Saturday, May 27, 2006

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to All.

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service.

Happy Memorial Day to all the Blogs writers and readers out there. Most of you do not know about me, but what is written on my profile (which is not much). I served in the US Army from 1991-1997, I was stationed with the 82nd Airborne Division as a US INFANTRY PARATROOPER. I have over a hundred jumps all at night at about 0300 hours. (3:00 Am for nonmilitary). I have seen my share of hell, which I won't talk about. However, I salute all those that have served past, present, and future. We most never forget those that died to ensure our quality of life. If it was not for those soldiers, airmen, seamen, and marines, we would not even be able to watch sports like the NFL and write blogs using freedom of speech.

Anyway please take a moment of silence and remember our fallen fellow Americans, and say a pray about the soldiers who are still fighting overseas today. May your weekend be safe.

Chris Simms on David Boston...

Buccaneers quarterback Chris Simms is giddy over the signing of David Boston.

"It's great to have him here," Simms told the Tampa
Tribune. "It definitely gives us another downfield threat. "I mean, if
you put Joey (Galloway) on one side and David Boston on the other, it's going to
make defenses think about who they want to cheat their safeties to in coverage.
We really have a lot of speed at receiver now."

Boston signed a one-year contract on Wednesday.

Did Simms intend to snub Michael Clayton? What are your feelings about Simms leaving Clayton out in the cold. Does Clayton need this push, I think so? Jon Gruden has been sending Clayton direct messages all summer. Previous reports state that Clayton the third-year receiver has lost weight and has been working hard following a lousy sophomore season. However, I think David Boston just might be the T.O. the Bucs were looking for. I know that sounds crazy, but lets face the facts. Boston is an awesome specimen. He is a freak that should be on WWE. If and I know the key word is IF, he stays health we might just have the best receiver money can buy. Simms is right, with Galloway on one side and Boston on the other who do you cover? Now I love Clayton and even though he had a season ridden with injuries, he still was a factor on the field. He threw his body at defenders, he played hurt all year, which shows his heart. I think a healthy, slimed down Clayton, Galloway, Boston and rookie Stovall as the Bucs main receivers, WOW watch out; Add Cadillac Williams to this mix and this just might be the "Greatest Show on Turf."

In other news: The Giants on Friday signed quarterback Rob Johnson (remember our old friend Rob?), who has not played in the NFL since 2004 after undergoing Tommy John surgery on his throwing arm.

Other NFL News: Texans defensive end Mario Williams signed a six-year contract last month that included no signing bonus (WOW), according to ESPN's Len Pasquarelli. He is the only top selection in modern history to ink a deal that had no signing bonus.

The Broncos came away extremely impressed with rookie quarterback Jay Cutler following his first mini-camp.
"God, he's going to be a great quarterback,"
Javon Walker told the team's official website.

"Obviously you can see all the potential that's there. I look forward to
whatever happens in the future." Head coach Mike Shanahan added: "You take a
look at 'Can a guy make all of the throws?' That's the key, not his arm
strength. Can you throw the deep post? Can he throw the deep circles? Does he
have the ability to flick his wrist to throw the ball downfield? He does
have that ability."

Wide receiver Javon Walker continues to progress in his recovery from knee surgery, adding warm-up pass routes for the first time in practice on Thursday.
"Kind of snuck that in on my own," Walker told the Denver Post. "But obviously
since I'm sprinting, I can do that."

The Reggie Bush number saga is over. On Thursday, Bush announced he has obtained the No. 25 from teammate Fred McAfee, who wore the number for eight seasons.

"To have worn the No. 5 was my first preference, but now the most important ting
is continue to raise awareness and proceeds for the victims of the hurricane,"
Bush said in a statement published by the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

He wore No. 5 while playing for the USC Trojans.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Chris Simms Working Like Crazy.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Bucs QB Chris Simms has been at the Bucs' facility all offseason long, working on building muscle, adapting to the playbook and watching plenty of film of himself.

Moreover, the team is happy that he's not getting caught up in being the Bucs quarterback and is instead focusing on the coming season.

