Sunday, January 29, 2006

Alstott indicators point to return if ...

There is good news coming out of Tampa this morning. It seems that the St Pete Times is reporting that Mike Alstott, the A-Train, wants to come back for another season as long as the Bucs want him.

"Mike Alstott may not have played his last game. There are increasing indications the fullback is leaning toward returning if the Bucs will have him.Before embarking on an offseason to contemplate retirement, Alstott asked running backs coach Art Valero for an honest assessment. No player wants to overstay his welcome, certainly not a six-time Pro Bowl player and a beloved icon like the A-Train. Valero didn't hesitate when he told Alstott he could still get it done. Before the 2005 season Alstott had real concerns about his role. He wanted to be involved in the offense in some capacity and on the field as much as possible."

As I have mentioned before Alstott is my favorite all time player, and Cadillac is becoming my new favorite player to carry me into the future of Buccaneer football. I hope Mike does return for another season.

Mike was the lead blocker for Cadillac last season, he had 7 touchdowns of his own, including the two-point conversion against the Redskins. He was also named an alternate in this years Pro Bowl.

Read the rest of the article here:

Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Blast from the Past: Number 47, S, John Lynch.

The Pewter Pirate weekly (I have kind of slipped on weekly), tradition is known as "A Blast from the Past". This is my way to pay tribute to the great Buccaneer players of the past. Some of these players are in our hearts as Buccaneer fans, but will never be honored any other way. This week it is only fitting to pay tribute to John Lynch. I was hoping Lynch could help take the Broncos to the Super Bowl and earn his second Super Bowl ring. However, that did not happen.
John Lynch will forever be remembered as a Buccaneer. He was on the team way before Brooks, Sapp, and Alstott. Lynch was a Buccaneer even before Trent Dilfer or Errict Rhett. In fact Lynch was a Buccaneer when it was not cool to be a Buccaneer fan. In fact the fans did not even know who Lynch was until Tony Dungy and Monte Kiffin made Lynch a household name. I have met John Lynch on several occasions, and this guy is a really nice guy. His involvement in the community is what set him apart from other athletes. His hard hitting style of play is what made him famous on the football field. A few years ago, my wife and I went to a community event where John Lynch was at. I had taken a mini-helmet with the old Buccaneer colors and logo on it, in hopes of maybe getting Lynch to sign it. The local news media was there and when they seen the old helmet, they wanted to get us and Lynch on T.V. signing the helmet. My wife held the helmet and I stood next to John Lynch as he signed my helmet for us as the News camera filmed it. To this day I am not sure if it ever made it on T.V., but it was well worth it.

John Lynch was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with the eighty-second pick overall in the 3rd round pick in 1993 as a strong safety out of Stanford. Lynch played for the Buccaneers from 1993-2003.

John Lynch is best know around the league for his hard hitting. He is arguably one of the two most beloved players to ever where the Buccaneer uniform along with his friend Mike Alstott.

John Lynch ranks number 3 in the All Time Top Ten Career Tackles with the Buccaneers. From 1993-2003 he had 973 career tackles. How many of these tackles did he knock someone out (like his brother-in-law from Chicago)?

John Lynch is tied with Ronde Barber with the number 4 spot for career Interceptions as a Buccaneer with 23 interceptions.

Lynch is second on the games played list (164).

John Lynch was also instrumental as the Leader of the Buccaneer Defense during Super Bowl 37, where he called almost every play that Rich Gannon called. He was the reason that Dexter Jackson won the Super Bowl MVP, if you watch the Super Bowl, or the highlight reels of the Super Bowl, (Which I own several versions of the Super Bowl 37 DVD, to include the Bucs players’ personal DVD of the Super Bowl, which I was invited to by the Bucs during a signing of the Super Bowl 37 Book) Sorry don’t mean to brag, but I just love my Bucs and do anything and everything Buccaneer. If you wondering who signed my book? No it was not John Lynch, it was my favorite Buccaneer of all time Mike Alstott. Here is the link to the party I went to.

Anyway back to Lynch. On those DVD’s and NFL highlight reels, you see him tell Dexter Jackson where to be and what play to watch for. Then after Jackson picks off Gannon, you see Lynch tell Monte Kiffin, that he called the play. It was a beautiful site. Dexter should not have won the Super Bowl MVP, it should have been Brooks or Pittman. However, that’s another story.

