Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Just a few feet wide right.

What a game, I was sad to see my team lose, but I walked away with some positive notes:

This was a hard fought defensive game. I will say that I think the Chicago Bears might be the NFC team to beat. I have not seen a defense this good since the Bucs Superbowl D.

However, let me say that we should have won this game. If it was not for the huge turn over during the first quarter, where Anthony Davis was beaten by Brown, which lead to the sack of Chris Simms and a fumble. This resulted in the Bears ball at the Bucs 1 yard line. Which lead to a Bears TD. Take away that TD and extra point it would have been Bears 6, Bucs 10. Simms tried to get the ball back at the one yard line, but he was also trying to prevent from getting a safety.

Hindsight-2020, he should have fallen on the ball and allowed the safety for 2 points. Then it would have been Bears 8 and Bucs 10. This was the only touchdown that the Buccaneers D allowed. Over all Chris Simms played another great game.

“The next time Steve Young even thinks about assessing the toughness of Chris Simms, he should check with Jon Gruden.
Tampa Bay's third-year quarterback took another important step in his development Sunday, learning painful lessons along the way in a 13-10 loss to the Bears.
The NFL's top-rated defense kept coming after Simms, sacking him four times and forcing an early turnover that forged a 7-0 lead.

"I've got to admit I was pretty impressed with their quarterback," Chicago linebacker Lance Briggs said. "He made some throws on us and he didn't make a lot of big mistakes."

But he made one.
Right defensive end Alex Brown stripped Simms on Tampa Bay's third snap and teammate Tommie Harris recovered at the Bucs 1-yard line. Chicago scored on the next play and Simms found himself trailing a nasty defense that is threatening the record-low 165 points allowed by the 2000 Ravens.”

The fumble was not his fault, he once again lead the Bucs down for the final score during the last 2 minutes of the game, which would have been the field goal from Matt Bryant to tie the game and go into overtime. However, Bryant missed the field goal.

"The comeback that Chris Simms engineered in the last couple possessions was one I will be most proud of in my relationship with him," Gruden said. "They were tremendous. He is very poised. I thought he managed the offense tremendously, running back-to-back drives."

Cadillac Williams is back 100%, he had 84 yards on the ground against the number one defense in the NFL. Caddy has 716 yards todate, he needs just 284 more yards with five games left to reach 1,000 yards. GO CADDY!!!!!!!!!!!

Joey Galloway had another huge game with 138 yards receiving.

The game came down to a beautiful orchestrated drive lead by Chris Simms, which started at his 31 yard line. A simple hitch to Galloway lead to a 30-yard gain, Tampa Bay was on the move again. A 16-yard strike to Galloway led to Matt Bryant's 29-yard field goal attempt that missed wide right.

I had just told my wife that Bryant was the man. DAMN I ate my words. However, he is still the man and has made some game winning kicks for us this year.

What we did not know was that: Bryant hurt himself executing the opening kickoff against Chicago on Sunday, incurring what Gruden referred to as a “slight right hamstring strain.” Bryant finished the game, kicking off three times and booting one extra point and two field goal tries. The final attempt, a 29-yarder near the end of regulation, could have tied the game at 13-13 but sailed just a few feet wide right. It was only Bryant’s second miss from inside 30 yards in 14 career attempts. Gruden conceded on Monday that the injury could have played a part in the miss, though he didn’t think so at the time.

" There is human error that is involved in every aspect of life, and that includes placekicking. Matt Bryant is a heck of a kicker, now. He’s won us some games and by God he’ll win us some more."

We are still in good position at 7-4 and are in second place in the division. Next week we face the Saints on the road. Another tough game, but one in which we should win. I believe we will win 3 more games making our record 10-6 and should be well into the playoffs. Who knows maybe we will see the Bears again in a month or so.

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Friday, November 25, 2005

This Weeks Match Up

This weeks match up is a homecoming of sort. Sunday’s game at Raymond James Stadium will truly be a blast from the past for the Buccaneers. The Chicago Bears and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are very familiar with each other. These two teams used to be in the same division, THE NFC CENTRAL, now long forgotten. Some of my greatest memories in football has been these two teams going at it.

The Bears were always a dominate team in the NFL and the Bucs were the laughing stock of the league. The Bears, who beat the Bucs 23 times in a 27-game stretch in the ‘80s and ‘90s, were also one of the first huddles a new Tampa Bay team had to clear when it rose to prominence in 1997.

On Sept 20, 1998 the Bucs beat their first team in Raymond James Stadium it was the Bears. The Bucs put together a six-game winning streak over Chicago from 1997-2000, which caused both teams to switch positions. The Bucs went on to win Super Bowl XXXVII, and the Bears faded off to one of the worst teams in the league.

All that has changed under Head Coach Lovie Smith, a former linebackers coach with the Buccaneers and a Monte Kiffin protégé. The Bears run a system practically identical to the one in which Tampa Bay has excelled for the past decade. The Bucs’ defense is ranked 3rd in the league, while the Bears Defense ranks number one.

According to Coach Gruden, “They’re great, Everybody knows about [Brian] Urlacher. Tommie Harris is a fine defensive tackle. They made a great trade with Miami to pick up a premier pass rusher [Adewale Ogunleye]. Everybody knows about Urlacher; no one talks about [Lance] Briggs. Number 55 is a great linebacker. Mike Brown was absent last year, he was hurt. He’s as good a safety man as there is in the league.”

