Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The conspiracy theories about Alstott and Gruden.

Did you ever wonder what could spoil a great Buccaneer WIN, like the one from this past week. Try listening to "The Steve Duemig Show" on 620 WDAE The Sports Animal. Here is his profile from the radio station: "He is The Big Dog so LISTEN UP! Steve Duemig hosts the Bay Area's most listened to afternoon sports show weekdays from 3pm to 7pm right here on The Animal. To say Steve is opinionated is an understatement. If you call, be prepared to go to war. If not, just listen and let The Big Dog eat. "

For those that have never heard this radio station, it is a sports AM radio station that talks about sports, specifically Tampa Bay Sports all day long. At 3pm their main talk show host Steve Duemig takes the mic. I do not care for him, but I listen to him. Over all, he is very well spoken, and a knowledgeable talk show host, who has been doing talk radio for a long time. The only real reason I don't care for him is because he has a deep hatred towards Coach Gruden. His hate for Gruden is centered all around Mike Alstott. I agree with him that Gruden should have in the past used Alstott more. What I don't agree with is what he says on the AIR about Gruden, now keep in mind that this is a Buccaneer Radio Network. He says that Alstott should punch Gruden in the face, next time he ask him to go in for a play, he continued on air to cuss Gruden out for most of his show. This occurred after the Dolphins game, when we had the lead. Duemig's point, which he could have made by being a professional, was that Gruden made a statement about Alstott's role in this offense. Gruden said that Alstott was going to be the Goal Line Back and the game closer, if we had a lead. Duemig was pissed that Gruden did not keep his word and give Alstott the ball at the end of the Dolphins game. I agree with Duemig and I was at the game yelling Alstott's name out just like everyone else. But I listened to Gruden's talk show on Monday night and he stated that he needed Alstott to block for him, since Zack Thomas kept blitzing. Then yesterday on his show, Duemig tells a fan who called in "Do you think that Gruden could have put Alstott in a position to fail referring to the 2 point conversion that happened in this weeks win." This has sparked a huge problem in the Bay area and fans are going crazy on the talk show. This continued today, with fans calling Duemig and he was just cursing at fans today. Let me say that I do not think that Coach Gruden would have ever thrown the game to prove a point. Sure Gruden does not use Alstott like we the fans want him used. Gruden even said this Monday night on his show that he is the reason that Alstott has not had the carries this year. However, Gruden stated that Alstott has been a great blocking fullback, which has helped with this years running game. Gruden also stated again that when you face players like Zack Thomas from the Dolphins, who would you want back their block for you if you were quarterback. He said this is why Alstott has not gotten a lot of carries this year. He also said that after this weeks game, he is going to get Alstott the ball more, but Cadillac is still the feature back. For Duemig to say that Gruden is trying to get Alstott to fail, is just down right crazy. Hello! Duemig's morning show peer Dan Sileo, with "The Dan Sileo Show" has gone on the record to say that he thinks Jon Gruden or Lovie Smith from the Chicago Bears deserves Coach of the Year Awards. Sileo said this because both coaches lost their starting quarterbacks, their running games have not been productive for either team as of late. But both of these coaches are finding ways to win.

Dan Sileo, is who I enjoy listening to because he tells it like it is and there is no personal feelings in it. Besides Sileo is an ex-football player (a Buccaneer at that). Duemig can not give Gruden any type of credit. Sileo's radio show profile is: The fast paced morning show on 620WDAE gives you Opinion radio! You may not always agree with Dan, but you know were he stands. The show is caller driven, which gives the sports fan a chance to vent your pleasure in the sports world or rip it.

I have not always agreed with Grudens play calling or how he has used players like Alstott, but hell I respect Gruden and I do remember him as being the only coach to ever win us a Championship game. Yes, I will say again that he won us that championship game. His knowledge of the Raidersrs and Rich Gannon won us that Championship.

You can also read the Pewter Report Forum and see how the staff has had to remove post where fans have been calling for Duemig's head (putting it nicely) .
This is a very heated subject and the Fans are not taking kindly to it. Alstott is our hero and for Duemig to say that Grudebasicallyly would through a game just to have Alstott fail is F'd UP.


Anonymous said...
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Vince said...

Intense stuff...

I really enjoy our local sports radio guys. The Texans are having the season from hell, but the DJs maintain optimism and continue to offer their vocal support for the players and coaches, despite a daily barrage of hate calls. I don't think the kind of bitching you say Duemig is doing really accomplishes anything, except establish rifts and generate unnecessary unrest. And come on, your team is winning!

coloradohurricane said...

Gosh, Vince, you're everywhere.

A few thoughts:

(1) Sometimes, a talk show hosts on a team's broadcast network will sometimes be vocal simply to avoid the appearance of an overly cozy relationship with the team. I've seen some "official" stations which were criticized for being too afraid to speak out against a team, and I've seen some who were so hostile that the team ended the relationship after the contract was over.

(2) The charge that Gruden tried to throw the game to make a point is a serious charge- and a sort of ridicolous one at that. I think Duemig should apologize- although I can't see that happening unless he is forced to.

(3) I like Sileo 'cause he is a former Miami Hurricane. He actually tried to play his senior year at Miami, but the NCAA said he was ineligible due to a technicality. It's a shame you have guys everywhere who want to leave early, and the NCAA has had players who wanted to finish their college career, but couldn't because of NCAA BS.

Anonymous said...


He has been an over-the-hill drunk for a number of years now. Even Tony Dungy realized that when he benched him for his fumbles.

Leave Gruden alone!! He has had to rebuild this team and the best is yet to come.

He did it in Oakland and he will do it again in Tampa.

badbobgrim said...

Duemig's hatred of Gruden is so obvious. He constantly denies any agenda but Gruden can't sneeze without Duemig smothering him with critisim. It has a lot to do with Duemig's fantasy relationship with Mike Alstott and because Keyshawn was run out of town and Duemig has a fantasy relationship with Keyshawn too.
Duemig always says he's stating his opinion, but he gets all his facts from disgruntled players or ex-players who don't fit into the coach's gameplan. Duemig thinks that by dropping names, he is more important than any of us listeners.
Lately he has been telling everyone about how sweet Kelly Tilghman is and that she made a harmless mistake and it is a non-issue with everyone involved. He complains about how everyone is making a big deal of it and should leave her alone. Then why does he beat this issue to death everyday for the past 2 weeks? It's because he thinks it will impress everyone that he personally knows Kelly. Impressed? I'm not...he's a jerk who needs to be sent packing back to his precious Philadelphia.