"He's such an unbelievable, innocent guy," head coach Jon Gruden said. "He
just doesn't have any negatives, intangible-wise. It's really refreshing to be

Analysis: Simms is a deep sleeper for 2006. He has the potential to toss for 250-to-300 yards per game. The fact that the Bucs' receivers are the same, and the addition of Maurice Stovall, and David Boston helps Simms' fantasy value, also and that the line is stronger. Simms just might be a quality Fantasy option by the end of the 2006 season, but to be safe, consider him a No. 3 Fantasy QB for the time being.

Bucs' new digs are a step up from One Buc Place.

The Bucs have begun the countdown toward their new state of the art training facility. When it is completed in 2006, this innovative complex may be the very best in the National Football League.

The team hopes to move into its new digs adjacent to Raymond James Stadium when it breaks training camp in mid August.

The expansive, 145,000-square-foot facility will more than triple the team's space at antiquated One Buc Place. Features include locker and weight rooms nearly twice the size of the current ones, a training room nearly five times as big, a spacious players' lounge and a 4,000-square-foot team auditorium.
Among the new features that do not exist at One Buc Place are a team dining room and kitchen, a coach's studio and draft room.

The project, originally estimated to cost $35-million, is being paid for by team owner Malcolm Glazer. The Glazer family has not used $12-million in public money earmarked for the facility in 1996, according to Bucs chief operating officer Eric Land.

The Bucs even sent Coach Gruden over to give a motivational speech to the workers, in order to keep them on schedule for an August deadline.

According to Coach Gruden,

"When it's all said and done it might be one of the greatest things to ever
happen in this franchise's history," Gruden said. "I know what the new stadium
did for us and I have a strong feeling about what the new facility will do for

"Our players will love it."

This new Bucs' training facility is 30 years over due, since some have said that One Bucs Place complex was less than state-of-the-art when it opened. "We see rodents, cockroaches with muscles as big as mine." Says Michael Pittman, refering to One Buc Place. Anyway, I will try to post pictures of it in August when the Grand Opening occurs. I am told that season ticket holders get a tour. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Shocking News..........

I have some shocking news, and it is about as shocking as the season finale of LOST.

As shocking as House getting shot, going through the season finale, only to learn that he was hallucinating, and to end back up at the beginning where he was shot.

But not as shocking as
Taylor Hicks winning American Idol. After all that was a given.

After Lost was over I watched the news, only to find out that Governor Jeb Bush
will be the new NFL commissioner. He said that he will not run for the Presidents Office, but he was approached by the NFL to be the New head commissioner, which he said he would do after his term as our Florida Governor ends in January. So will the football players be held to the FCAT, and if so... Vince Young is in a world of trouble. I wonder if the Coaches will get a bonus if their players pass the FCAT as Governor Bush wants to implement for the Florida Teachers.

Govern Bush also said he does not think the NFL will wait for him to finish his Governor term here in Florida. However, stranger things have happened. Who is to say that a Interim Commissioner won't be brought in for the 06 season and Bush hired next January.

For those of you who do not know what the FCAT is, you can read about it here.

Buc News:

A week after David Bostonworked out for the Bucs, the Bucs signed wide receiver David Boston to a contract, according to the Tampa Tribune .

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tampa Bay Devil Rays...................

Breaking News............... The Tampa Bay Devil Rays are continuing to improve the atmosphere at Tropicana Field, the Rays are preparing the installation of a 10,000-gallon fish tank that will hold 30 cownose rays. Construction of the tank, which will sit beyond the right-center field wall, will be completed in July. What does this have to do with the Bucs? Nothing, I just like to point out when someone is wrong. It seems there was so much talk about the Rays changing their name. Well lets see, WRONG AGAIN. Why would they change their name if they were adding a 10,000 gallon fish tank filled with sting rays?

Glazer's Successor In Place, and A Trip Down Memory Lane.

Here at Pewter Pirates, we honor the great Malcom Glazer, the owner of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Mr. Glazer bought the Bucs for a then-record $192 million from the Hugh Culverhouse estate in 1995. Since 1995's purchase our beloved Tampa Bay Buccaneers have gone from worst to first. We have had great players, great coaches, and our first ever Super Bowl under Mr. Glazer.

