Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Moulds Will Make the Texans a Better Team.

It seems like an eternity that Eric Moulds has been a Buffalo Bill, but not no more.
The Bills have informed wide receiver Eric Moulds that he will be traded to the Texans. Official terms of the trade have not been released, but the Bills are expected to receive either a fourth or fifth-round pick in return, ESPN's John Clayton reported.

Moulds is a sure fix for the NFL's worst team in 2005. The Texans have signed several players this offseason, and now they got WR Eric Moulds. Moulds will complement the Texans star receiver Andre Johnson very nicely. Free agent wide receiver Jerome Pathon has also worked out for Texans coaches and would be a nice number 3 receiver. Free agent center Mike Flanagan signed a three-year contract worth about $9 million, helping the Texans offensive line. The Texans also bolstered their passing game on by signing free agent tight end Jeb Putzier.

The Texans also have the 1st pick in the 2006 draft and more then likely will pick Reggie Bush. Texans fans must be getting excited. This is a team that could go from worst to playoffs right away. Fantasy wise, I think David Carr's stock is getting ready to climb. With Andre Johnson, Eric Moulds, Jeb Putzier and Reggie Bush, Carr is sure to be a sleeper at least.


The Armchair Quarterback said...

Moulds has wanted out of Buffalo for a while now so this is a good move for him and the Texans. I've always thought he was a bit underrated as a receiver.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

Yeah, I agree but he will be a nice number 2 now.

dolphinfan said...

Adding Moulds and drafting Bush will give Houston more talent with their skill players but they still need serious help on the o-line.

guy jr said...

I've seen Moulds personally play in Buffalo, and I don't think he wanted out as much as his play has just dropped off. The Bills have been disappointed in his play for the last few years, and were happy to let him go today. A 5th round pick tells me they were going to cut him anyway.

guy jr.