. All reports coming today, to include the Buccaneer radio network along with GM Bruce Allen are saying that Griese is here to stay and start. This is a slap in the face of Chris Simms, but it has been an unwritten rule in the NFL for some time that you do not lose your starting job to injury. Oh and the Bucs like to remind everyone that Griese was 5-1 as the Bucs Starter.

Coach Gruden said that Griese gives us the better chance at winning and is more like Brad Johnson. Well coach if he is more like Brad, then why did you force Brad out, who one us a Super Bowl.

This year it seems that so many teams are in need of a QB, that I think the Buccaneers are hoping that if Chris Simms receive a one-year, $2-million qualifying offer from the Bucs, that would enable Tampa Bay to receive a first- and third-round draft pick for Simms if they fail to match an offer from another team when he becomes a restricted free agent March 3.

Simms,who is very unhappy at how things are going, fired his agent Marvin Demoff and hired Tom Condon. The only problem with Condon, is that he is playing hard ball with the Buccaneers over Rice, Walker and now Simms.

Who Really Knows What is Going On.

Yesterday, I wrote an article about the Rumors that Simeon Rice appears to be safe from being cut as a salary cap casualty. Well that turned out to be not so true, thanks St Pete Times. Lucky I contacted my favorite person and discovered that the Bucs have placed Simeon on the trade block and the Jacksonville Jaguars are very interested, but it has not been disclosed on what is being offered.

The Bucs are trying to feel Simeon Rice out, and were hoping to learn how much of a team player defensive end Simeon Rice is at a dinner meeting with his agent, Tom Condon, on Thursday night.

Today is the unofficial deadline of the CBA according to Players Association chief Gene Upshaw, but the sides actually have until March 3, the first day of the new league year, to agree. However, Buccaneer radio network has learned this morning that Mr. Upshaw put of a statement to the players advising them the their will be no CBA and plan accordingly. Man I was afraid of this, Buccaneer Radio Network also reported that a 2008 Strike more then likely will occur.

ESPN Reported that: "NFL Players' Association executive director Gene Upshaw told a seminar of agents on Friday to prepare for a 2006 season without an extension to the collective bargaining agreement, setting up an uncapped year in 2007. "

"March 3 will be the beginning of a new league year and we are just not there yet," Upshaw said. "I'm taking the position now that it won't get done." Though he will be available by phone, Upshaw planned to leave Indianapolis on Friday afternoon and return to Washington. "I'm leaving," Upshaw said. "We're running out of time. You might as well prepare as if we are heading for an upcapped year."

Also in breaking news from one of our NFC South Teams, it seems that Mike Vick wants out of Atlanta. This story broke on the ESPN Radio network, from the Combine. It seems Mike is lost with this offense "The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports Falcons QB Michael Vick admitted he was injured more than he let on last season and that he doesn't agree with the offense that was run by offensive coordinator Gregg Knapp last season. "I thought the West Coast offense was supposed to be a lot of quick, dink-and-dunk passes, and it's not being run that way," Vick said. "I'm not saying it's because of coach Knapp, but he's calling the plays. My perception of the West Coast thing is starting to change, too. We're not doing what I see Seattle doing or San Francisco doing or Green Bay doing. We're not doing those things. I don't know if it's Knapp changing those things around, but as far as I know, it's not the West Coast system as far as the way we run it. ... It may be hurting me. It may be hurting the offense. I'm a little lost right now."

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I Was Wrong and I Am Glad.....

The Buccaneers, who are $19 million over the salary cap and over $20 million of the $90 Million plus figure for the 2006 season's salary cap, belongs to two players Derrick Brooks and Simeon Rice.

I was a believer that Brooks was safe and that Rice was out. However, breaking news coming from the 2006 NFL Scouting Combine is that Rice appears safe.

General manager Bruce Allen has said "that the Bucs might be comfortable with Rice's price tag in relation to his production." Rice has had the most sacks in the past four years in the NFL. Rice, who has 56 1/2 since 2002, including 14 in 2005, third in the league. Rice just might be safe.