The Bears have won six straight and are in first place in the NFC North, thanks to their No. 1 ranked defense. A victory today would give Chicago its longest winning streak since the original Monsters of the Midway were still striking fear in opposing offenses. The Bears haven't won seven in a row since winning their final seven games of the 1986 season.

The Bucs are coming off a two key game winning streak. The wins came against the Washington Redskins and Atlanta Flacons. Both of these games, the Bucs came from behind to win. These games were highly emotional charged games. Do the Bucs have another one in them? I believe so. I think if the Bucs Defense can play like a number 3 or even number 1 defense they can destroy Chicago’s weak Offense. However, Chicago’s Defense can also be a terror for Chris Simms. Simms needs to manage the ball really good today, prevent turnovers and make key 1st downs. Cadillac and Alstott are the key to today’s wins. They need to get off to a fast start and wear this Defense down. If the run game is successful, the passing game will follow. Our defense can also win the game today by scoring Defensive touchdowns. Matt Bryant is another key in today’s game. If the game is a game of field goals Bryant needs to continue to perform well, WHICH I KNOW HE WILL.

STANDINGS: Bears 7-3 -- 1st place, NFC North.
Buccaneers 7-3 -- 1st place (tied), NFC South.

LAST MEETING: Oct. 24, 2004; Buccaneers, 19-7. At Tampa Bay, Michael Pittman had 164 yards of offense, just three fewer than what the Bears managed as a team.

BUCS-BEARS SERIES: Tampa Bay is 17-33 all-time in the regular season vs. Chicago. The Bucs are 12-14 at home vs. the Bears.

WHERE: Raymond James Stadium

WHEN: 11/27/2005 @1pm on Fox

BEARS TEAM RANK: Rushing Offense -- 134.0 yards per game (5th in NFL); Passing Offense -- 129.5 ypg (30th); Total Offense -- 263.5 ypg (28th). Rushing Defense -- 91.2 ypg (7th); Passing Defense -- 160.9 ypg (2nd); Total Defense -- 252.1 ypg (1st).

BUCCANEERS TEAM RANK: Rushing Offense -- 111.9 yards per game (17th); Passing Offense -- 196.0 ypg (T-21st); Total Offense -- 307.9 ypg (21st). Rushing Defense -- 94.2 ypg (8th); Passing Defense -- 178.5 ypg (7th); Total Defense -- 272.7 ypg (3rd).

STREAKS AND NOTES: Bears -- An NFL-high 42 percent of the Bears' points have come off turnovers. ... Chicago leads the league in red zone defense at 16.7 percent, as opponents have scored only four touchdowns in 22 trips inside the Bears 20-yard line. ... The Bears have lost eight of the last 11 meetings with Tampa Bay, and have scored a total of seven points in dropping the last two. Buccaneers -- Tampa Bay has won its last seven home games against non-division opponents. ... The Buccaneers are 5-0 this season when rushing for 100-plus yards. ... RB Williams has 243 fourth-quarter rushing yards, second only to the Seattle Seahawks' Shaun Alexander (253).

ROAD/HOME RECORDS: Bears -- 2-2 on the road;
Buccaneers -- 4-1 at home.

INJURY REPORT: Bucs: TE Anthony Becht (knee), T Anthony Davis (ankle) and safeties Will Allen (knee) and Dexter Jackson (hamstring) are questionable.
Bears: QB Rex Grossman (ankle) is questionable. WR Airese Curry (hamstring) is doubtful. RB Cedric Benson (knee) and WR Bernard Berrian (thumb) are out.

Favorite: Tampa Bay
Spread: -3
Underdog: Chicago

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanksgiving NFL Tradition: NFL THROWBACKS

Oh how I love the holidays, turkey dinner with family, Detroit Lions on the tube. What could be better. It seems every year around this holiday, the NFL allows the throwback uniforms to be worn. It seems that a lot of teams with real history wear the throwbacks. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have never worn the old Florida orange and white with Buccaneer Bruce during this time of year. We have a lot of history in this league and sure it is not all good, but still it is who we were and are. Is it that Bucs are afraid of what it might bring? The 0-17 seasons, the close games that we always found a way to lose. As an old fan, I would love to see the old team colors one more time. I think Coach Gruden has said over and over again, this team is not superstitious. Gruden has said that this team is so young, a lot of them do not even know Buccaneer history. So if this is true lets bring the old colors out for this Sunday. It would be so fitting since we are playing one of are old enemies the Chicago Bears from the NFC CENTRAL that has long been forgotten. Do not get me wrong Pewter and red is where my heart is, but for us old timers, who remember our old teams, and have been a fan for so long bring back a part of tradition for one game. Besides the NFL has not forgot it, I have seen more orange and white Buccaneer stuff this year than any other year.

The Bucs are our team if its pewter and red or orange and white.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Bucs fight way to top of the NFC South

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers fight their way to top of the NFC South after beating the Atlanta Falcons 30-27 in another nail-bitter, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are now tied with Carolina. The Bucs (7-3) moved into a tie for first in the NFC South with Carolina, which lost 13-3 at Chicago. The Falcons (6-4) remained one game back in the hotly contested division after their second straight loss at home.

Well if you watched the Buccaneers beat the Falcons, you probable thought it was a great game. I did not. I do not like close games; I hate sitting on the sofa (for away games) or sitting in the stadium for home games, holding my heart thinking it will explode from the football stress.