Mr. Glazer is a 77-year-old Palm Beach billionaire who also owns the Manchester United soccer club. On April 16, 2006 Mr. Glazer was admitted to the Cleveland Clinic, where he suffered from a stroke that impaired his speech and mobility in his right arm and leg. Mr. Glazer was readmitted April 30, following a second stroke. He remains in the Cleveland Clinic, where he is surrounded by family, including sons Joel and Bryan, who are both Bucs executive vice presidents.
"Doctors expect my father to return home in the next few weeks," Joel Glazer
said in a statement released Friday.
"As a result of this stroke, his
rehabilitation period will be longer and more challenging. Our family
appreciates all the support and warm wishes that we have received."

Born in Rochester, N.Y., Glazer is president and chief executive officer of First Allied Corporation, a holding company for his array of businesses. The latest edition of the Forbes 400 lists Glazer in 258th place, with a net worth of approximately $1.3 billion.

Buccaneers owner Malcolm Glazer has a succession plan in place to keep the Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL team in the family. Under his plan, the sons of Glazer who run the team's daily operations would continue controlling the NFL team. Three of Glazer's five sons - Joel, Bryan and Edward - run the team's business operations as executive vice presidents.

This is good news for us Bucs fans, because it keeps continuity with the team, not to mention Mr. Glazers wallet. I wish and pray for Mr. Glazer to have a speedy recovery, but the truth is he might never be the same and his Buccaneer involvement will probably now be limited. We as fans must never forget what he has brought to the Bucs. I remember as a kid getting out of church and going home to watch the Bucs. The Bucs were always so close to winning a game, but could not find away to finish. They were so bad, at times they were not even on television. During those days you could always see the Miami Dolphins but not the Bucs.

Back then it was the old Florida Orange and white, with Buccaneer Bruce (which like Joey Galloway, it still is dear to my heart, and I wish on Thanksgiving day they would were the throw backs uniforms.

We truly were the laughing stock of the NFL. When I wore my Bucs colors to school, I was laughed at.

However, I never, ever became a bandwagon fan as so many have today. I was there in the begins and I am here today.

Mr. Glazer has changed the image of the Bucs and it started in 1995.

First he hired Coach Dungy, which changed the players way of thinking and they believed and they started to win.
Next came the Uniform change in 1997, when the Glazers worked with the NFL to develop a more marketable and intimidating look.
The Bucs changed their team colors to dark red, black, and pewter with white and orange striping. "Bucco Bruce" was replaced by a red flag displaying a white pirate skull and crossed sabres.

I have some great memories at Houlihan's Stadium, specially when I was in the Army, and I would return home from leave. My parents would pick me up at Tampa International and we would head over to Houlihan Stadium buy tickets right there and go watch the Bucs get beat.

Raymond James Stadium was built primarily to replace the aging Houlihan's Stadium, formerly located adjacent to the property. The Raymond James Stadium officially opened September 20, 1998, when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Chicago Bears, 27-15. I am now a season ticket holder for the Bucs, but it took 5 years of waiting to get my tickets. Boy how times have changed and how the Bucs market has grown. Back then I had only a couple of old Buccaneer T-shirts, but they were hard to find, NFL merchandise in Florida belonged to the Miami Dolphins. That has changed as well, South Florida is still pretty much Dolphins fans, Central Florida belongs to the Bucs and North Florida is divided between Dolphins, Bucs and Jaguars. Yes, the Jacksonville Jaguars are the North Florida team, but they have not capitalized on the North Florida dollar. There is even some talk that the Jaguars Owner wants to relocate to Los Angeles.

I have probably over 50 Buccaneer T-shirts today and 10 Jerseys. You can find Buccaneer merchandise anywhere. I should know, my 4th bedroom in my house is a Buccaneer room, right down to the red and black walls. (Some say Dungy was fired for giving this Jersey to a crazy man, just a little republican humor).