After the 2003 season, Lynch was coming off a tricky off-season operation to remove bone spurs from his neck. Plus, as an 11-year veteran with five Pro Bowls on his resume at the time, he was commanding the kind of money that Tampa Bay couldn’t afford. This is where I wish I was Malcolm Glazer (for one day) and I would tell Bruce Allen and Jon Gruden, “Look guys, I do not get involved in your personal decision, until now. Lynch will remain a Buccaneer no matter what. Do I make myself clear? Oh, by the way this applies to Alstott as well. As for Sapp, I wish he would be able to remain a Buccaneer, but you do what you see fit with him, but Lynch stays..” Jerry Jones, and Daniel Snyder have the final word on personal, so why couldn’t Glazer speak up and do the right thing by the fans. Oh well Lynch is gone, and I think Mike will be next season.

On Jan. 14, 2004, John Lynch underwent surgery at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Los Angeles. A microscopic cervical foraminotomy was performed by Dr. Robert G. Watkins. Lynch was discharged after an overnight stay.Doctor Robert Watkins advised the Bucs, “The operation went very well. A full recovery and uneventful return to football is expected.”

John Lynch said, “I feel great and look forward to working hard to get back to the Super Bowl.” So he was set to return, but then all hell broke loose.

On Thursday, March 11, 2004, in what he termed an ‘emotional day’ for all involved, Tampa Bay Buccaneers General Manager Bruce Allen confirmed that safety John Lynch would not be with the Buccaneers in 2004. WHAT!!!!!!

It’s at this time that we’re going to move forward,” said Allen, following a press conference by Lynch in San Diego. “John and I, as I’m sure he referred to, had a conversation – I think it was a couple of nights ago – and we decided the best way to move forward is to allow him the opportunity to talk to other teams and find a home that is best for him and his family.”As one would expect, this conclusion was not one the Bucs came to easily.

“It was with a heavy heart (that this decision was reached) because of what he does mean to the game of football,” said Allen. “I had discussions with (Executive Vice President) Joel Glazer and (Head Coach) Jon Gruden and (Defensive Coordinator) Monte (Kiffin). This is the tough part about sports sometimes. Some of our great players move from team to team toward the end of (their) careers – I think he announced he was going to play another 11 years. God bless him, I hope it happens. But that’s where we’re at today.”

“Let me just start (by saying): You don’t replace John Lynch, the all-pro on and off the field,” said Allen. “He has meant a lot to so many people in the community and across the country. I’ve been working in the NFL elsewhere, and everybody respects who he is and what he has brought to the game of football.” So why did you Mr. Allen not resign him. Lynch told his agent, he would play for league minimum, “I just want to be a Buc, get it done.”

We have missed his leadership on defense, we have missed John Lynch PERIOD.

In 11 seasons as a Buccaneer, Lynch was elected to five Pro Bowls (1997, 1999-2002 seasons), including three times as a starter. He was a first-team AP All-Pro selection in 1999 and 2000 and a second-team choice in 2001 and 2002.

Lynch was also one of the team’s most civic-minded players, basing much of his community work around the very active John Lynch Foundation. He was a finalist for the prestigious NFL Man of the Year award in 2002.

In 2004, John Lynch signed with the Denver Broncos after 11 seasons and 5 Pro Bowls with the Buccaneers.

“I can’t speak for Tampa because people deal with the salary cap all the time,” Denver coach Mike Shanahan said. “There are a lot of times you’d love to have a player and he’s making too much money, and you have depth at that position. But I’m sure glad we’ve got John Lynch on our football team.”

Read this great article by Associated Pres about John Lynch.

Lynch was selected by the Pewter Report as the number 4 greatest Buc of all time and tagged "the lynch mob".

Lynch was named as the 7th Greatest Buccaneer Player of all-time by BUCPOWER.COM in 2003.

I just hope when John decides to retire, he does like Emmitt Smith and resigns with the Bucs and then retires. WE MISS YOU JOHN LYNCH.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Where There is Smoke, There is Fire…

BRING ON T.O.: Defensive end Simeon Rice, appearing on Fox Sports Net's Best Damn Sports Show Period, said he would welcome Eagles receiver Terrell Owens, who is expected to be waived before the start of free agency in early March.