I must say that I was pleased by Chris Simms performance. He did very little this game, but he played smart. He also had a nice come back drive. Maybe I was wrong about this guy. I hope so! It would be nice to have a good Qb (Simms), a great running back like Cadillac, and a good wide receiver in Clayton for years to come. I know Clayton has not done much this year, but give him time. How about our rookie TE Alex Smith, he had a huge game too.

GO CADILLAC!!!!!! Man was it awesome to see Caddy back on track. That 30 yard run to start the game was nice. Caddy finished with 19 carries for 116 yards and 1 TD. He also had 3 catches for 13 yards. Caddy must stay on track if we are going into the post season.

The game: What a bunch of thugs the Falcons turned out to be. Did anyone see, I am not sure who it was (number wise) but it was on TV clear as day, when Caddy was tackled and on the ground, one of the Falcon players placed his hand inside Caddy’s helmet, of course going for the eyes. This game was heated and very intense. The ref. should have ejected one of the players and it would have stopped all the bull shit on both sides of the ball.

Vick is a sorry Qb, did you see how many times, he over threw his players. He is a great threat when it comes to running, but he can’t pass in the pocket at all. Yes, I know he had 306 yards passing, and 2 td, but if you watched the game, you would understand what I was saying.

Well the Buccaneers are 7-3. Gruden receives 100% for this years Coaching job. He has won two more games then last year. I think his job is safe no matter what happens here on out. If Gruden goes 10-6 like everyone is now saying, then he deserves a contract extension. If your wondering which 3 games we will win, they are Chicago at home, Atlanta at home, Saints at home or away (split). We could sweep the Saints and go 11-5. (That would be nice). Our games that they (sports experts) say we will lose are: New England (Away), Panthers (Away), and Saints (Split). I’ll take a 10-6 season.

How about Matt Bryant, we finally got a kicker. Yes, I was a huge Gramatica fan, but lets face it, he lost it. Bryant is the man.

Now I know we won and all, but there is some things that we need to fix. LIKE OUR DEFENSE. In the last two weeks they have given up way too many points. Who would ever have thought that 35 and 27 points could be scored on the Leagues Best Defense. Well we were the best defense, but not after the last two games. If we want to go far into the post season, our defense must play like the defense we have come to love and fear.

GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

This is by far the best ass kicking song that is played in the NFL. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers play Crazy Train by Ozzy during every home game. This song just gets the blood pumping.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The conspiracy theories about Alstott and Gruden.

Did you ever wonder what could spoil a great Buccaneer WIN, like the one from this past week. Try listening to "The Steve Duemig Show" on 620 WDAE The Sports Animal. Here is his profile from the radio station: "He is The Big Dog so LISTEN UP! Steve Duemig hosts the Bay Area's most listened to afternoon sports show weekdays from 3pm to 7pm right here on The Animal. To say Steve is opinionated is an understatement. If you call, be prepared to go to war. If not, just listen and let The Big Dog eat. "

For those that have never heard this radio station, it is a sports AM radio station that talks about sports, specifically Tampa Bay Sports all day long. At 3pm their main talk show host Steve Duemig takes the mic. I do not care for him, but I listen to him. Over all, he is very well spoken, and a knowledgeable talk show host, who has been doing talk radio for a long time. The only real reason I don't care for him is because he has a deep hatred towards Coach Gruden. His hate for Gruden is centered all around Mike Alstott. I agree with him that Gruden should have in the past used Alstott more. What I don't agree with is what he says on the AIR about Gruden, now keep in mind that this is a Buccaneer Radio Network. He says that Alstott should punch Gruden in the face, next time he ask him to go in for a play, he continued on air to cuss Gruden out for most of his show. This occurred after the Dolphins game, when we had the lead. Duemig's point, which he could have made by being a professional, was that Gruden made a statement about Alstott's role in this offense. Gruden said that Alstott was going to be the Goal Line Back and the game closer, if we had a lead. Duemig was pissed that Gruden did not keep his word and give Alstott the ball at the end of the Dolphins game. I agree with Duemig and I was at the game yelling Alstott's name out just like everyone else. But I listened to Gruden's talk show on Monday night and he stated that he needed Alstott to block for him, since Zack Thomas kept blitzing. Then yesterday on his show, Duemig tells a fan who called in "Do you think that Gruden could have put Alstott in a position to fail referring to the 2 point conversion that happened in this weeks win." This has sparked a huge problem in the Bay area and fans are going crazy on the talk show. This continued today, with fans calling Duemig and he was just cursing at fans today. Let me say that I do not think that Coach Gruden would have ever thrown the game to prove a point. Sure Gruden does not use Alstott like we the fans want him used. Gruden even said this Monday night on his show that he is the reason that Alstott has not had the carries this year. However, Gruden stated that Alstott has been a great blocking fullback, which has helped with this years running game. Gruden also stated again that when you face players like Zack Thomas from the Dolphins, who would you want back their block for you if you were quarterback. He said this is why Alstott has not gotten a lot of carries this year. He also said that after this weeks game, he is going to get Alstott the ball more, but Cadillac is still the feature back. For Duemig to say that Gruden is trying to get Alstott to fail, is just down right crazy. Hello! Duemig's morning show peer Dan Sileo, with "The Dan Sileo Show" has gone on the record to say that he thinks Jon Gruden or Lovie Smith from the Chicago Bears deserves Coach of the Year Awards. Sileo said this because both coaches lost their starting quarterbacks, their running games have not been productive for either team as of late. But both of these coaches are finding ways to win.

