Sunday, April 30, 2006


This is for all the Buccaneer and Gruden NASAYERS out there. If you have been a fan as long as me and suffered through seasons like I have, you would understand how great Gruden is. Lets see, how much game film have you watched on these two guys: Davin Joseph, and Jeremy Trueblood? If you listened to the experts today, they think that Davin Joseph will be a Pro-Bowl guard. I will admit that I don't know much about these two players, but as a loyal Bucs fan, I am glad they were drafted by the Bucs. I also have faith in Gruden and Bruce Allen and the scouting department after the last two drafts. Lets see Michael Clayton, Cadillac Williams, Dan Buenning, Alex Smith, Barrett Ruud, Will Allen, and Chris Simms have all been drafted by Gruden. (NOT BAD). We needed offensive players because we were 23rd in the NFL. We did not need Defense players this year, because we were number 1, plus we resigned every defensive player, but one Dexter Jackson (Big Deal, that is twice that he has left). I think some people forgot that the Buccaneers ranked first in the NFL on defense, and 23rd on offense. So the smart thing to do was to fix the offense with this years Draft. Which I must say the Bucs did. If you can't get the draft prediction right, then don't knock Gruden because you are a Sofa ESPN analysts. I think the man knows what he is doing.

The 2006 Rookie Class for the Bucs.
1. G - Davin Joseph - Oklahoma
2. T - Jeremy Trueblood - BC
3. WR - Maurice Stovall - N. Dame
4. CB - Alan Zemaitis - Penn State
5. DE - Julian Jenkins - Stanford
6. QB - Bruce Gradkowski - Tol.
6. TE - T.J. Williams - NC State
7. CB - Justin Phinisee - Oregon
7. DE - Charles Bennett - Clemson
7. TE - Tim Massaquoi - Michigan


coloradohurricane said...

Offensive linemen are unglamorous early picks- but usually are a lot safer than a skill position. Offensive linemen aren't busts as often- unless they get injured.

The Armchair Quarterback said...

I think Stovall is a steal and has a chance to be very good for the Bucs. I love the pick.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

Hey guys sorry Ive been gone on vac for a week. Yes I agree Colorado Hurricane, offensive linemen are safe, but that is what we needed.

Armchair, I love Stovall for the Bucs, I think this might be a huge offensive move for the Bucs.