Sunday, April 09, 2006

Pewter Report tells the Truth.

The official magazine of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers "Pewter Report" blasted holes in the Tampa Tribunes article about the Bucs Dead Cap Money and why the Bucs can't afford free agents. Thanks to Pewter Report for shedding light on this topic. Basically the Tribune told Bucs fans that the Bucs were so salary cap strapped due to dead cap money that it couldn't afford to re-sign quarterback Brian Griese and sign free agent offensive tackle Tom Ashworth (New England). Pewter Report tells us what really happened with dead cap money/free agency .

Basically the Bucs have $10 million to spend, but are taking a reserved approach and making sure they resign last season starters first. Second the Bucs only have $12 million in dead cap space, which is actually at or just below the league average amount of dead cap money.

I agree with the Bucs approach this off-season. In 2004, the Bucs went crazy by over paying old free agents that hurt our salary cap for the next season. The Bucs have learned from their mistakes and are making smart decisions this season.

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