Dan Sileo, is who I enjoy listening to because he tells it like it is and there is no personal feelings in it. Besides Sileo is an ex-football player (a Buccaneer at that). Duemig can not give Gruden any type of credit. Sileo's radio show profile is: The fast paced morning show on 620WDAE gives you Opinion radio! You may not always agree with Dan, but you know were he stands. The show is caller driven, which gives the sports fan a chance to vent your pleasure in the sports world or rip it.

I have not always agreed with Grudens play calling or how he has used players like Alstott, but hell I respect Gruden and I do remember him as being the only coach to ever win us a Championship game. Yes, I will say again that he won us that championship game. His knowledge of the Raidersrs and Rich Gannon won us that Championship.

You can also read the Pewter Report Forum and see how the staff has had to remove post where fans have been calling for Duemig's head (putting it nicely) .
This is a very heated subject and the Fans are not taking kindly to it. Alstott is our hero and for Duemig to say that Grudebasicallyly would through a game just to have Alstott fail is F'd UP.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Former Buccaneer lineman killed

Steve Courson the former Buccaneers and Steelers' guard, was killed Thursday when a tree he was cutting fell on him.

Steve Courson played for the Steelers from 1978 as a free agent guard from South Carolina. He started more than half of the Steelers' games before he was traded to Tampa Bay in 1984, where he played another two seasons before being waived. He ended his career after the 1985 season, having played on the Steelers' Super Bowl championship teams in 1978 and 1979.
Steve Courson is best known for being the first NFL player to come forward and testify about the use of steroids in the NFL. Courson blamed his heart condition on his own steroid abuse. He went public with his steroid use in 1985 and was cut by Tampa Bay the next season.
Courson played college football at South Carolina from 1973 to 1977.
Here is the associated press news article about him.

Steve Courson, 50, N.F.L. Player Who Acknowledged Steroid Use, Is Dead

Published: November 11, 2005
PITTSBURGH, Nov. 10 (AP) - Steve Courson, the former offensive lineman for the Pittsburgh Steelers who developed a heart problem after becoming one of the first National Football League players to acknowledge using steroids, was killed Thursday when a tree he was cutting fell on him.
Courson, 50, was using a chain saw to cut down a 44-foot tall dead tree with a circumference of 5 feet when it fell on him, according to the state police. The incident happened around 1 p.m. at his home in Henry Clay Township, Fayette County. Roger Victor, an investigator for the Fayette County coroner, said Courson was apparently trying move his dog out of the way of the tree.
"The wind was blowing, the tree snapped and it fell on him and his dog," Mr. Victor said. The dog was taken to a veterinarian.
Courson made the Steelers in 1978 as a guard from the University of South Carolina. He started more than half the Steelers' games and played on the championship teams in 1978 and 1979 before he was traded in 1984 to Tampa Bay. He ended his career after the 1985 season.
A native of Gettysburg, Pa., Courson played at South Carolina from 1973 to 1977. He said that he first used steroids there at age 18.
Courson was an early outspoken opponent of steroid use in the N.F.L. He blamed steroids for a heart condition that he said landed him on a transplant list for four years. He credited diet and exercise with reversing the condition.
He went public with his steroid use in 1985 and was cut by Tampa Bay the next season. He also criticized the N.F.L.'s steroids-testing program, which began a year after he retired. He testified about steroids use before Congress last spring.
"It's as much drug abuse to take steroids as heroin or cocaine," Courson said in 1990. "When most people imagine drug abusers, their thoughts are of street people living in the gutter. Realistically, these people can't afford drugs, but professional athletes and middle- and upper-class teenagers can."
This tells it all, players are a little old but it has the Heart of a Buccaneer.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

What a game!!!!!!!!

Well as most of you know that I have been a huge Bucs fan since 1979, and I must say this was by far one of the best games I have ever seen. It was even better since I was there in person. WOW!!! What a game. I was real surprised at how many Redskins fans were at the game. It kind of took the feeling away that this was our house.

I was so glad to see Coach Gruden kept his word and give Alstott the ball. Mike is awesome: 2 touchdowns, and a two point conversion to win the game. I just wish Gruden would have tried this three games ago. We just might be 9-0, Okay 8-1, Carolina would still have been a tough game. It was also nice to see that the Falcons lost this week, keeping us in the hunt.

Joey Galloway was great today as always. He has been the rock for this team since the beginning of the year.

I also like what Ike Hilard did for us today, makes me wonder if Clayton should at least for now switch to number 3 or 4 receiver at least until he can regain his form. Edell Shepherd also had a great game, this could be our future. I think Shepherd is almost as fast as Galloway, (I said almost).

I also got to give credit to the offensive line, Simms was not sacked once today, Great Job. Did you ever think that the Bucs Offense could score 36 points in a game? WOW!

Okay, now let me talk about Simms, who I have been very hard on this year. Today he proved me wrong, he had 279 yards, 3 td, and no interceptions. He also showed me that he does have a strong arm and threw some bombs during this game. If Chris Simms can play at this level the rest of the year, I will give up my chants for Rattay. However, I know this is only one game, but it was a huge NFC conference game that was against a pretty good Defense. It was also said that if the Bucs lost this game, our post season hopes were dead. Thank You, Chris Simms. Now keep it up.

I think Coach Gruden called a great game today. I hope he now believes in number 40, like we the fans do. I would say he does believe in him after calling his number on a do or die play with that 2 point conversion. Mike you are my hero.