Rice's agent, Tom Condon, said "Wednesday the Bucs have not approached him regarding Rice's contract even though Condon said Rice will count more than $10-million against the 2006 salary cap." This is huge, because Bruce Allen has said that this week he will contact the players/ agents that they want to restructure their contract. If Rice is safe and it appears as if he is, will Derrick Brooks be back next season. Brooks has already agreed that he would restructure his contract as long as he his guaranteed to retire a Buccaneer.

It was also reported that Booger McFarland more then likely is out for next season, unless he comes way down on his $6 million figure for next season.

Tom Condon who is also Kenyatta Walker's agent has said, "He's played through the five years of his contract. I think he'd like to take a look at free agency and see what's out there." Good, I think the Buccaneers can find a much better Offensive Linemen in free agency.

Speaking of Offensive Linemen, I caught the tale end of the Buccaneers radio network and they said that there is a "RUMOR" (I know, whatever!) that the Jets are getting ready to release 3 offensive linemen that have played for Bill Muir and Paul Hackett, when they coached for the Jets. I need to do more research on these 3 players, but it sounds like a salary cap situation, and these 3 players know Muir and Hackett's system. It seems that these 3 veteran players might just be what the Buccaneers need.

It seems that T.O. news has surfaced again. "Terrell Owens' agent Drew Rosenhaus remained mum if Owens will make a visit with the Bucs, who have a mild interest in the mercurial Philadelphia receiver who likely will become a free agent next week. Denver and Miami remain the most likely destinations, and the Bucs would be hard-pressed to create enough salary cap room to make a serious run at Owens." St Pete Times.

More news about the CBA. It seems the Buccaneers owner, Malcom Glazer has sided with Jerry Jones and Daniel M. Snyder on the topic of Teams at the top of the revenue list, who don't want to share their profits with the lower revenue teams.

Heading the list of high-revenue teams are the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, New England Patriots, Houston Texans (yes, Texans, I was surprised too, however they are a new team with a new stadium) Philadelphia Eagles, and our beloved Buccaneers.

Yes, this picture speaks volumes and we do as fans owe a special thanks to Mr. Glazer, who changed the face of the Buccaneers. However, "You may not care about the NFL CBA negotiations" until the NFL is on strike and there is no season of football, "their impending potential to bring down western civilization" is an upserd statement. See being an former paratrooper for the 82nd Airborne, I know what and who is trying to bring down this great nation, and you could say that it is the Billionaire tycoons. The NFL in 1993, started a thing called free agency which helps keep the parity between teams. These owners want to destroy that. Lets talk about the owners charging full ticket price to include parking at a NFL preseaon game, but then they only pay their players training camp salary during the preseason games, WHICH YES, if you did not know is way different.

But if you want to read about how communism has infiltrated the NFL and how at the next owners meeting in Palm Beach, Florida; the Soviet Russia model or (Doctrine, as us military veterans know it by) will be handed out for them to use as rules then read this
communism and the NFL

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Lynch gets contract extension.

The Broncos announced on Tuesday that they have extended the contract of safety John Lynch through the 2008 season. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Lynch had 61 tackles, four sacks, and a pair of interceptions during the 2005 season while playing every game for the seventh time in his career. Despite his advancing age (he'll be 35 next season), he remains an important part of the Broncos' secondary and terror for receivers going across the middle, he also earned his seventh Pro Bowl appearance this year.

This article makes me sad, sure I am happy for John Lynch and his family, but I still wish he was playing for the Buccaneers. It should be the Bucs that extended his contract through the 2008 season. John should be retiring as a Buccaneer. However, Bruce Allen and Jon Gruden are to blame for this costly decision. They thought they were saving money, but you can't put a price tag on the person and player that John Lynch is. WE MISS YOU JOHN.

For more about this great Buccaneer read my post:

Please Mr. Tagliabue Git-R- Done…..