At the end of 2001, we thought Mr. Glazer had lost his mind by firing Coach Dungy, but little did we know that the Man would be coming to town, and I don't mean the FAT TUNA (Bill Parcells). Yes, the Bucs hired Coach Jon Gruden, who during his first season in 2002, would take the Bucs to their first ever Super Bowl and win.

My point is before Mr. Glazer and his sons, Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the laughing stock of the NFL, only a real fan would go to the games and talk Buc football. Today Bucs fans are everywhere. Most of them are bandwagon fans, but that is ok, because we as Americans seem compelled to like things that are successful. Today the stands at Raymond James Stadium are filled, Season tickets are sold out and there is a waiting list, there are fan web sites, and blogs about the Bucs. However, have a conversation with these guys and they know nothing about yesterdays Bucs. Mr. Glazer I have been there through think and thin. I know what you built and I am thankful. I am also thankful that the Glazer sons will be the future of the Buccaneers. May you have a speedy recover Mr. Glazer and thanks from a life long fan. So it may seem that Mr. Glazers days as the actual owner might be coming to an end, but his influence will always remain, and as long as a Glazer owns this team, then our ship will sail straight for many years to come. Now lets bring home another championship for the old man.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Ronde Barber is here to stay.

What can I say, Cutthroat has done it again. Cutthroat brings you the best designed bucs blog, and I bring you the news before it breaks, thanks to my source. Mr. Jamael Oronde Barber or Ronde Barber as we know him is reworking his contract with the Bucs that will ensure he retires as a Buccaneer. Ronde is scheduled to earn $4 million this season and will become a free agent in 2007. The Bucs fearing that Ronde could and would get a crazy offer from some team are reworking his contract.

Ronde has been after a better contract for the past two season, and there was even talk of Ronde holding out last season and this season. But that is just rumors. Ronde became the first cornerback in the history of the NFL to record at least 20 interceptions and 20 sacks in his career. He became the seventh member of the 20/20 club joining linebackers Seth Joyner, Wilber Marshall, William Thomas and Ray Lewis and safeties Rodney Harrison and LeRoy Butler.

One of the brightest stars in the NFL, Ronde Barber is considered to be
among the most visible and versatile players in professional football. A
cornerback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he has etched his name in the
Buccaneers' record books with his exceptional playmaking ability. A Super Bowl
veteran, his athleticism, sportsmanship and integrity are unparalleled. Born
premature and suffering from febrile seizures as a toddler, Ronde was told he
could never play contact sports. But he used the fierce determination passed on
to him by his mother, a breast cancer survivor and single parent, to shine both
academically and athletically.

A special thanks to my good friend and my source. As I have told you before, you have an open invitation to join this blog, even though I know that blogging is not your thing. But with your position and sources, we could take this thing to a new level. Thanks again.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

News on Hardy Nickerson...

Hardy, Hardy, Hardy........ Fans might not be able to chant the famous name of Hardy Nickerson on the football field, but we can listen to him on the radio.

Tuesday, the Buccaneers have resigned award-winning play-by-play voice of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for his 18th season Gene Deckerhoff to cover the Bucs games on the Buccaneer Radio Network.

In the past Deckerhoff's color analyst has been former Bucs player Scot Brantley. Well move over Brantley because Hardy is taking over. Deckerhoff will have a new and exciting partner in the booth in Nickerson, the five-time Pro Bowler who patrolled the middle of the Bucs’ defense for seven years. I have always been a huge fan of Hardy Nickerson. I loved going to the games back then just to watch Hardy drill some poor runningback on the field. Well I won't be listening to the radio, because I will be at every game. However,
if you can't make a game and can't watch it on tv, listening to the radio will be great this year with Nickerson and Deckerhoff yelling TOUCHDOWN TAMPA BAY.............

Hardy had this to say:

“I did two games in Europe for the NFL Europe League, and found that man,
this is quite a bit of fun,” he said. “It piqued my interest a little bit so my
agent and I started looking around for any opportunities out there.”

“I think I’ll be able to add a lot,” said Nickerson. “I definitely know
what’s going on with that defense…analyzing that won’t be a problem for me at
all. I just look at this as an opportunity to have fun and talk about the game.
Really, since I retired I’ve been sitting in front of the TV every Sunday and
talking about the games; the only difference now is that I’ll have a mic in
front of my face.”