"He's a gamer," Rice said. "If we had a player like him, we'd have been in the Super Bowl this year."

The Bucs have been linked to Owens in reports, but no one in the organization has publicly expressed interest. It's likely conversations about Owens are taking place at the Senior Bowl, however, with his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, making the rounds. Rosenhaus continues to decline comment on Owens' future.

Once again this has surfaced. I did not know what to really think about it. I do know that this guys is the best WR in the game, as long as he keeps his mouth in check. Who knows what will happen, but it seems as if the Bucs are really making headlines about acquiring T.O.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ronde Barber Reached Salary Incentives in 2005

Bucs Pro Bowl cornerback Ronde Barber triggered an escalator in his contract by notching five interceptions and making the Pro Bowl. As a result, BarberÂ’s salary cap value escalated $500,000 from $5.1 million to $5.6 million in 2006.

Barber is still under paid as a corner in the NFL. There is also reports coming out of the local media that Barber could hold out this season if not given a new contract. Some believe that Ronde will get his money from the Bucs, but they have to find it first. The Bucs are reported as of right now 19 million over the salary cap if there in no collective bargaining agreement reached for the 2007 season. If the agreement is reached, the Bucs are reported around 14 million over the cap.

The NFLPA and the league have extended their 1993 agreement four times, most recently through the 2007 season; there is no salary cap in that last year. Negotiations are underway to extend it through 2011.

The Bucs Radio Network has reported that the hold up on the CBA is the amount of money the owners will make on their team merchandise.

Bucs search for Coaches in the Senior Bowl.

Coach Jon Gruden coaching Carnell Williams at last years Senior Bowl.

The Buccaneer staff is in Mobile, Ala. Last year the Bucs Coaching staff coached the Senior Bowl and discovered Cadillac Williams. This year the Bucs are like most other teams, they spectators hoping to find the seniors they want for the NFL draft. However, the Bucs have another job at this years Senior Bowl, they are interviewing college coaches for their coaching vacancy.
Senior Bowl practices was on Monday afternoon, but Bucs head coach Jon Gruden and defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin and GM Bruce Allen stayed behind at the Riverview Plaza Hotel to conduct interviews with several coaching candidates.

According to Bruce Allen, “The Senior Bowl has always been a great time to talk to a number of coaches.” “We have a lot of interest from guys that want to come to Tampa. There’s so much instability league-wise that the pool of candidates is enormous. It’s just a matter of going through and making the right choices.”

I found it interesting that there are over 220 coaches looking for work in the past three weeks from all the hiring and firing that has happened in the NFL.
Hopefully the Bucs will have luck in the Senior Bowl and hire some great defensive coaches or at least coaches that Monte Kiffin can train.

It is also reported that the Bucs are scouting the offensive line talent at this years Senior Bowl. As it is believed they will use their 1st round pick on a linemen.

Monday, January 23, 2006

The Road to Super Bowl XL (40)

Well it is finally known who will compete in Super Bowl XL. A part of me feels as if it is 1998, but instead of hoping John Elway gets his ring; America is hoping Jerome Bettis gets his ring, before he retires. However, Seattle Seahawks entered the NFL the same year as my Bucs and they have never even been to a Super Bowl. So I also hope they have the same destiny as the Bucs and win their first Super Bowl for their city and fans.

I think this could be one of the better Super Bowls in recent years beside the best one (Super Bowl 37) of course. I think the AFC has the best teams as of late, but if any NFC team is going to have a chance of winning it would be the Seahawks.

Congrats to both teams and if your a football fan, I think we are in for a good game.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Are the Buccaneers Right to Keep Barry?

It is official the Buccaneers’ Bruce Allen and Jon Gruden won’t allow Joe Barry to leave and be with his father-in-law(Rod Marenilli) in Detroit. Joe Barry is the linebackers coach for the Bucs. If he went to the Lions he would be the Defensive Coordinator. Which would obviously be a promotion. However, the NFL’s rule is that a team does not have to allow a coach to interview unless it is a promotion to head coach.

The Buccaneers policy is that they do not allow any coach to interview while under contract, Barry has one more year on his contract. The Buccaneers for the most part will be looking to completely hire every position coach on the defensive side of the ball to include back-up coaches for some of these position.