As most of you already know the NFL is reaching a critical point with the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The first real problem starts March 3, 2006, which is the Free Agency Period. This date could either be pushed back till April 01, 2006 or teams will have to cut some pretty heavy losses due to inflated salaries. If the CBA is not reached by the March 03, Deadline; Here is why and how things are going to happen if no CBA is reached. The collective bargaining agreement expires in 2008, not 2007 like I first thought. 2007 is an uncapped year.

The NFL Players Association and owners do not want the CBA to expire (we will get to why later) So they built incentives into the current CBA to encourage negotiations. The incentives include the uncapped year in 2007 and a nightmare transition year in 2006 (this year). If no deal is done by March 3, the NFL, as we've known it since the cap started in 1993, won't be the same. If a new deal isn't worked out, NFLPA executive director Gene Upshaw said the union will proceed to the uncapped year in 2007 and not look back. That will make pro football the first sport to lose a salary cap.

The NFL is currently a $6 billion business and is expected to hit $10 billion by 2010. The teams currently get 64% of designated gross revenues. Teams at the top of the revenue list don't want to share their profits with the lower revenue teams. Heading the list of high-revenue teams are the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, New England Patriots, Houston Texans (yes Texans, I was surprised too, however they are a new team with a new stadium) and Philadelphia Eagles. The problem is it only takes eight votes to block any deal such as a CBA, If the owners prevent a deal from getting done and it could cost the league the salary cap. The owners are standing strong against each other on the topic of revenue sharing. The revenue differences in a league that made its success by sharing has grown apart. A top team such as the Redskins can make between $200 million and $240 million in gross revenues and that number should grow to $300 million. The lower-revenue teams are in the low $100-million range. What the high revenuers are hoping is that the union would do a deal without revenue sharing. This can’t happen because the league can't have a top revenue team pay 35-40 percent of its revenues on payroll while a low revenue team pays 70 percent.

How does this affect this 2006 season? Normally, incentives have to be earned during the season and are posted on the next year's cap. Teams have to leave room for the extra charges and that will take anywhere between $100 million and $150 million of cap room out of the free agent pool. With less room, fewer free agents will get big dollars, and fewer free agents will be signed. Another problem is the 30-percent rule for base salaries. Any contract that extends into an uncapped year limits the increase of a player's base salary to 30 percent a year. That kills the teams over the cap because they can't negotiate simple replacement deals in which they replace base salary with signing bonuses. The base salaries can increase only 30 percent a year so teams would have to negotiate two or three years of reductions. It will be harder for teams to free up money under the cap because of that.

Another big problem facing this year is draft, there is even reports that if the CBA does not get reached by March 03, there may be no draft in 2006. Here is why: Signing draft choices will be more difficult because teams can prorate signing bonuses for only four seasons. Already, agents figure the most a top draft choice can make under that scenario is $15 million, a major reduction from recent years. That leads to long holdouts by draft choices. The real problem comes from the teams themselves, because all the caps hit this year due to the uncapped 2007 season many feel there will be no money to even sign a rookie this season. I also found out that in 2008 there will be no more NFL draft, which is part of a clause inserted in the current CBA. To get players out of college, it could be open negotiations. Minimum salaries for all players will be eliminated in 2007, so every contract, including those for rookies coming out of college, has to be negotiated individually and those players get what they can get.

The real bad news is that 2008 more then likely will be another NFL strike or owners will lock out the players. Which will piss off the networks, who invest over $100 million a year in rights fees.

Here is why the players due not want the CBA to end: They will lose some protection. Even though it's more of a procedural thing that has to do with antitrust laws, the union will go out of business if there is no CBA. That will cause uncertainty for the players. Teams can change and cut down the benefits package that players receive, which is considered the best in sports. With no structure, teams can pay young players below the current minimums of $235,000, $310,000 and $385,000 a year.

