Saturday, May 06, 2006

I think Gruden Has Done A Great Job!!!!!

Well the NFL draft is over, and I was looking back at all the 1st round draft picks that Coach Gruden has picked since his arrival in Tampa in 2002.

2002 NFL Draft, Coach Gruden was left in a bad spot when the Buccaneers traded both their 2002, and 2003 1st round draft picks to the Oakland Raiders for Coach Gruden.

2004 NFL Draft Pick 1st round:
Michael Clayton, had a great rookie season, followed by a injury ridden sophomore season. However, this draft pick was still a great pick and Clayton is now a 3rd year receiver, which means (if you play fantasy football) 3rd year receivers usually have a break-out year.

2005 NFL Draft Pick 1st round:
Cadillac Williams, was the NFL Rookie of the Year. He had his shoes/gloves sent to the NFL Hall of Fame after breaking an NFL record. He is truly the best running back the Bucs have ever had, and was a great number one draft pick.

2006 NFL Draft Pick 1st round:
Davin Joseph, Only time will tell how this pick will turn out. However, after listening to Coach Gruden about Joseph, and seeing what Gruden has done with his previous 1st round picks as a Bucs Head Coach, you got to be excited.

Here is what Coach Gruden has been saying about his new Number 1 draft pick:

"He's such a humble guy. He's going to make you feel like he shouldn't have been
drafted," Gruden said. "But last year, (Oklahoma) had Jammal Brown, remember,
the first-rounder of the Saints? While we were watching Jammal Brown, I remember all of us saying, "Who the hell is this right guard? Good God."

"You can just feel his energy. You see him interact with players and coaches at the
Senior Bowl. I'm on the floor at the combine, and I just watch the attentiveness
in his eyes and the enthusiasm he has and the explosive movement and power that
he has. This is the kind of lineman I've been looking for for years and years."

"He's suited to play right guard. I think in a perfect world, that's where he plays," coach Jon Gruden said.

"I think (offensive coordinator) Bill Muir and (offensive line coach) Aaron Kromer , one of the things those guys are noted for is we're going to play our best five guys," Gruden said. "And if you have some versatility, it allows you to get that done.

"We'll pencil Davin in right now at right guard. And we'll expect Jeremy Trueblood to compete at right tackle. Hopefully, the sparks fly and it's very competitive."

"He's a detail freak," Gruden said. "He really takes pride in the
smallest of details. The 6-inch steps, the proper hand placement, head
placement. I think he recognizes the opportunity to master his techniques
further. He is a disciplined guy. He doesn't commit the crazy penalties in key
situations that cost you games."

As I listened to Davin's press conference, I could not be happier. This guy is truly first class. There is also no doubt that he will be the starter at right guard. Just listen to what Gruden says about him. You can listen to the press conference here.

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