Friday, November 11, 2005

Let him PLAY?

Mike Alstott, the greatest fullback to ever play the game, of course that is my opinion. Number 40 is my favorite all time player. I have met Mike on several occasions and received his autograph a few times. This guy is what NFL players should be. While we listened this week to the drama that continues to unfold in Philadelphia with Terrell Owens. It should be called: As The Philadelphia Turns (As The World Turns). Any way Mike is a class act on and off the field. If any player had a complaint about his playing time and his money it would be Mike. For the last few years, Mike Alstott has played in the NFL for league minimum, no joke, only around a few hundred thousand dollars not the millions and millions that T.O. has made.

Mike is okay financially, he made his millions early in his career and still keeps giving back. He also owns a restaurant chain in the Bay area with his best friend Dave Moore.

Here is the real story: It seems every game that we play this year, Alstott has came up big for us in only 2-3 plays. Gruden is only giving him 2-3 plays per game. If anybody seen our loss to the N.Y. Jets, they would have to agree that Mike started running all over them, they could not stop him. This was of course for only a couple plays then he was done for the game, back to blocking only.

The loss last week to the Panthers, Alstott had a key first down, which he and only he got. What I am saying is that he, Mike Alstott, AKA the "A-Train" powered over several defenders and got the first down that was other wise just a 3rd and short play, like any other Bucs play this year. Then we would had to of punt the ball, but Alstott got the first down.

Mike Alstott is a super power when it comes to weapons, but Coach Gruden won't use him. As I have previously stated as a season ticket holder, I do go to all the home games, and it has become a tradition for Bucs Fans to start Alstott chants during the 4th quarter. We know these chants go unheard by Coach Gruden, other wise he would give him the DAMN Ball (thanks Keyshawn). During the Miami Dolphin game, when we had a big enough lead, the fans including me went crazy yelling for Alstott. My father-in-law, who is a Dolphin's fan, accompanied me to this game. I think he was even amazed that Gruden would not give in to the fans.

I have said all that to explain our (the fans) frustration with Gruden over Alstott not being used, but wait we might have good news. Monday night on Coach Gruden's talk show, he was asked by T.J. Reeves, "I got to ask you about Mike Alstott and the fans chanting for him during games.....?" Coach Gruden said, "I respect our fans, we got to get our running game going. The last two games we did not have a running game, if this means that I got to get the ball to Mike then Mike is going to get the ball?" I hope he means this and is not just trying to please the fans listening to his show. Only time will tell, like on SUNDAY. I have heard that Gruden makes his game plan and sticks to it even if it is not working. I think this might be the only think wrong with Coach Gruden. You would think with his level of experience he would know that if something is not working you try something else. If that works run it until they other team learns to stop it.

GIVE MIKE THE DAMN BALL! He has said that this is his last year in the NFL, he is a hero in the Bucs Fan's Hearts. Lets treat him as such. He should have been a HAll of Fame Fullback, and if Dungy would have been here during the last 4-5 years, he would have the numbers to get in. Under Gruden, Mike's numbers have decreased and his Probowl appearance have stop. The only year that Gruden is not to blame is Alstott's injury year.

Let the Chants go on for Alstott!


Anonymous said...

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coloradohurricane said...

I think for many teams in the NFL, the fans mean nothing. For the Bucs not to put a fan favorite in even when the game is over is just plain ignoring the fans.