Normally players hit restricted free agency after three years and unrestricted free agency after four years under the current rules. If no CBA agreement is reached this year, players won't begin unrestricted free agency until after their sixth year. This could be good or bad. For the Buccaneers if there was no CBA we would never have lost Sapp or Lynch, but we never would have gotten Keyshawn and Keenan McCardell, Michael Pittman, Brad Johnson, so we may have never won a Super Bowl. If there is no CBA, teams like Houston and the Jets could not rebuild and compete next season.

This is in no doubt a mess, I pray and I do believe that an agreement will be reached, but if not the NFL we all love and enjoy will be over and a new NFL era starts.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Brian Griese Headed For Free Agency....

I don't think this should be a surprise, but it looks as if Griese is not going to be a Buccaneer this up coming season. This is fine with me! I would much rather have Chris Simms as our QB then Griese. As for a veteran back-up, well Tim Rattay is better for that positions too. Sure Griese did not cost us the first five games, but he sure did not win them. The first three games where won by Cadillac Williams and a great defense. I don't know who is big on Griese, but I only recall three yard dump passes to Galloway. No other receiver got the ball, and he never went down the field with it.

Griese is under contract with the Bucs for the 06 season, but it is a year by year contract, where the Bucs could cut him due to salary cap reason. The Bucs, are as much as $19 million over the cap, which needs to be cut by March 3 in order to be in compliance with the NFL-mandated salary cap, are interested in reworking Grieses contract. Griese contract calls for him to make $7.083 million salary cap in 2006. This figure is way to high for this back-up QB.

Griese's agent, Ralph Cindrich has made statement as of late that he and his client (Griese) are not prepared to renegotiate his current deal. I say asta la vista baby

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Free Agency Period May Be Pushed Back Till April.

Who cares if Dexter Jackson is leaving the Bucs or not. Do you really think he earned the Super Bowl MVP? He would have never intercepted those passes if not for John Lynch. Maybe Lynch, Brooks or even Pittman should have won the MVP. Oh well, we survived when Jackson wanted more money and left for the Arizona Cardinals, we will survive when he is gone again. Oh and by the way Mr. Roy Cummings from the Tampa Tribune it was Super Bowl 37 not Super Bowl 38.
I am sure it was a typo.

I know you guys really don't care about the bucs signing Cowboys , place kicker Billy Cundiff.

Oh Boy what we really do not want to hear, specially if you play fantasy football like me is that free agency period may change. As most of us know and were looking forward to March 3, 2006. Which is known as Free Agency Period in the NFL. This date might be changing due to the NFL and the players' association still unable to agree on terms for an extension to the collective bargaining agreement, the league may move back the start of the free agency period. According to several published reports, the date would be moved back from March 3 to April 1 in hopes that an agreement could be reached. The later date may be enough for the two sides to agree on a new CBA, but it would certainly make for a busy April for personnel departments, who would have three weeks to woo and sign free agents before the draft.Man, just when we are half way through February, and looking forward to March, the NFL changes everything. However, if the CBA could be reached, it would be worth it for the future of the NFL. At least us fans will have a busy month of football in April.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Derrick Brooks earns the Dan McGuire Pro Bowl Player of the Game award

Buccaneers linebacker Derrick Brooks holds up the Pro Bowl MVP trophy following the NFC's 23-17 win over the AFC in the Pro Bowl.

Congratulation to Derrick Brooks, Derrick Brooks earned the Dan McGuire Pro Bowl Player of the Game award.

Brooks, our Tampa Bay Buccaneer linebacker playing in his ninth straight Pro Bowl, made the biggest play, returning an interception 59 yards for a touchdown. He received a car on the field shortly after the game ended.

``I stand real humble,'' Brooks said. ``I've been here a few times, and I don't have many wins. It was just important for me to get the win. Obviously, this award is a reflection of the NFC defense. We went out there and played a fine game.''