The argument here in Tampa is of course what would one more coach hurt. Joe Barry’s argument is that he is the son-in-law to Marinelli and his situation is unique. The media down here is in an up roar to include the Buccaneer radio station 620am that Bruce Allen won’t allow Barry out of his contract to be with his father-in-law.

Barry said "I think it's a done deal," Barry said after a second day of meetings with general manager Bruce Allen. "It was somewhat abrupt when I left. I went back in (Friday). We talked over the same points and to no avail. It's an unfortunate deal, and it'll never make sense to me. They have the power to allow this to happen and chose not to." Now does this sound like a coach you want on your sidelines.

Marinelli learned that lesson the hard way. Four times he was denied a chance to become a defensive coordinator before his contract expired at the end of this past season. "I'll be bummed out. I'll sulk around for a couple of days," Barry said. "Then I've got to wake up and snap out of it and be a professional about it. I owe that to the players I coach. It's the only way I know how to work. It wouldn't be fair to them to sulk around and not man up and do the job at hand. I'm not going to lie. It'll be tough to get over. I'll get over it.”

"I also understand I'm the one who signed the contract. I always thought it would be a one-time exception that would be made. That's the thing that bums me out. It wasn't looked at as a separate situation. It was lumped into all the other ones.”

The Buccaneers don’t wont to set a precedence and allow a coach out of his contract before their time is up (no matter what the reason). My question is to my readers and blogger football friends, what do you think is right under this situation?

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Congrats to the New Head Coach of the Detroit Lions.

Rod Marinelli is the Head Coach of the Detroit Lions. Another coach from the Monte Kiffin tree branches out. This is a sad day if your a Bucs fan, but a happy day for Coach Marinelli, his family and the Lions.

This coach is going to a great NFL coach. Watch his press conference @

This is a man of Power and Discipline. As you all know I love Coach Gruden, but man I wish he had Marinelli's discipline. I think Tampa could use this. Both Gruden and Marinelli are passionate for the game, but I think sometimes Gruden lacks discipline over his players. It looks like Marinelli will have that control over his players.

Congrats again to Coach Marinelli and Joe Barry, who if the Bucs release from his contract will be Marinelli's defensive coordinator. Barry is also Marinelli's son-in-law. Joe Barry is currently the Buccaneers linebacker coach.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Cutthroat Pirates logo

Need help from my blogger friends. Which pirate icon do you like. This will also be my logo for fantasy football.

This is the original cutthroat Pirate logo.

or the Jolly Rogers flag. Which is more fitting as my logo.

Derrick Brooks Staying in Tampa.

I received good news from my inside source today. It appears that either Derrick reworked his contract or the Buccaneers settled with him to keep him around for the rest of his career. I was told Derrick is not going anywhere and he helped the team. No further info was given to me.

We will have to keep an eye in the news for further detail about this, however it is great news that Brooks is staying with the Bucs and won't be cut as some have reported.

Rod Marinelli Head Coach of the Detroit Lions?

Well it looks like it is a done deal, according to the NFL,

Marinelli is close to finalizing his contract with the Lions. Congrats to Coach Marinelli. Pewter Pirates also had a busy day as I assisted Ian from
Ian has a great sports blog and Lives in Michigan. Like many Lions fans, they never really heard of Marinelli. I was asked by Ian to give an interview with him about Marinelli so that Lion fans could have a better understanding of how a Tampa Bay Buccaneer Fan feels about him. I was glad to assist Ian. I think they will have a great coach in Marinelli. If any body would like to read Ian's article about the Lions coaching search check it out.

Thanks again Ian about your great comments on my blog. You will be happy with Marinelli. I just hope Millen gives him a chance. Sometimes building a great team takes a few years. However, the Lions already have a powerful offense, now they just need someone to run it.

So You Reap What You Soe.

I hate to write this article, I hate writing anything bad about my Bucs, but this one is worth reporting. You see over the last few years, the Buccaneers have not allowed their coaching staff to interview for other coaching positions. The local media gave them hell this past offseason about it. Now this year they allowed their coaches to interview for promotions and several have left the organization or they will leave soon.

Mike Tomlin the defensive backs coach was named the Defensive Coordinator in Minnesota.

