Monday, April 17, 2006

Could the Bucs Go Wide Receiver with the 23rd Pick?

If you ask Coach Jon Gruden what he wants, and according to the St Pete Times , he would say:

"I would like to add another receiver."

Most of the mock drafts to include mine, have the Bucs picking an OT with their 23rd draft pick. However, due to the recent signings of offensive tackle Torrin Tucker,Guard Toniu Fonoti, and Anthony Davis' contract extension, and Kenyatta Walker resigned with the Bucs, do they really need to go after a OT in the first round. I have seen more and more mock drafts that have the Bucs now picking a wide receiver with their 23d pick. I also find some excitement in the fact that Sinorice Moss might actually drop to the Bucs. It is like I said all along, Coach Gruden loves his star players, and he knows where to find them, and he will not pass on them for a OT, or even a defensive position. Since Coach Gruden has been the head Coach, and when we finally got our 1st round picks after losing them to the Raiders. We have drafted Star Receiver Michael Clayton (hell of a rookie year, but had sophomore Slumps w/injuries, which is all to common in the NFL, plus don't forget the trend in the NFL is that a 3rd year receiver breaks out huge.) Then there was the Stud Carnell "Cadillac" Williams (NFL Rookie of the Year), who I hope does not get the sophomore Slumps. So if I was a betting man, and If Sinorice Moss falls to the 23rd spot, I think Gruden will jump on it. We really only have one WR to lead us into the future and that is Clayton. Galloway and Hilliard are sure to retire within the next couple of years.


Ski said...

I would be more careful about lifting quotes from the newspaper. When I first read this post I thought Gruden had given the above quote about drafting a receiver.

Anyway, Gruden has typically taken a shine to taller receivers. Maurice Stovall out of Notre Dame seems like the more likely pick then Midget Moss.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

You are not making since Ski, I thought the same thing you just said. I have noticed that at times you don't read the entire thing before you jump to your conclusions. How many times now have I corrected you? You also don't always have your facts right about the Bucs, for example you thought Bell and Dunn were the only two backs to ever rush for a thousand yards in a season.

Lets see Galloway is only 5-11, Ike Hilliard 5-11, so Gruden typically taken a shine to taller receivers is not all that true (typically being the key word). I think Gruden likes players who can play. Lets see Gruden plays Carolina 2x a year and they have a receiver named ummmmmm Steve Smith, who is what 5-9 I rest my case.

Ski, I hate this bickering that we do, but you always find it necessary to mock me, but you usually find out I am right as your own article states.

Can we not just get along Ski as two Big time Bucs fans. I even wrote on your article that I have no hard feelings.