Derrick has all but assured his place in the NFL Hall of Fame:
* Long considered the NFLs best linebacker.
*9-Time Pro Bowl Selection (1997-2006)
* Dan McGuire Pro Bowl Player of the Game award (2006)
*NFL's Defensive Player of the Year (2002)
*Only linebacker in NFL history to have three interception returns for a touchdown in a season (2002)
*His four touchdowns on turnovers (2002) are tied for second-most in a single season in NFL history.
*Added an interception return for a score in Tampa Bay's Super Bowl XXXVII victory...
*Team captain instrumental in leading Tampa Bay to its first Super Bowl championship in 2002. *Won Super Bowl XXXVII
*Has earned NFC Player of the Week honors five times.
*Player of the Month honors twice during his career.
*Named to the Associated Press All-Pro team six consecutive times (every year from 1999-2004)
*Tied for the NFL lead with nine consecutive seasons (1996-2004) of 100 or more tackles (also Miami LB Zach Thomas).
*Ranks as the most prolific tackler in franchise history with 1,601 stops.
*Ranks sixth in club history with 20 career interceptions.
*Named team MVP by the Tampa Sports Club (fan) in 2002, 1999 (along with Sapp), 1998 and 1996.
*Has scored six regular season touchdowns in his career, second-most in team history by a defensive player.
*Has totaled 20 career INTs, 20 forced fumbles, four fumble recoveries, 10.5 sacks, 103 passes defensed and 10 special teams tackles.
*Has played in 160 consecutive games and has posted 144 straight starts, the most among all active NFL defensive players while also leading all active Buccaneer players.
*He was the co-recipient of the 2000 Walter Payton Man of the Year Award.
*He was named to the Florida State University Board of Trustees in 2003, by Governor Jeb Bush.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

You Heard it Hear First, It Just Got Bad....

The Buccaneers are expected to lose director of player personnel Ruston Webster once his contract expires after April's draft. The St. Petersburg Times reports that Webster is expected to take a job with the Seahawks due to his friendship with team president Tim Ruskell.

My view is that Webster works under general manager Bruce Allen in Tampa as the head of the pro and college scouting department, and this is a major loss. When Ruskell left for Seattle, nobody pushed the panic button, because Webster stepped up and did a great job. If Webster leaves this could really impact the Buccaneers for years to come.

Webster has been working for the Bucs for almost two decades, but it is only this past recent year that people started to know the name of the college scouting director. For years, the draft and its accompanying blame belonged to the head coach. Then it was Rich McKay's. Last year, it was Bruce Allen's first draft. However, for the past decade, Webster has been the man behind the draft and scouting.

Webster and Seahawks team president Tim Ruskell worked together for about 15 years in the Tampa Bay organization.

No word yet as to whether the Buccaneers have a replacement in mind.

Football Mock Drafts are everywhere.

Well the Mock Drafts have started, and again I find that everyone is picking Marcus McNeill, OT, Auburn for the Buccaneers. I know last time I wrote this article, It started a WAR with Ski, over at the Best Bucs Blog. However, this is not about WARS, this is about doing research and finding Buccaneer material. As I have mentioned I am a huge NFL Draft fan, which is weird because I don't really follow college football. I play fantasy football and I am in several leagues to include my own league which you can view at http://www.playmakersffl.blogspot.com . I throw a big NFL Draft Party every year. (This is where I get my scouting report for the Fantasy Football Draft) got to be smart with things.

The real reason for this story is I found another interesting mock draft, this time by a NFL team.

The official Patriots website held a mock draft, and here's what they have the Buccaneers doing:

"23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Marcus McNeil, OT Auburn – McNeil probably won’t last this long but if he does, the Bucs will be ecstatic. McNeil is one of the top offensive tackles in the draft and that’s an area the Bucs need a major upgrade in. Anthony Davis and Kenyatta Walker are currently the starting tackles in Tampa Bay and neither player is considered to be very strong. At 6’9 and 330 pounds, McNeil has the size and toughness to become a starting tackle for the Bucs as a rookie. McNeil isn’t quite as polished as some of the other tackles in this draft but he’s an athletic player with a lot of upside. If the Bucs don’t address the offensive line, expect them to go after a young player on defense or receiver.