Assistant defensive backs coach Raheem Morris took the defensive coordinator position at Kansas State, and defensive assistant Joe Woods is likely to join Tomlin as a secondary coach.

The Bucs may be on the brink of losing a second defensive assistant coach to another team. Defensive line coach Rod Marinelli will meet today with Detroit Lions officials for the second time in 10 days to discuss their vacant head coach's position.

Marinelli, 56, will be the first in what is expected to be a series of candidates granted a second interview for the job. No matter what Marinelli is gone this year.

Now here is where it gets bad. You see Bears coach Lovie Smith worked with Marinelli while Smith was the linebackers coach in Tampa. He sought a year ago to interview Marinelli for his defensive coordinator's position but was denied the opportunity by the Bucs.

In January 2004, the Bucs denied the New York Jets permission to talk to Marinelli about becoming their defensive coordinator

Now the Buccaneers are losing their def. coaches and are trying to hire new coaches. They asked the Atlanta Falcons for permission to interview some of their def. coaches and the Falcons said, “ Of course NO”. Two reason why, the Bucs have not been over eagered to allow their coaches to interview with other teams. Plus the Falcons, I am sure don’t want to lose a coach to their NFC South Enemy.

It is also reported that Gruden and Allen (GM) are purposely breaking up the def. 620am the official radio station of the Buccaneers reported yesterday that there is two teams in the Bucs. Meaning that the Def. and the Offense are divide. I am not sure I agree with this since Monte Kiffin signed a two year extension. I think he has a big say what goes on with the Def. and its players. After all it was Kiffin who gave the green light to replace John Lynch with Jermaine Phillips. I also think that he will be the deciding factor on if Simon Rice is let go this up coming year. I also think he will be the reason the Buccaneers keep their ICON Derrick Brooks, with or without him restructuring his contract. I think if anything Gruden is just trying to split the salary cap 50-50 on both sides of the ball. Which is only fair.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Gruden Stands Alone....

Since the Buccaneers were eliminated from the post season, I was hoping this might be Coach Dungy's year. However, the Steelers just out played the Colts, which leaves me with one thought. Maybe Dungy can't win the Big One and this confirms that Coach Gruden is the reason we won the 2002 Super Bowl. One must remember that it was also Gruden's Raiders that were in the Super Bowl that same year, and the year before Gruden was one game from the Super Bowl and would have gone if not for the famous tuck rule.

I feel really bad for Dungy and the Colts, so where do I go from here, I guess its Denver and John Lynch.

Another T.O. Advertisement

This does not come from Cutthroat Pirate, However after surfing the Buccaneers forum, I found a few fans who are excited about T.O. and the prospect of him being a Buccaneer. If this was to happen and he kept himself in check, we just might be unstoppable.

Just another advertisement of what might be after March 3, 2006.

Also if you are into fantasy football check out my new blog about my fantasy football league. I have been playing fantasy football for over 5 years. This year I started my own league and decide to post it on a blog. This is where more of my nfl other then the Bucs will be posted. Eventually I might get it so all 10 owners can post on the blog.
Caution it is still a work in progress:

Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Blast from the Past: Number 88 TE, Jimmie Giles

I have been kind of neglecting the weekly topic called "A Blast from the Past". This is my way to pay tribute to the great Buccaneer players of the past. Some of these players are in our hearts as Buccaneer fans, but will never be honored any other way. This week I will honor Jimmie Giles, tight end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

By now everyone knows the story: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A lifetime record of 190-275-1, 11 straight seasons with 10 losses or more (2-14 in 83, 85, 86), visits from Steve Young, Doug Williams and Trent Dilfer who sputtered and were booed but went on to play and win Super Bowls for someone else, 459 games without a kickoff returned for a touchdown. Let's not even mention Bill Parcells (he did it to us twice!) and Bo Jackson blowing the Bucs off. But that doesn’t do the misery justice.

Back when the Bucs where referred to as the Yuks, there was a bright spot. Jimmie Giles was drafted in the third round of the 1977 draft by the Houston Oilers out of Alcorn State. In 1978 the Buccaneers made a trade with the Houston Oilers that sent us TE Jimmie Giles.