The only bad thing I saw today was our defense, they could not stop the run. They looked bad today, they left open holes for the passing game. They did have some key turnovers, which helped our team. But if this is the number one def. in the NFL, they should be killing the QB and they are not. I will say that at the end they did come through for us. If we want to go far this year and make the playoffs, Simms needs to play like he did today everyweek, our offensive line needs to get better, and the defense needs to get back to what makes them great, killing the QB, and getting turn overs.

One last note. I love Cadillac Williams, I think he is our future, but after last week and this week, It is clear to see that he is not ready to take over just yet. I think he still is hurt, but most of all I think his head is not right. What I mean is after a great start that stroked his ego, then a injury that has kept him sidelined for a while, I think he is scared. He needs to get over it and become the Cadillac that we fell in love with during the first 3 games.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Let him PLAY?

Mike Alstott, the greatest fullback to ever play the game, of course that is my opinion. Number 40 is my favorite all time player. I have met Mike on several occasions and received his autograph a few times. This guy is what NFL players should be. While we listened this week to the drama that continues to unfold in Philadelphia with Terrell Owens. It should be called: As The Philadelphia Turns (As The World Turns). Any way Mike is a class act on and off the field. If any player had a complaint about his playing time and his money it would be Mike. For the last few years, Mike Alstott has played in the NFL for league minimum, no joke, only around a few hundred thousand dollars not the millions and millions that T.O. has made.

Mike is okay financially, he made his millions early in his career and still keeps giving back. He also owns a restaurant chain in the Bay area with his best friend Dave Moore.

Here is the real story: It seems every game that we play this year, Alstott has came up big for us in only 2-3 plays. Gruden is only giving him 2-3 plays per game. If anybody seen our loss to the N.Y. Jets, they would have to agree that Mike started running all over them, they could not stop him. This was of course for only a couple plays then he was done for the game, back to blocking only.

The loss last week to the Panthers, Alstott had a key first down, which he and only he got. What I am saying is that he, Mike Alstott, AKA the "A-Train" powered over several defenders and got the first down that was other wise just a 3rd and short play, like any other Bucs play this year. Then we would had to of punt the ball, but Alstott got the first down.

Mike Alstott is a super power when it comes to weapons, but Coach Gruden won't use him. As I have previously stated as a season ticket holder, I do go to all the home games, and it has become a tradition for Bucs Fans to start Alstott chants during the 4th quarter. We know these chants go unheard by Coach Gruden, other wise he would give him the DAMN Ball (thanks Keyshawn). During the Miami Dolphin game, when we had a big enough lead, the fans including me went crazy yelling for Alstott. My father-in-law, who is a Dolphin's fan, accompanied me to this game. I think he was even amazed that Gruden would not give in to the fans.

I have said all that to explain our (the fans) frustration with Gruden over Alstott not being used, but wait we might have good news. Monday night on Coach Gruden's talk show, he was asked by T.J. Reeves, "I got to ask you about Mike Alstott and the fans chanting for him during games.....?" Coach Gruden said, "I respect our fans, we got to get our running game going. The last two games we did not have a running game, if this means that I got to get the ball to Mike then Mike is going to get the ball?" I hope he means this and is not just trying to please the fans listening to his show. Only time will tell, like on SUNDAY. I have heard that Gruden makes his game plan and sticks to it even if it is not working. I think this might be the only think wrong with Coach Gruden. You would think with his level of experience he would know that if something is not working you try something else. If that works run it until they other team learns to stop it.

GIVE MIKE THE DAMN BALL! He has said that this is his last year in the NFL, he is a hero in the Bucs Fan's Hearts. Lets treat him as such. He should have been a HAll of Fame Fullback, and if Dungy would have been here during the last 4-5 years, he would have the numbers to get in. Under Gruden, Mike's numbers have decreased and his Probowl appearance have stop. The only year that Gruden is not to blame is Alstott's injury year.

Let the Chants go on for Alstott!

Monday, November 07, 2005


Well I have been a Bucs fan my entire life, my wife says I am obsessed with them. One of our four bedrooms in our house is a Buccaneer room. The room is painted red and black with everything imaginable in it, from Buccaneer curtains, rug, lamps and souvenirs. I have autographs signed by Lee Roy Selmon, Jackie Harris, Paul Gruber, Tony Mayberry, Hardy Nickerson, Errict Rhett, Tony Dungy, Marcus Jones, Regan Upshaw, Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks, Brad Johnson, John Lynch, Mike Alstott, Brian Kelly, Martin Gramatica, Dexter Jackson, and Ike Hilliard.

I was at the Bucs 1979 playoff game where we lost to the Rams 0-9. I went to most games in the Old Sombrero. I met Coach Dungy and got his autograph during his first year at Fan Fest, which I go to every year. I go to training camp every year. I am currently a season ticket holder and have gone to every game this year. One of my best friends dates Channel 8’s Jennifer Lee and he went to the Bucs Super Bowl and tried everything in his power to get me there with him and her, but was unable to. So he brought me back the actual San Diego Union Tribune paper with BUCS WIN. Which is now displayed with the Tampa Tribune BUCS WIN NFC TITLE paper in a nice glass displace case and is hanging in my Buc Room. I say all this not to brag, but to say I have been and always will be a BUCS fan, but I am now pissed.