Other Possibilities: Chad Jackson, DeMeco Ryans"

I am really getting excited about this years draft. I don't think it will be as good as last years draft with us taking Cadillac Williams as the number 5th pick overall. Besides last year I did not have my annual party, because I was invited to watch the draft at Raymond James Stadium in their huge lounge, with some of the players and even BIG NASTY was there. However, I miss my annual party and so did my friends, who I kinda left out to dry last year, so I promised them a bigger bash this year.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Bucs Hire DBs Coach Greg Burns

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have hired our second defensive coach from USC. A few days ago the Bucs hired Jethro Franklin as the Defensive lines coach and now the Bucs hired Greg Burns as the Defensive Backs coach.

I guess with Monte Kiffins connections to USC with his son Lane Kiffin being the Offensive coordinator, they are getting the coaches Monte knows and can mold into the great NFL defensive coaches he has created.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Great Photos..........

Here is some great photos I wanted to share...

more great photos.....

The 12th annual Madden Bowl......

As most of you know Cutthroat Pirates try to bring you everything and anything to do with Buccaneer News. I am thankful to my sources, and to the job that keeps me informed about the Bucs.

Here is a neat little bit of info for my readers. If you are a lot like me and love football, fantasy football and if you like playing Madden like my friends and I do; Well here is an article about the Bucs and Madden just for you.

The 12th annual Madden Bowl was held in Motown and our very own Alex Smith, TE, for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won. NFL players went head-to-head in a video game rivalry. This was the 2006 Madden Bowl, hosted by ESPN.

The NFL players got to play Madden NFL 06 on the New Microsoft XBOX 360. The event was a single elimination matches with 5 minute quarters.

The players were:
Marcus Trufant, Seahawks
Willis McGhee, Bills
Antonio Gates, Chargers
Chad Johnson, Bengals
Santana Moss, Redskins
Edgerrin James, Colts
Alex Smith, Buccaneers
Mark Clayton, Ravens.

In the finals for the Madden Bowl Championship, neither Mark Clayton nor Alex Smith played with their respective teams. They both took the Indianapolis Colts, which they’d also used in their victories in the previous two rounds as well. The match was dead even after three quarters of competition. With the game knotted at 14-14, Smith drove down the field and scored the go-ahead touchdown with 3:15 left. Clayton ran three plays against a tough Colts defense and punted the ball back to Smith. With 1:47 left on the clock, Smith had a fourth and 7 on Clayton's 39 yard line. Smith heeded the chants of "Go for it" from the packed Colony Club crowd. His decision paid off as he scored his second touchdown within two minutes. The final nail in the coffin came when Smith intercepted a pass over the middle with under a minute left in the game.

Alex Smith had defeated Mark Clayton, 28-14, to win the 2006 Madden Bowl. "I can't believe I won this, Smith said. They (EA Sports) asked if I'd play at the last minute when Larry Fitzgerald was held up in traffic. I'm a Sony Playstation 2 gamer. It took me a while to get the hang of playing this version of Madden on the Xbox 360. I'm just glad it all worked out in the end."

On hand to present Smith with his trophy was Hall of Fame Lions running back Barry Sanders. "It's an honor to win this title," said Smith. "It's a greater honor to have Barry Sanders present the trophy to me. I'll remember this day as long as I live." Sanders also took part in the gaming activities by playing against Clinton Portis of the Redskins. Playing with the Eagles, Sanders lost to Portis' Redskins, 12-7.

In the end, a rivalry was created between the new champion Alex Smith and one of the players he defeated enroute to victory, Antonio Gates. "He copped out by using the Colts, the best team in the game, instead of using his own team like I did," said Gates. "I'm gonna play my butt off and practice playing Madden on the Xbox 360. Next year, I'll be ready and I'm gonna win that trophy. I guarantee it."

"As far as I'm concern, I played with the team that gave me the best chance to win," said Smith. "I'm gonna come back next season and defend my championship with a much tighter game. And you can bank on that." Let the trash talking begin.