Giles played for the Buccaneers from 1978-1986. He played in 188 games (121 with the Buccaneers). He started 112 games for the Bucs, 5th best ever. Giles is best know for being The finest tight end in Buc history. Giles ranks at the top of many Buccaneer records.
-MOST POINTS SCORED IN A GAME #1: Jimmie Giles 24 points at Miami, 10/20/1985.
-MOST TD’s SCORED IN A GAME #1: Jimmie Giles 4 TD at Miami 10/20/1985.
-MOST TD’s RECEIVING IN A GAME #1: Jimmie Giles 4 TD at Miami 10/20/1985
-MOST YARDS RECEIVING BY A TIGHT END: #1: Jimmie Giles 786 yards 1981
-ALL TIME RECEIVING LIST #4: Jimmie Giles with 279 receptions for 4300 yards his longest also is a record, he caught an 81 yard TD from Doug Williams versus the Bears (11/1/81) which was second longest in team history. Lead all NFC TEs with 8 TDs in 1985. He has 34 career touchdowns as a Buccaneer and seven 100 yard games.

In 1986, Leeman Bennett, head coach of the Bucs released Giles midway through the season. Kevin House and Jimmie Giles led the receiving corps going into the season, but were wrongfully released at the mid-point of the year together with veteran running back Ron Springs. Leeman Bennett gave the reason as being "their collective lack of performance" but one had to wonder if it was Hugh Culverhouse pulling the purse strings on another disastrous season. A case of "we can finish last with you, so we can certainly finish last without you". You must also remember this was an embarrassing season for Culverhouse after his first round pick in the draft a guy by the name of Bo Jackson refused to sign with Tampa. (I hate Bo, this is an article for another time, but for what it is worth I hated Culverhouse more. As momma would say in the Water Boy, “Culverhouse is the devil”)

Giles was selected to Four Pro Bowls: (1980-82, 1985) as a Buccaneer. Giles caught the game winning TD in the 1985 Pro Bowl.

Giles was selected by the Pewter Report as the number 11 greatest Buc of all time and tagged "scoring machine".

Giles was named as the 11th Greatest Buccaneer Player of all-time by BUCPOWER.COM in 2003.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

At What Cost?

You are the GM of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and your coach, Jon Gruden wants T.O.
What do you do?(Salary Cap is not an issue).

I have mixed emotions on this topic. It seems as of late T.O. is back in the news since the Eagles gave Drew Rosenhaus permission to trade T.O. The other part of the story that is making headlines is that T.O. wants to go to the Buccaneers. Now it is really no surprise that Coach Jon Gruden wants T.O. he sees the playmaking ability that this guy possess. T.O. is one of the best wide receivers in the game, but he is a head case. Keyshawn Johnson was not even this much of a head case.

Bruce Allen, the General Manager of the Buccaneers had his 2006 Off-season Press Briefing and it was interesting. He would not say if Chris Simms contract would get done before other teams make him an offer he can't refuse. Mmmmmmmmmm (Please Bruce we need Simms back). Bruce also stated that St. Louis Rams want to speak with Monte Kiffin for their head coaching job. (Please Monte stay here.) I think he will, I think he has no interest about becoming a head coach. If you recall when Coach Gruden took the head coaching job, he offered the head coaching job to Monte in order to keep Monte in Tampa. Monte advised then that he did not want to be a head coach and only the Buccaneers Defensive Coordinator.

Now back on T.O., Bruce would not comment on T.O. and how he would fit into the Buccaneers organization. He also stated that they have not talked with Drew Rosenhaus about acquiring T.O. (Yeah Right!) But he did say that there can be no trade for T.O. until March.

Owens, 32, has five seasons remaining on the seven-year, $49 million contract he signed with Philadelphia after the Eagles acquired him in a three-team trade in 2004. In March he is due two roster bonuses totaling $7.5 million -- one a payment of $5 million on March 5 and a second payment of $2.5 million later in the month.

A 10-year veteran, one of the game's premier receivers, was suspended twice last season, once during summer training camp for a week, then at midseason. He appeared in a career-low seven games and caught 47 passes for 763 yards and six touchdowns. Owens, who began his NFL career with the San Francisco 49ers as a third-round pick in the 1996 draft, has 716 career receptions for 10,535 yards and 101 touchdowns. He has appeared in 142 games (128 as a starter) and has been chosen for the Pro Bowl five times.