“I’m very excited about this opportunity,” he said. “Any time you get a
chance to come back and be part of Buc family, it’s a great honor. It’s a great
opportunity and I’m looking forward to it.”

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bucs director of player personnel Ruston Webster takes a job with the Seahawks

According to

We've heard from another source that Buccaneers director of player
personnel Ruston Webster has accepted a position with the Seattle
And we've picked up more info regarding the basis for Webster's
decision to pass on the G.M. job in St. Louis. It's an empty title, we've
heard from multiple sources. Webster would have had no real
Meanwhile, folks around the league are flat-out amazed by the
failure of the media to mention that the courting of Webster means that G.M.
Charley Armey is out the door in St. Louis -- and by the media's general
ignorance of the Rams' decision to fire senior scouts Tom Marino and Dan

This is a sad day in Tampa. It also finally marks the end of the McKay era.

Back on Feb. 11, 2006 I wrote this article about Ruston Webster: (Now it comes true, man I am good.)
The Buccaneers are expected to lose director of player personnel Ruston Webster once his contract expires after April's draft. Webster is expected to take a job with the Seahawks due to his friendship with team president Tim Ruskell. My view is that Webster works under general manager Bruce Allen in Tampa as the head of the pro and college scouting department, and this is a major loss. When Ruskell left for Seattle, nobody pushed the panic button, because Webster stepped up and did a great job. If Webster leaves this could really impact the Buccaneers for years to come. Webster has been working for the Bucs for almost two decades, but it is only this past recent year that people started to know the name of the college scouting director. For years, the draft and its accompanying blame belonged to the head coach. Then it was Rich McKay's. Last year, it was Bruce Allen's first draft. However, for the past decade, Webster has been the man behind the draft and scouting.Webster and Seahawks team president Tim Ruskell worked together for about 15 years in the Tampa Bay organization. No word yet as to whether the Buccaneers have a replacement in mind.


(Left)Jennifer is a sweat heart, my son has his picture taken with her. She is our favorite cheerleader.

The Buccaneer's cheerleaders will be on the NFL Network. It is a show called Making the Squad. It airs June 5, June 12, and June 19 at 8 p.m. ET. Last season the Dolphins cheerleaders were on and it was good. This season both Dolphins and Bucs have been picked for this show. It is even better for me, because one of my good buddies, who I play fantasy football with, his girlfriend is a SwashBuclers (as they used to be called) and should be on the show.


Monday, May 15, 2006

This weeks guest is..........

Well for anyone that has ever followed Buccaneer football under Jon Gruden, knows that he is huge on guest speakers and motivational tools. Coach Gruden has used such speakers as Bill Walsh, Lee Roy Selmon, and Decan Jones to name a few. Tomorrow (Tuesday, May 16)the Buccaneers will be having a very special guest when the team's OTAs (organized team activities) resume. Coach Gruden will be bringing in a long time friend and one of his former players to speak to the quarterbacks, former Oakland Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon. This is a great move on Coach Gruden's part: The biggest drawback with the Bucs quarterbacks is their inexperience. Gannon might be able to help these young quarterbacks develop and make them understand the system better.

Interesting facts coming out of the rookie mini-camp and from the Bucs Radio Network. It seems Gruden is falling in love with rookie quarterback Bruce Gradkowski. During the Bucs three-day rookie mini-camp, Gradkowski left quite an impression on Gruden.

"I've got a lot of confidence he's going to be a player," Gruden said. "We've
just got to temper our enthusiasm and bring him along, but he really shows a
quick, accurate arm. He's got really good mobility. And he's got a charisma
about him that quarterbacks I think have to have.
(Something Gruden has said that Simms lacks).

"He did well for himself these first three days."

Gruden admits he and the coaching staff were "harsh" on Gradkowski, but the rookie welcomes the tough love. It's how he was raised and why he believes he thrives under pressure.

