Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanksgiving NFL Tradition: NFL THROWBACKS

Oh how I love the holidays, turkey dinner with family, Detroit Lions on the tube. What could be better. It seems every year around this holiday, the NFL allows the throwback uniforms to be worn. It seems that a lot of teams with real history wear the throwbacks. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have never worn the old Florida orange and white with Buccaneer Bruce during this time of year. We have a lot of history in this league and sure it is not all good, but still it is who we were and are. Is it that Bucs are afraid of what it might bring? The 0-17 seasons, the close games that we always found a way to lose. As an old fan, I would love to see the old team colors one more time. I think Coach Gruden has said over and over again, this team is not superstitious. Gruden has said that this team is so young, a lot of them do not even know Buccaneer history. So if this is true lets bring the old colors out for this Sunday. It would be so fitting since we are playing one of are old enemies the Chicago Bears from the NFC CENTRAL that has long been forgotten. Do not get me wrong Pewter and red is where my heart is, but for us old timers, who remember our old teams, and have been a fan for so long bring back a part of tradition for one game. Besides the NFL has not forgot it, I have seen more orange and white Buccaneer stuff this year than any other year.

The Bucs are our team if its pewter and red or orange and white.


coloradohurricane said...

What I don't understand is how some teams wear throwback uniforms when there really hasn't been much change- the Dolphins uniforms really haven't changed all that much since they first entered the league, yet I think they have worn them in the past.

I think the Bucs should wear the throwback jerseys. For many Buc fans, the old days are part of the history. The pain goes with the pleasure- just ask Red Sox fans.

I was glad the 'Canes wore the throwback jerseys against N Carolina because that was a nod to another era. But, God, those uniforms were ugly. Gold, Orange, & Green ? What were they thinking ?

Nohuddle said...

I love throwback jerseyes...most of the time I have no idea why they ever switched.

THe ones the Bills wore earlier this year were good, as were the Chargers the two times they wore them

rf said...

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dolphinfan said...

I love to see the throwback uniforms, I just wouldn't want to see them every week.

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