I am a huge Madden EA Sports fan, I have had every Madden game ever made. I look forward to August every year for the new Madden. "Remember its in the game."

Congrats to the Super Bowl Champs.....

Congratulation to the Super Bowl Champs, the Pittsburg Steelers. I just want to say congrats to all the Steelers coaches, players and their fans. This is a team that deserved the championship.

Bill Cowher is one of the greatest coaches to coach this game. He is my 3rd favorite coach in the NFL behind Gruden, and Dungy. This guy has been great for so many years and he deserves his ring. Congrats Coach Cowher.

This may have not been a great Super Bowl game, but the Super Bowl was played and the Steelers are the new champs, until next year when we take the Championship back.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Bucs Are Close to Hiring Their Def. Line Coach.....

The Buccaneers continue to search for their assistant coaches; However, one coaching position might be filled very soon.Southern Cal defensive line coach Jethro Franklin has emerged at the top of the list to serve in the same capacity as former Bucs defensive line coach Rod Marinelli. However, the Bucs must first find a way to get Franklin out of his contract with the Trojans.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have yet to announce any hirings on the coaching front, but the team apparently has yet another vacancy to fill.

PewterReport.com has learned "that the Bucs will not renew the contract of strength and conditioning coordinator Garrett Giemont. There is a strong possibility that Bucs assistant strength and conditioning coach Mike Morris will be promoted, although it is not yet clear whether he'll replace Giemont."

Continued report 02/05/2006.............The Bucs are expected to announce the hiring of Southern Cal defensive line coach Jethro Franklin for the same position in Tampa Bay.

The Bucs still must hire a defensive backs coach and replace offensive assistant Kyle Shanahan and assistant defensive backs coach Raheem Morris.
Defensive lineman Ellis Wyms said Saturday he was coached by Franklin in the 2001 Senior Bowl, when Franklin was with the Packers, and had fond memories of his brief exposure. Wyms is eager to get going with his new position coach.

There was no official word Saturday, but the Los Angeles Daily News reported that Franklin, who was interviewed Friday in Tampa, accepted the Bucs' offer.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Cadillac is the NFL Rookie of the Year.

WOW, The Buccaneers finally have a great running back. Many teams have stars that are nationally known and that make headlines ever game. The Buccaneers have never really had that on offense. Sure the Defense has had stars such as Warren Sapp, John Lynch, and the great Derrick Brooks. All these players are well known through out the NFL.

However, our offense has never had that one great star quality. Sure Alstott is as close as it gets, but he has never had the real NFL Stardom.

I am talking about players like Emmitt Smith, Dan Marino, John Elway, and Jerry Rice. Cadillac Williams is starting to bring that to the Buccaneers. If this young player stays healthy he could be one of the best in the NFL.

Besides being named the 2005 Offensive Rookie of the Year, He was named rookie of the year by a vote at nfl.com on Thursday. The other finalists were defenders: Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman, Seahawks linebacker Lofa Tatupu, Bengals linebacker Odell Thurman and Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware.

Williams humbly accepted his award – he had to be prodded by emcee Rich Eisen to actually pick up the trophy – and he made sure to share the credit with his Buccaneer teammates. And he did so with an economy of words, quickly rejoining his fellow Rookie of the Year finalists in a row of seats on the stage.

Besides the hardware, Williams earned some bonus money for winning the awards. His contract includes a $150,000 bonus for the AP award and $100,000 for Thursday's award.

“This is a prestigious honor and well-deserved,” said Buccaneers Head Coach Jon Gruden. “Carnell is a great player, and he will continue to prove that. I can’t wait for the future.”

If Williams has one regret, it's the Bucs' playoff loss to Washington in the wild-card game, he said.

"I've got a bad taste in my mouth," he said. "The next time the postseason comes around, I'll be better prepared and have better results."

As a Bucs Fan, you got to be excited about our future, I know I sure am.