Could this be the push that Simms needs, is this just a lot of talk to keep Simms contract next season down. Or is Gradkowski the next Namath, Montana or Marino as the Tampa Tribune wants us to believe.

In other Buc news coming out Monday, is reporting that Tampa Bay director of player personnel Ruston Webster is perhaps soon to be hired as the General Manager in Saint Louis. The website reports that a shakeup is on the verge of taking place with the Rams and current GM Charley Armey will lose that job.However, according to the report, there is no guarantee that Webster would take the job. But he did reportedly interview with the Rams over two days last week.Webster earned a promotion last year with the Bucs but curiously has not been given a new contract. He also could be a candidate for jobs with the Texans and Seahawks. This would be very bad for the Bucs. Webster has been a huge assist to Bruce Allen. This is a move the Bucs would feel for sometime.

Rumor has it that Davin Joseph is close to signing his contract with the Bucs. According to Bucs Radio Network today, Allen has been working with Joseph's agent and a deal is close at hand. Like there was any doubt. Joseph is class act and besides we are talking about an offensive linemen not a quarterback or running back "Da". will be launching a new, improved version of this offseason, and are looking our input. If there are any new features, improvements or enhancements we would like to see included in the new web site, please advise them on on this thread. It is their goal to be the premier online resource for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and that means providing the features that we desire in a team web site.


Patriots quarterback Doug Flutie retired on Monday. He has played 21 seasons of professional football, including 12 in the NFL. "It's just been a fun run for me," he told the Associated Press.

The Dolphins signed undrafted free agent Marcus Vick to a contract on Monday. It is rumored that he will not be a quarterback for the Dolphins, but will play special teams and wide receiver.

Rookie running back Reggie Bush has instructed his agent to avoid a training camp holdout at all costs. "I told my agent I want to be in here in (training) camp on time," Bush told USA Today following a weekend minicamp workout. "Whatever it takes, I want to be in camp on time. I think it's important to start off on a good foot and a good note, not only with the team but the city." The Saints selected Bush with the No. 2 overall pick in the draft last month.

NFL turns Reggie Bush's request down to where number 5.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers Day

Cutthroat Pirates would like to send a Happy Mothers Day out to all. What did I do for my wife on Mother's Day? Well I entered her into the Best Moms in the Bay Area Luncheon with Buccaneers Ryan Nece and Shelton Quarles. Out of 900 applicants she was selected as one of the 50 moms to be honored. So on Friday we went to Raymond James Stadium for lunch. This was a 5 star meal, catered and everything. My wife and I got to hang out with Shelton Quarles and Ryan Nece, we got our picture taken with them and they signed autographs. My wife also got a nice gift bag filled with all kinds of goodies. I was afraid that she might not like it because it was Buccaneerish, but the Bucs went all out for these 50 moms. My wife and I really enjoyed talking with the Tampa Mayor, Pam Iorio, she is truly a remarkable women and she has made Tampa a better place. It turned out to be a really nice Mother's Day gift, which my wife really cherished.

I like to thank Shelton Quarles and Ryan Nece for selecting my wife and making this her day.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Tale of Two Legends.

Have you ever been to the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio? I had to fly to Canton, Ohio about two years ago for a business trip. This was an all expenses paid trip for work of course. So I made sure to take a day, and visit the NFL Hall of Fame. I was very impressed with the Hall of Fame. I spent a long time standing in front of Lee Roy Selmon's bust, after all he is the only Buccaneer in the Hall of Fame. Sure Steve Young is now under the Bucs/49ers in the Hall of Fame, but we all know he is a Hall of Famer because of what he did in San Fransico and not in Tampa.

There is so many great players who have played this game. However, being a Bucs fan, and being at the HOF, I was left kind of empty. When you look at the 49ers, the Raiders, and the Cowboy, oh yeah and the Super Bowl Champs (Steelers), they have so many players in the HOF. I look back at some of the Bucs players and wonder why we don't have more players in the HOF. But then I think of how special of a player Lee Roy Selmon was and that this honor makes him that much more special.

So I asked everyone on my blog with a poll question:
My question is does a Hall of Fame honor make you the Best Buccaneer ever? According to my poll results "NO". Lee Roy Selmon came in third behind Brooks then Alstott. Lee Roy Selmon is already in the HOF and Derrick Brooks will one day join him, but I am not sure Alstott will ever make it to the HOF. Sure I hope he does, but I do not know if the sports writers will push him into the HOF. Being in the HOF sure does help your cause, and you probably were the Best Buccaneer for about 16 years. But in this world, all good things come to an end, and something better comes along.

But lets talk about the 1st Legend: During 1974-1975, he was 3 Time All-American at University of Oklahoma. He helped the Sooners win back-to-back championship titles: All Big Eight Conference Team.

In 1975, He won the Outland Trophy Winner, and the Vince Lombardi Award as the outstanding college lineman. He led the Sooners in tackles with 132 and finished with 324 career tackles. He graduated from University of Oklahoma, with a B.A. in Special Education.

In 1976, He was 6-3, 256-pounds, and he was the number one pick of the NFL draft. First-ever draft pick of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Soon he would be recognized among the elite NFL defenders. This defensive right end immediately established himself at as the leader of the Buccaneers defensive unit that would eventually produce two NFC Central Division championships in the team's first six seasons.
Although he missed six games due to injuries as a rookie, he was named the Bucs Rookie of the Year and the teams Most Valuable Player. He battled injuries during two of his first three seasons, but starting in 1978 he was named first- or second-team All-Pro five times. He also was also All-NFC choice five times, and was named to six straight Pro Bowls from 1980 to 1985. With four sacks, he was co-Player of the Game in the 1982 Pro Bowl.

Four times the NFL Players Association named him the NFC Defensive Lineman of the Year and he was a unanimous choice as NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 1979. He was a major factor in the Bucs' first winning season, which was concluded with a 9-0 loss to the Los Angeles Rams in the 1979 NFC Championship Game. He had 11 sacks and a career-best 117 tackles that year. He had three sacks in one game four times. A back injury, which forced him to miss the entire 1985 season, brought a premature end to his outstanding career.

In 1986, he Retires from professional football. Career stats: 78 1/2 sacks, 380 quarterback pressures, forced 28 1/2 fumbles, recovered 10. Top ten Tampa Bay Buccaneers all-time leader in starts (118),Key member of Tampa Bay's NFC Central title teams, 1979, 1981. All-Pro 1979, 1980, 1982. All-NFC five times. Elected to six Pro Bowls. NFL Defensive Lineman of Year, 1979. #63 jersey only one retired by the Buccaneers.

In 1988, he was inducted College Football Hall of Fame.

In 1995, he was inducted into NFL Hall of Fame; the first former Sooner and the only Tampa Bay Buccaneer to date. Yes, I am talking about the great Lee Roy Selmon.

"I had the opportunity to speak to the Hall of Famers who preceded me like Otto
Graham, Gene Upshaw and Gale Sayers...we spoke of what it all means to join the
Hall and it goes far beyond what's on the football field. It goes and stretches
right into life. And how you can use it to reach out to help others. That's the
true meaning of the Pro Football Hall of Fame."
- Lee Roy Selmon

Lee Roy Selmon was and still itrulyly one of Tampa's best players ever to wear the Bucs uniform. However, there is another legend that will join Mr. Selmon in Canton one day and he is none other then number 55 Derrick Brooks.

Brooks was a four-year letterman at Florida State.

Was one of only two true freshman to earn a letter. Saw action in all 11 matches and produced 22 tackles (10, 12) as a reserve strong safety. Was moved to outside LB in spring practice prior to second season.

Earned sophomore All-America honors from Football News and was also a First Team All-ACC choice. Started all 11 games at OLB and produced career-best 98 tackles (55, 43), 3.5 sacks and a fumble recovery.

As a junior, was named First Team All-America by Football Writers` Association and Walter Camp. Also was consensus First Team All-ACC choice and was that conference`s Defensive Player of the Year. Was a finalist for the Butkus Award, the Lombardi Award and the Football Writers` Defensive Player of the Year award. Racked up 77 tackles (47, 30), two interceptions, two sacks, five passes defensed, two forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries. Had two TDs on interception returns which tied single-season school record set by Deion Sanders and Terrell Buckley. Three defensive TDs overall tied John Wessel`s FSU mark. Missed two games due to ankle injury.

Senior honors included First Team All-America by American Football Coaches, UPI and Walter Camp.Was also a GTE Academic All-America choice.Was First Team All-Atlantic Coast Conference and was selected for Senior Bowl. For second straight year, was a finalist for Vince Lombardi Award, symbolic of nation`s top lineman/linebacker. In nine starts, finished second on team with 77 tackles (41, 36) to go with three interceptions, three sacks, six passes defensed, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery.

Career statistics included 274 tackles (153, 121), five interceptions, 8.5 sacks, 13 passes defensed, four forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries.

Originally graduated from Florida State with a bachelor of arts degree in business communications, then added his masters degree in the same subject, graduating again from FSU last spring.

Selected by the Buccaneers in the first round (28th overall) of the 1995 draft.

Unquestioned leader of the Buccaneers and arguably the most respected player in the NFL's Cornerstone for the leagues' best defense of the last decade

Elevated his status as one of the leagues' most accomplished defenders after being honored as the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year in 2002... Team captain instrumental in leading Tampa Bay to its first Super Bowl championship in 2002... Only active player, and just the fifth player in NFL history, to be selected to eight straight Pro Bowls, earn AP Defensive Player of the Year honors and win a Super Bowl Along with Warren Sapp, became the first pair of teammates selected in the same draft class (1995) to earn seven Pro Bowl appearances since the Buffalo Bills' DE Bruce Smith and WR Andre Reed (1985 draft class)...

Earned All-Pro honors from the Associated Press for the seventh consecutive year in 2004 (first team honors in 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2004 and second team honors in 1998, 2001 and 2003)...

Has earned NFC Player of the Week honors five times and Player of the Month honors twice during his career.

Led the defense in tackles for the seventh straight season in 2004 and has paced the club in that category in eight of the past nine seasons...

Tied for the NFL lead with nine consecutive seasons (1996-2004) of 100 or more tackles (also Miami LB Zach Thomas) Ranks as the most prolific tackler in franchise history with 1,601 stops...

Ranks sixth in club history with 20 career interceptions... Named team MVP by the Tampa Sports Club (fan) in 2002, 1999 (along with Sapp), 1998 and 1996Â…

Only linebacker in NFL history to have three interception returns for a touchdown in a season (2002) and his four touchdowns on turnovers (2002) are tied for second-most in a single season in NFL history... Added an interception return for a score in Tampa Bay's Super Bowl XXXVII victory... Has scored six regular season touchdowns in his career, second-most in team history by a defensive player.

Ranks second on the club's all-time games started list (157) and is tied for fourth on the all-time games played list (160)... Has played in 160 consecutive games and has posted 144 straight starts, the most among all active NFL defensive players while also leading all active Buccaneer players... Has not missed a start in each of the last nine seasons...

Long considered the NFL's best linebacker, earned his club-record ninth consecutive Pro Bowl appearance in 2005, His ninth consecutive Pro Bowls rank him tied for sixth in NFL history for most consecutive Pro Bowls by a linebacker.

Playing in his ninth straight Pro Bowl, he made the biggest play, returning an interception 59 yards for a touchdown. He received a car on the field shortly after the game ended and was named the MVP of the 2005 Pro Bowl.

"I stand real humble," Brooks said. "I've been here a few times, and I don't
have many wins. It was just important for me to get the win. Obviously, this
award is a reflection of the NFC defense. We went out there and played a fine

He has totaled 21 career INTs, 20 forced fumbles, four fumble recoveries, 13.5 sacks, 113 passes defensed and 10 special teams tacklesdefenseackles, 5 defesive touchdowns. Started in ten postseason contests, notching 88 career tackles, three passes defensed, one fumble recovery and two INTs...

So reading this, who do you think is the best player to ever wear a Bucs uniform? Since most of you are not into the Bucs like I am, who on your respected teams is the best player to wear your teams uniforms and why?