I have always been supportive of Coach Gruden. I stick up for him every chance I get, but after the last two games, I am mad. Here is my point of view. We are in trouble. I think big trouble. I must agree with Steve Duemig from 620 WDAE The Sports Animal, Chris Simms sucks and is not the answer. I know it was not all his fault, but he is not the answer. I am telling you that Tim Rattay would be a good Qb in Gruden’s Offense. I am also saying that we will see Rattay as our Qb before this year is over. I am sick of our Offensive line. These guys are young and are not getting it done. I think the problem is they went from a right handed Qb to a left handed Qb. The O-line is not getting penetration and they are not opening holes for the running game. I love Cadillac, but he needs to get healthy and do what he did during the first 3 weeks of the season. I also have a new found respect for Michael Pittman, he is banged up with a shoulder injury, but he is still playing good. The only two bright spots on Offense is Joey Galloway, who is awesome, the other is my boy, Mike Alstott. Mike is still the man, every time he touches the ball, its either a 1st down or a huge play. This is what pisses me off about Gruden. Three Plays for Alstott and he is done. Three plays against the Jets and they could not stop him, but that was it not another look from the Qb. Gruden never called his number again. He had a nice play last week against 49ers and not another look. This week he fought and gave us a critical 1st down, and a nice touchdown. Why does Gruden hate him so? Why won’t he use him? Yeah, I have heard every Gruden press Conference, I listen to his 5 pm talk show. I have heard what he say about Alstott and there is still something there that he is not telling us. I was at the Dolphins game when, we had the lead in the 4th quarter and we all were yelling ALSTOTT over and over again. Do you think Gruden would put him in and please the fans, who come to see him? NO! This is even after Gruden said at the beginning of the year Alstott’s role is that of a fullback, until we have the lead and he will also be the goal line back. We had the lead at the Dolphins game, but no Alstott.

This weeks loss was like watching the Bucs of yesterday. What is wrong with Simeon Rice, he has not done anything this year, but been a disturbance. If you live in the Tampa area like I do and listen to the radio and hang out at ONE BUC PLACE, like I have been known to do. If you have a inside source like I do with the media, you already know that the Bucs are going to release either Derrick Brooks or Simeon Rice due to the salary cap next year. I pray it is not Brooks, at least Rice is making the decision easier on the Bucs.

Here is an interesting stat that I heard today. Jon Gruden, the Offensive Genius, is averaging 16 yards a series, while Mike Sula, when he was our Offensive Coordinator, was averaging 18 yards a series and we all hated Sula’s offense.

Okay, I feel better after venting, I do not want Gruden to be fired, I just want our team to play like they can. I want Gruden to open the offense. If Gruden is afraid to open the offense up because of Simms then bench his ass for a veteran Qb in Rattay. Well at least we are 5-3. Now lets finish strong. We got another tough one this week with Washington. I will be at the game as always helping to be the 12th member.

Friday, November 04, 2005

What does Cutthroat Pirates mean?

I have been asked where did I come up with Cutthroat Pirates and what does it mean? Well, basically I am a fantasy football junky. I have been playing fantasy football for 5 years now. I currently have 3 teams in 3 different leagues. As you all know from this blog, I am a huge Bucs fan. I wanted my fantasy team name to have something to do with the Bucs. So I picked pirates and my wife came up with the Cutthroat part so: Cutthroat Pirates was developed. My team is QB Donovan McNabb (Eagles), running backs are Cadillac Williams (Bucs) and Warrick Dunn (Falcons), Wide Receivers are Chris Chambers (Dolphins), Terrell Owens (Eagles), and Santana Moss (Skins). My TE is Jeremy Stevens (Seahawks) Kicker is Rackers (cardinals) and my defense is the Giants. With this team of studs I am 7-1.

I must also post on my Blog; A little pat on the back. My brother-in-law and I have a once a year Madden EA SPORTS Football game, which used to be on xbox, but now its on PS2 (Another Story on why xbox to PS2). He is always the Miami Dolphins and I am of course the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Last year he destroyed me and then moved to Colorado. So I have not been able to get my revenge. Well he flew in this weekend for a family emergency and we found time to get a game in. Yes, the Bucs beat the Dolphins this year. As Khan said in Star Trek II, "Do you know the Klingon proverb that tells us revenge is a dish that is best served cold? It is very cold in Playstation 2 Land." Remember its in the Game.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Cadillac is Back

After Thursday's practice, Jon Gruden said Cadillac Williams is back. Cadillac was cutting and running like he did prior to his foot injury.

Cadillac, who has not played since Oct. 2, was full-go in practice Wednesday and took most of the repetitions as the team's No. 1 tailback. He was able to burst through the hole, change directions and accelerate with speed.

This is great news for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Since Cadillac's injury the Buccaneers running game and passing game has been affected. The star rookie, who after the first three games broke the NFL records for the most yards by a rookie in the first three games. Cadillac had the honor of having his shoes and gloves displayed in Canton, Ohio (The NFL HALL OF FAME.)

This is the link about Cadillac Williams and the NFL HALL OF FAME.

I know last week Cadillac played against the 49ers, he rushed 13 times for only 20 yards. Cadillac blamed himself and rated his performance as poor. Coach Gruden said, Cadillac can not take all the blame, when he is getting hit in the back field on every rushing play, it is the offensive line's fault. Lets hope that a health Cadillac will make this ship sail straight again.

We need Cadillac to help our running game and to help Chris Simms. A health Cadillac gives Simms a better opportunity to succeed as our QB.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What could have been? Hall of Fame Player Errict Rhett!

