Friday, February 24, 2006

Who Really Knows What is Going On.

Yesterday, I wrote an article about the Rumors that Simeon Rice appears to be safe from being cut as a salary cap casualty. Well that turned out to be not so true, thanks St Pete Times. Lucky I contacted my favorite person and discovered that the Bucs have placed Simeon on the trade block and the Jacksonville Jaguars are very interested, but it has not been disclosed on what is being offered.

The Bucs are trying to feel Simeon Rice out, and were hoping to learn how much of a team player defensive end Simeon Rice is at a dinner meeting with his agent, Tom Condon, on Thursday night.

Today is the unofficial deadline of the CBA according to Players Association chief Gene Upshaw, but the sides actually have until March 3, the first day of the new league year, to agree. However, Buccaneer radio network has learned this morning that Mr. Upshaw put of a statement to the players advising them the their will be no CBA and plan accordingly. Man I was afraid of this, Buccaneer Radio Network also reported that a 2008 Strike more then likely will occur.

ESPN Reported that: "NFL Players' Association executive director Gene Upshaw told a seminar of agents on Friday to prepare for a 2006 season without an extension to the collective bargaining agreement, setting up an uncapped year in 2007. "

"March 3 will be the beginning of a new league year and we are just not there yet," Upshaw said. "I'm taking the position now that it won't get done." Though he will be available by phone, Upshaw planned to leave Indianapolis on Friday afternoon and return to Washington. "I'm leaving," Upshaw said. "We're running out of time. You might as well prepare as if we are heading for an upcapped year."

Also in breaking news from one of our NFC South Teams, it seems that Mike Vick wants out of Atlanta. This story broke on the ESPN Radio network, from the Combine. It seems Mike is lost with this offense "The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports Falcons QB Michael Vick admitted he was injured more than he let on last season and that he doesn't agree with the offense that was run by offensive coordinator Gregg Knapp last season. "I thought the West Coast offense was supposed to be a lot of quick, dink-and-dunk passes, and it's not being run that way," Vick said. "I'm not saying it's because of coach Knapp, but he's calling the plays. My perception of the West Coast thing is starting to change, too. We're not doing what I see Seattle doing or San Francisco doing or Green Bay doing. We're not doing those things. I don't know if it's Knapp changing those things around, but as far as I know, it's not the West Coast system as far as the way we run it. ... It may be hurting me. It may be hurting the offense. I'm a little lost right now."

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