Now I had a conversation with one of my fantasy football buddies, and we decide that a T.O. playing for the Buccaneers would definitely propel the Buccaneers to another level and not to mention make Chris Simms a fantasy stud. Can you imagine T.O, Joey Galloway, and Cadillac Williams on our offense. The Buccaneers would be one of the best offensives in the NFL, if not the best. So I ask you do you think Gruden wants this guy?

I know one player who does not, Michael Clayton. He had his last radio talk show for the season last night. He was asked what he thought about T.O. playing for the Buccaneers? Clayton advised that he would not like the idea of T.O. as a Buccaneer. Of course he would not like T.O. as a Buccaneer, because that would make Clayton the number 3 receiver.

Also on a side note T.O. is on my fantasy football team. I also have Cadillac. So these two guys would be my keepers going into next season. But reality is that T.O. is a gamble. A gamble on whether he learned his lesson. However, can you imagine the damage he could cause in the Buccaneers locker room. Not to mention the bad influence he would be on the young Buccaneers like Simms, Cadillac, and Alex Smith. We do not need another Keyshawn. But Gruden sent Keyshawn home packing, and just maybe he is not afraid to send T.O. home. It’s a gamble that could bring you another Super Bowl Ring or turn your team into a soap opera like the Eagles went through this year.

But again I remind you that in his career he has 716 career receptions for 10,535 yards and 101 touchdowns. He has appeared in 142 games (128 as a starter) and has been chosen for the Pro Bowl five times.

So my question again is do you give T.O. a second chance are you a gambler ?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

With Greatness Comes Opportunity….

This is what you expect from the NFL when a teams defense (Buccaneers of Course) was ranked No. 1 in the NFL for the second time in three years this season.
Coach Tony Dungy and Defensive Coordinator Monte Kiffin started something that will live on in the NFL for many years to come. That is the Tampa 2 defense. With this defense that has made the Buccaneers successful for the past decade, in fact the Buccaneers have been one of the top 10 defense in the NFL for over a decade now.
When you are this successful it gives your personal a chance to succeed in the NFL. Many people think of Bill Walsh, Bill Parcells and Mike Holmgren as coachs that have greated a coaching tree in the NFL. Well now it looks like we will be talking about Tony Dungy and or Monte Kiffin as starting a new NFL coaching tree.

Herman Edwards was the first assistant coach to get hired away from Tampa. Edwards spent five seasons serving as assistant head coach/defensive backs coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, before the New York Jets hired Edwards as their Head Coach. Now Edwards is the Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Lovie Smith was with Tampa Bay Buccaneers for five seasons as the linebackers coach. In 2001, Smith was hired by the St. Louis Rams as their Defensive Coordinator, and he helped them return to the Super Bowl after missing the playoffs the previous year. In 2004, Smith was hired as the Chicago Bears Head Coach.

Mike Tomlin has been with Buccaneers for 5 year as the defensive backs coach. On Tuesday Tomlin was named the Defensive Coordinator in Minnesota. Another great Bucs coach headed out to keep the Monte Kiffin tree alive. Tomlin will be a Head Coach in the NFL with in a few years. Some think that he will return to Tampa Bay after Gruden has finished coaching.

Rod Marinelli has been with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for over ten years. He has been the Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Line Coach with the Bucs. Rod Marinelli's coaching services has emerged. The St. Louis Rams have expressed interest in possibly making Marinelli their new head coach. Marinelli, 56, was interviewed by the Lions on Monday in connection with their head coaching job, and the Chiefs have expressed interest in possibly making Marinelli their defensive coordinator. New Chiefs coach Herman Edwards said he intends to talk to Marinelli about a post with his team this week. If the Kansas City job does not work out expect Marinelli to becomes Chicago Bears Defensive Coordinator after Ron Rivera (Bears Defensive Coordinator) gets a Head Coaching job. Marinelli and Lovie Smith are reported as best friends and both are experts of Dungy’s Tampa 2 Defense.

Where will the Bucs and Kiffin find coaching replacements? Defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin said “I anticipated losing Tomlin and Marinelli after the Bucs were eliminated from the playoffs by the Redskins on Saturday.” Kiffin did not mention potential replacements, but if he follows the pattern he did after losing Edwards and linebackers coach Lovie Smith following the 2000 season, he'll look to the collegiate ranks. Kiffin prefers teachers as coaches.