With the 34th overall pick in the 1994 NFL draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers choose Errict Rhett out of the University of Florida.

After a 5-11 season in his second year as Buccaneer’s head coach in 1993, Sam Wyche set out to rebuild the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Having already spent the team's top pick in the draft in the previous year's draft on Eric Curry, Wyche picked up a cornerstone of Buccaneer teams for the next dozen years when he traded up to the No. 34th selection.

With that pick, Wyche selected Errict Rhett.

All Rhett would do for the next 12 years in Tampa was lead the Buccaneers to three Super Bowl championships, lead the NFL in rushing four times, become the league's MVP in 1997, the MVP of Super Bowl XXXI and make eight Pro Bowls.
And, of course, become the NFL's all-time rusher . In 12 seasons with Tampa, Rhett set the NFL mark with 17,162 yards and also set an NFL record with 153 rushing touchdowns.

Okay, I know Errict Rhett will never be in the Hall of Fame. However, he was drafted with the 34th overall draft pick by the Buccaneers. I also now that the above mentioned statistics are not real, well they are real, but not for Errict Rhett and Sam Wyche or even the Buccaneers for that matter. The above stats I created from real stats, from none other then (SEE HOW WELL YOUR KNOW YOU FOOTBALL KNOWLEDGE?) (Changes I made are 5-11 should be 1-15, 1993 to 1989, Eric Curry to Steve Walsh, 34th to 17th, MVP in 1997 should be MVP in 1993 and MVP of Superbowl XXXI should be XXVII.) Give Up? Okay here it is change Sam Wyche to Jimmy Johnson and yes, change ERRICT RHETT to the great EMMITT SMITH. The real stat paragraph is located on Emmitt Smith’s web site: www.emmittzone.com

This is what could and maybe even should have happened for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I have always been a huge fan of Errict Rhett. If you asked me why? I would have to say he was great coming from college including his first two seasons with the Buccaneers. He was exciting to watch and he was the only man getting the job done behind a horrible offensive line. So allow me this post about him and let me explain a few things that I think you might find interesting.

Errict Rhett played for the Florida Gators in college. He completed his college career in 1993 with 4,163 yards, the top rushing total in UF history (Still is to this date) and the fourth best in SEC history. His 153 catches ranked as the best in UF history for a Running Back and the third best total overall. Rhett became the first player in NCAA Div. 1A history to rush for over 4,100 yards AND catch 150 passes. First-team All-America choice in 1993 and a first-team All-SEC choice in 1991 and 1993 after leading the league in rushing both seasons. Errict Rhett is the only former Gator who broke most of Emmitt Smith's record while playing for Steve Spurrier at the University of Florida.

Here is Errict Rhett’s college career stats: 1st place over all at UF.

Florida Gators records Total Yards/Total Rushing Touchdowns gained in a career:
1.Errict Rhett: 1990-1993, Total Yards: 5393 yards (4163 rushing, 1230 rec) 34 td
2. Emmitt Smith: 1987-1989, Total Yards: 4391 yards (3928 rush, 463 rec) 36 td
3. Fred Taylor: 1994-1997, Total Yards: 3792 yards (3075 rush, 717 rec)
7. Earnest Graham:1998-2002, Total Yards: 3468 yards (3065 rush, 403 rec)

Rhett's Florida Gators college numbers is top to some pretty big names. Earnest Graham is on here, because he currently is the 3rd running back with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Errict Rhett, 5’11” 212 lbs, was a second-round selection (34th overall) of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 1994 NFL Draft. He became a starter early in his rookie year, and was named NFC Offensive Rookie of the Year in 1994. Rhett recorded the first of two straight 1,000-yard seasons including a 192-yard game against the Redskins, the third-best in team history.

Rhett was no different then a lot of young players, who are playing today. He had desire to be the best running back in the NFL and wanted more money. Rhett’s agent was none other then (sorry ass) Drew Rosenhaus, who currently represents over 90 NFL players, many of them NFL superstars, including Willis McGahee, Santana Moss, Terrell Ownes, Warren Sapp, Sean Taylor, Zach Thomas, Billy Volek, Javon Walker and others. If you recall this year Rosenhaus was responsible for Terrell Ownes and Javon Walker’s hold out. However, both of these players were smart enough to return to their teams and honor their contracts.

It has been said that Rhett was not blessed with the greatest of intelligence, he was known as "Dr Rhett" by the Tampa Bay writers for his lack of intelligence. So, listening to his agent, Rhett started down the path of the DARK SIDE and ruined his career by holding out for the first month of the 1996 season, and never got out of Tony Dungy's doghouse in the process and also never was the same player again.

Errict Rhett before the start of the 1996 training camp was the Bucs' leading rusher for the last two years and a Pro Bowler, has rushed for consecutive 1,000-yard seasons but was currently under contract for $336,000, which was only $130,000 more than the lowest-paid NFL starting tailback. Good reason to hold out? Not really here is where Rhett messed up.

Buccaneer general manager Rich McKay tried to reach an agreement with Rhett and his agent Drew Rosenhaus. Rhett reportedly turned down a six-year deal worth $2.3 million dollars a year. He was asking for $3 million a year and a $5 million signing bonus. (THANKS TO HIS AGENT)

Errict Rhett ended a 93-day holdout, rejoining the Buccaneers despite not getting the contract extension he insisted was necessary before he would play again. Agent Drew Rosenhaus, who had requested Tampa Bay deal Rhett to another team before the NFL's Oct. 8 1996 trading deadline, said his client ended the holdout after receiving assurances that club officials were committed to working to keep him in a Tampa Bay uniform for years to come. (I guess that never happened, here is what did happen.)

