Monday, November 07, 2005


Well I have been a Bucs fan my entire life, my wife says I am obsessed with them. One of our four bedrooms in our house is a Buccaneer room. The room is painted red and black with everything imaginable in it, from Buccaneer curtains, rug, lamps and souvenirs. I have autographs signed by Lee Roy Selmon, Jackie Harris, Paul Gruber, Tony Mayberry, Hardy Nickerson, Errict Rhett, Tony Dungy, Marcus Jones, Regan Upshaw, Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks, Brad Johnson, John Lynch, Mike Alstott, Brian Kelly, Martin Gramatica, Dexter Jackson, and Ike Hilliard.

I was at the Bucs 1979 playoff game where we lost to the Rams 0-9. I went to most games in the Old Sombrero. I met Coach Dungy and got his autograph during his first year at Fan Fest, which I go to every year. I go to training camp every year. I am currently a season ticket holder and have gone to every game this year. One of my best friends dates Channel 8’s Jennifer Lee and he went to the Bucs Super Bowl and tried everything in his power to get me there with him and her, but was unable to. So he brought me back the actual San Diego Union Tribune paper with BUCS WIN. Which is now displayed with the Tampa Tribune BUCS WIN NFC TITLE paper in a nice glass displace case and is hanging in my Buc Room. I say all this not to brag, but to say I have been and always will be a BUCS fan, but I am now pissed.

I have always been supportive of Coach Gruden. I stick up for him every chance I get, but after the last two games, I am mad. Here is my point of view. We are in trouble. I think big trouble. I must agree with Steve Duemig from 620 WDAE The Sports Animal, Chris Simms sucks and is not the answer. I know it was not all his fault, but he is not the answer. I am telling you that Tim Rattay would be a good Qb in Gruden’s Offense. I am also saying that we will see Rattay as our Qb before this year is over. I am sick of our Offensive line. These guys are young and are not getting it done. I think the problem is they went from a right handed Qb to a left handed Qb. The O-line is not getting penetration and they are not opening holes for the running game. I love Cadillac, but he needs to get healthy and do what he did during the first 3 weeks of the season. I also have a new found respect for Michael Pittman, he is banged up with a shoulder injury, but he is still playing good. The only two bright spots on Offense is Joey Galloway, who is awesome, the other is my boy, Mike Alstott. Mike is still the man, every time he touches the ball, its either a 1st down or a huge play. This is what pisses me off about Gruden. Three Plays for Alstott and he is done. Three plays against the Jets and they could not stop him, but that was it not another look from the Qb. Gruden never called his number again. He had a nice play last week against 49ers and not another look. This week he fought and gave us a critical 1st down, and a nice touchdown. Why does Gruden hate him so? Why won’t he use him? Yeah, I have heard every Gruden press Conference, I listen to his 5 pm talk show. I have heard what he say about Alstott and there is still something there that he is not telling us. I was at the Dolphins game when, we had the lead in the 4th quarter and we all were yelling ALSTOTT over and over again. Do you think Gruden would put him in and please the fans, who come to see him? NO! This is even after Gruden said at the beginning of the year Alstott’s role is that of a fullback, until we have the lead and he will also be the goal line back. We had the lead at the Dolphins game, but no Alstott.

This weeks loss was like watching the Bucs of yesterday. What is wrong with Simeon Rice, he has not done anything this year, but been a disturbance. If you live in the Tampa area like I do and listen to the radio and hang out at ONE BUC PLACE, like I have been known to do. If you have a inside source like I do with the media, you already know that the Bucs are going to release either Derrick Brooks or Simeon Rice due to the salary cap next year. I pray it is not Brooks, at least Rice is making the decision easier on the Bucs.

Here is an interesting stat that I heard today. Jon Gruden, the Offensive Genius, is averaging 16 yards a series, while Mike Sula, when he was our Offensive Coordinator, was averaging 18 yards a series and we all hated Sula’s offense.

Okay, I feel better after venting, I do not want Gruden to be fired, I just want our team to play like they can. I want Gruden to open the offense. If Gruden is afraid to open the offense up because of Simms then bench his ass for a veteran Qb in Rattay. Well at least we are 5-3. Now lets finish strong. We got another tough one this week with Washington. I will be at the game as always helping to be the 12th member.


coloradohurricane said...

It's pretty sad when your offense is less potent than a Mike Shula offense. Chris Simms isn't the answer. The Bucs either need to get Rattay ready quickly or by the time he is ready, it will be too late.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

I agree with you coloradohurricane. I bet right now your canes could take my bucs. It is truely sad, but I have hope and as soon as Rattay comes in, we will right this ship.

coloradohurricane said...

I don't know- Kyle Wright could give Chris Simms a run for his money in the mediocre quarterback award.

Vince said...

Dude, check out my blogging partner's post on Simms. We had him for four years. I agree with you, he's not the answer.