Sunday, November 13, 2005

What a game!!!!!!!!

Well as most of you know that I have been a huge Bucs fan since 1979, and I must say this was by far one of the best games I have ever seen. It was even better since I was there in person. WOW!!! What a game. I was real surprised at how many Redskins fans were at the game. It kind of took the feeling away that this was our house.

I was so glad to see Coach Gruden kept his word and give Alstott the ball. Mike is awesome: 2 touchdowns, and a two point conversion to win the game. I just wish Gruden would have tried this three games ago. We just might be 9-0, Okay 8-1, Carolina would still have been a tough game. It was also nice to see that the Falcons lost this week, keeping us in the hunt.

Joey Galloway was great today as always. He has been the rock for this team since the beginning of the year.

I also like what Ike Hilard did for us today, makes me wonder if Clayton should at least for now switch to number 3 or 4 receiver at least until he can regain his form. Edell Shepherd also had a great game, this could be our future. I think Shepherd is almost as fast as Galloway, (I said almost).

I also got to give credit to the offensive line, Simms was not sacked once today, Great Job. Did you ever think that the Bucs Offense could score 36 points in a game? WOW!

Okay, now let me talk about Simms, who I have been very hard on this year. Today he proved me wrong, he had 279 yards, 3 td, and no interceptions. He also showed me that he does have a strong arm and threw some bombs during this game. If Chris Simms can play at this level the rest of the year, I will give up my chants for Rattay. However, I know this is only one game, but it was a huge NFC conference game that was against a pretty good Defense. It was also said that if the Bucs lost this game, our post season hopes were dead. Thank You, Chris Simms. Now keep it up.

I think Coach Gruden called a great game today. I hope he now believes in number 40, like we the fans do. I would say he does believe in him after calling his number on a do or die play with that 2 point conversion. Mike you are my hero.

The only bad thing I saw today was our defense, they could not stop the run. They looked bad today, they left open holes for the passing game. They did have some key turnovers, which helped our team. But if this is the number one def. in the NFL, they should be killing the QB and they are not. I will say that at the end they did come through for us. If we want to go far this year and make the playoffs, Simms needs to play like he did today everyweek, our offensive line needs to get better, and the defense needs to get back to what makes them great, killing the QB, and getting turn overs.

One last note. I love Cadillac Williams, I think he is our future, but after last week and this week, It is clear to see that he is not ready to take over just yet. I think he still is hurt, but most of all I think his head is not right. What I mean is after a great start that stroked his ego, then a injury that has kept him sidelined for a while, I think he is scared. He needs to get over it and become the Cadillac that we fell in love with during the first 3 games.


The Armchair Quarterback said...

I can't tell if Cadillac is hesitant or the line is not opening the holes he had at the beginning of the season. Either way, if they want to win this division I think they need to get him on track. Nice blog. I'll stick it on my links.

Ski said...

let's face it, Gruden ruined Cadillac at the start of the season. He gave him too many carries for a rookie runningback, then Gruden had Cadillac (not used to playing injured) play injured.

coloradohurricane said...

It was good to see Alstott do what he does best.

I think Cadillac got too many carries for a rookie RB. Not only did he split a lot of time in college, he has never played a 20+ game season (counting the preseason).

Simms was a surprise. I guess every dog does have their day.

Vince said...

Great call by Gruden, congrats on an awesome win. Simms coming around maybe...?

Cutthroat Pirates said...

Thanks Vince, it was a great win. I also think maybe just maybe Simms might be getting it. At least I hope.