In 1996 with the 35th pick overall in the 2nd round, Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted Mike Alstott, Full Back out of Purdue.
Tony Dungy loved Mike Alstott and so did the Tampa Bay Buccaneer Fans. It was said that Alstott was brought in to help block for Rhett. However in 1997 with the 12 overall pick in the 1st round Tampa Bay Drafted Warrick Dunn Running Back out of Florida State. This was an excellent pick. Dunn proved that he could be a feature back despite his small stature and also turned out to be one of the best receiving backs in the NFL. Dunn had five excellent seasons with the Bucs The addition of Dunn was the most intriguing move since the Buccaneers already have in the backfield former 1,000-yard rusher Errict Rhett, veteran Reggie Brooks and 1996 second-round pick Mike Alstott.
Though Dungy wouldn't admit it, it was likely the Buccaneers were going to get rid of Rhett, who in 1996 failed to honor his contract and sat out the begining of the season. Tony Dungy never gave Rhett another chance with the emergency of "Thunder and Lightning" (Alstott and Dunn). Rhett played for Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1994-97).

Here is his career stats as a Buccaneer:

1994: 208 carries for 1,011 yards and 7 td (what is so big is 16 games only started 8 games) The Bucs record was 6-10 (Rookie Year)

1995: 332 carries for 1,207 yards and 11 td (16 games started 16 games) The Bucs record was 7-9

1996: 176 carries for 539 yards and 3td (16 games started 7 games) The Bucs record 6-10

1997 31 carries for 96 yards and 3td (16 games started 0 games) The Bucs Record 10-6

1994: 22 catches, 119 yards, 0 td
1995: 14 catches, 110 yards, 0 td
1996: 4 catches, 11 yards, 1 td

Buccaneers all time Records:

MOST TOUCHDOWNS SCORED (rushing/receiving)Season
1984: James Wilder = 13
2001: Mike Alstott = 11
1995: Errict Rhett = 11

1,544, James Wilder, 1984
1,300, James Wilder, 1985
1,263, Ricky Bell, 1979
1,207, Errict Rhett, 1995

219, James Wilder, at Minnesota, 11/6/83
210, Warrick Dunn, vs. Dallas, 12/3/00
192, Errict Rhett, vs. Washington, 12/4/94
172, James Wilder, vs. Green Bay, 9/30/84
167, Ricky Bell, vs. Green Bay, 10/21/79
166, James Wilder, at Chicago, 9/8/85
154, Ricky Bell, vs. N.Y. Giants, 11/18/79
146, James Wilder, vs. Minnesota, 11/4/84
144, Errict Rhett, vs. Detroit, 11/12/95
139, Reggie Cobb, vs. Detroit, 11/10/91

13, James Wilder, 1984
11, Errict Rhett, 1995
10, Mike Alstott, 2001
10, James Wilder, 1985

Errict Rhett was traded to the Baltimore Ravens in 1998. Where he rushed for 180 yards and no touchdowns. Rhett would not take over as Baltimore's starting running back until 1999. The presence of veteran RB Errict Rhett upgraded an offense that averaged just 235 yards of total offense per game in 1998. Rhett rushed for 852 yards, and 5 touchdowns in 1999 with Baltimore. Rhett once again made a huge mistake when he turned down a three-year, $4.5 million offer from the ravens to test the free agent market.

In 2000, Rhett signed as an unrestricted free agent with the Browns after he rushed for 852 yards, and 5 touchdowns in 1999 with Baltimore. Cleveland, was desperately seeking to improve a ground game which ranked last in the NFL, the Cleveland Browns signed free agent running back Errict Rhett to a three-year contract. Rhett's agent, Eugene Mato (new agent), confirmed Rhett received $6 million.

Errict Rhett, 30, a veteran of seven NFL seasons who signed with the Browns in the 2000 offseason as a free agent from the Baltimore Ravens, started the first five games in 2000 before being lost with a torn foot ligament which caused him to miss the final 11 games. This injury would end Errict Rhett's career.

The Cleveland Browns waived veteran running back Errict Rhett in 2001 to free up playing time for younger players.

By releasing the popular Errict Rhett on just the second day of training camp in 2001, Coach Davis was sending a message to the Brown's other veterans that their jobs were on the line. Davis inherited a team that was 5-27 under Chris Palmer.

Things said about Rhett:
Rhett was known for his upbeat attitude and was looked upon as one of the leaders on his team.


23. Dallas CowboysShante Carver, DE Arizona State RB Errict Rhett (2nd), FloridaTampa Bay Buccaneers Ahhh the post-Jimmy era for Dallas. Carver is proof the Cowboy scouting department needed Johnson as a talent evaluator if nothing else. Not that Emmitt Smith needed much help, but he might have been even more effective had Rhett been there to take a few carries away from the fellow Gator.

Named as the 16th Greatest Buccaneer Player of all-time by BUCPOWER.COM in 2003.

Rhett was suppose to come out of college and once again give Emmitt Smith a run for his money. We saw this start to happen with the first 2 years with the Buccaneers. I know he never was anything in the NFL, but he has and always will hold a special meaning in my heart as a Buccaneer fan. During a really sorry time in Buc History, he was the one bright spot for at least two years. OH BROTHER, WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN.