Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bucs director of player personnel Ruston Webster takes a job with the Seahawks

According to www.ProFootballTalk.com

We've heard from another source that Buccaneers director of player
personnel Ruston Webster has accepted a position with the Seattle
And we've picked up more info regarding the basis for Webster's
decision to pass on the G.M. job in St. Louis. It's an empty title, we've
heard from multiple sources. Webster would have had no real
Meanwhile, folks around the league are flat-out amazed by the
failure of the media to mention that the courting of Webster means that G.M.
Charley Armey is out the door in St. Louis -- and by the media's general
ignorance of the Rams' decision to fire senior scouts Tom Marino and Dan

This is a sad day in Tampa. It also finally marks the end of the McKay era.

Back on Feb. 11, 2006 I wrote this article about Ruston Webster: (Now it comes true, man I am good.)
The Buccaneers are expected to lose director of player personnel Ruston Webster once his contract expires after April's draft. Webster is expected to take a job with the Seahawks due to his friendship with team president Tim Ruskell. My view is that Webster works under general manager Bruce Allen in Tampa as the head of the pro and college scouting department, and this is a major loss. When Ruskell left for Seattle, nobody pushed the panic button, because Webster stepped up and did a great job. If Webster leaves this could really impact the Buccaneers for years to come. Webster has been working for the Bucs for almost two decades, but it is only this past recent year that people started to know the name of the college scouting director. For years, the draft and its accompanying blame belonged to the head coach. Then it was Rich McKay's. Last year, it was Bruce Allen's first draft. However, for the past decade, Webster has been the man behind the draft and scouting.Webster and Seahawks team president Tim Ruskell worked together for about 15 years in the Tampa Bay organization. No word yet as to whether the Buccaneers have a replacement in mind.


(Left)Jennifer is a sweat heart, my son has his picture taken with her. She is our favorite cheerleader.

The Buccaneer's cheerleaders will be on the NFL Network. It is a show called Making the Squad. It airs June 5, June 12, and June 19 at 8 p.m. ET. Last season the Dolphins cheerleaders were on and it was good. This season both Dolphins and Bucs have been picked for this show. It is even better for me, because one of my good buddies, who I play fantasy football with, his girlfriend is a SwashBuclers (as they used to be called) and should be on the show.


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