Sunday, December 24, 2006

Simms resigns...

On Tuesday Chris Simms will resign his contract with the Buccaneers. Talk is that it is only a two year deal. I am not excited by this move at all, this means two things, Simms is the starter next season, and Gruden will be back.

Friday, December 22, 2006

I'm Back...

Well that was fun 1st semester of nursing school is over. 120 students started and we are now down to 60, with still 4 semesters to go. So hopefully the weeding out phase is over and we can get down to business. I feel like I am back in US Army RANGER school. If anyone is wondering, I did manage to get A’s in all my classes.

Now let me start off by saying what has happened to our beloved BUCS? Sure I went to the home games like normal. I watched the away games, I just did not have time to post on here due to school If you ask me what is wrong I tell you its COACH GRUDEN. Who, I am a big fan of, but after this season I have lost hope in him. So I am left answering my own question? IT WAS DUNGY’S TEAM that won the SUPERBOWL.

As most of you know I live in the Bay area, and I listen to the Bucs Radio Network daily specially now during the drive to and from school, and it is being reported that Gruden has lost the locker room.

We went to the International Mall last night to do some last minute Christmas Shopping and 93.3 FM the main radio station here in Tampa even said Gruden is gone after the season he has been given his walking papers. Now, I can’t find any truth to this rumor this morning, but time will tell.

The biggest story around town is Gruden is going to DALLAS or Atlanta. I find Atlanta hard to believe since Rich McKay is still there. But Dallas! Jerry Jones loves Gruden, and if Parcells retires, which most of the media believes he will then Gruden could be their man.

The problem is the BUCS will be 40 million under the salary cap next season and have a draft pick within the first 3 picks. So the fear is Gruden could mess this team up for years to come. That is what is being said here in Tampa.

So who replaces him? Good question, the top choice that has been named is STEVE MARIUCCI. Who I just heard on the radio, the Glazier’s wanted him over Gruden anyway. So with the Son’s now running the Bucs due to Malcom’s recent double strokes, Mariucci could be coaching again.

There is also talk that Andy Reid might get walking papers in Philadelphia, and Gruden could end up their. The owner loves Gruden, and publicly has sid that he should have made Gruden the head coach instead of Ray Rhodes, when Gruden was the Offensive Coordenator. If this happend, AndyReid would be the man the Bucs would go after, which I love that Idea. But I think Reid will be with the Eagles again next season.

Another reason I want Gruden gone, I did an article on Tim Rattay last year, and I knew he was the best quarterback on the BUCS bench. Why has it taking this long for Gruden to make a change. BECAUSE his EGO is so damn huge, and he won’t change his game plan for nothing. He won’t admit that a sixth round draft pick at QB was a mistake. After all Gruden is no Bill Belichick. What is really scary is Derrick Brooks said during his radio show he could end up playing somewhere else next season and so could Mike Alstott. Is that a sign the locker room is not behind GRUDEN mmmmmmmmmmm. Besides look how he has treated our beloved BUCS players like Mike Alstott, and John Lynch.

There is so much I could say, and have heard since living in the Tampa Bay area. But if you want to hear it for yourself listen to .