Bandwagon Fan……….

What is a bandwagon fan? A bandwagon fan is a phrase used among sports fans to describe a sports fan that only roots for popular and successful sports franchises. This kind of fan is typically despised in the sports fandom.

I hate to do this article, but when another blogger calls you out, you must reply. You see I thought that Ski over at the So called Best Bucs Blog was becoming a blogger friend with us both loving the Bucs. Until I read his article today about the RUNDOWN. It pretty much dogs 3 bloggers recent article include my “With the 23rd Pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Choose……….”

Now I could talk about his Blog name and say that I know at least two other Buccaneer Blogs that blow his out of the water, but that would not be nice.

I could say that half the time he does not know what he is talking about when it come to the Buccaneers, specially the older Bucs players and records.

Example: I wrote an article about Ricky Bell called “A Blast from the Past: Number 42, RB, Ricky Bell.”This article must have been good, because Ski Linked it to his blog. However on my comments page Ski said…
and don't forget bell was the first back to rush for a thousand
yards in a season for the Bucs, which I believe only one other back (Dunn) has
done once.”

if you are a true Bucs fan every one knows about James Wilder and Errict Rhett, hell most of us even know about Reggie Cobb as our Running Back and now he is a College Scout for the Bucs. Did you know that Ski?

Any way I replied to Ski comments and said
…“Ski, How could you forget all these greats. But I have been a Bucs fan
since 1979: All these players rushed for over a thousand yards in a
season:*1979,Ricky Bell, 1,263*1984,James Wilder, 1,544*1985,James Wilder, 1,300
*1992,Reggie Cobb, 1,171*1994,Errict Rhett, 1,011*1995,Errict Rhett, 1,207
*1998,Warrick Dunn, 1,026*2000,Warrick Dunn, 1,133”

Do you know what Ski said…….. .
“and proving once again that I'm an idiot (at least I got one out of
You said it not me.

Why did all this have to happen? Well you see I think Ski is down on the Bucs right now because they did not go further into the Post Season, Ski are you jumping off the bandwagon?

You see this started because Ski wrote this…. Talking about Buc Stats (another Buccaneer Blog) and my recent article on my blog
“'Cause sometimes we're just too lazy for a full length post for each story.”
Mmmm I have seen some of you stories with no comments on them. I would say lazy or uninteresting.

He continues with
“Pewter Pirates does some
(i.e. Googled "Bucs" and "draft pick", we could have done
that) and discovers the Bucs will draft Auburn OT Marcus McNeil. The only other
question is what should McNeil's nickname be? We vote for Morgan Freeman.”

At least I did my research, first and foremost it was a shout out to Birdman’s site about the NFL Draft: This is where I first got my information, then I just decide to see what the consensus was…. So Ski next time you want to have a rundown be sure you can back it up. Because I think you are just Falling Down off the bandwagon

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

With the 23rd Pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Choose………..

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will have the 23rd overall pick in the 2006 draft. Some fans might think this is not a really great draft pick, or such a high number, but lets look at the past draft picks selected at number 23: Last years 23rd overall pick was Nebraska cornerback Fabian Washington, to Oakland. The previous four picks at number 23 overall were Texas DT Marcus Tubbs (Seattle), Miami RB Willis McGahee (Buffalo), Northwestern LB Napoleon Harris (Oakland) and Mississippi RB Deuce McAllister (New Orleans). These are some great players in the NFL today, who impact their team. The rumor right now is that Buccaneers are leaning towards an offensive linemen, and I think that is who they will pick.

If you like the NFL draft, you need to check out Birdman’s site about the NFL Draft it is the best and this guy knows his stuff:

He has the Buccaneers choosing: “OT Marcus McNeil Auburn Cadillac is the future in Tampa. McNeil is the perfect component to build on that and a better pass blocker than his size wouindicatedte.”

Man this excites me…. We need a better offensive line and what a better pick then one of Cadillac buddies.
No matter what happens, we should get a great pick with the number 23rd overall. I would not be surprised if the Buccaneers work in another 1st or 2nd round pick with them trading Simon Rice to a team that needs help with Defense.

Wow I spent two hours googling NFL Mock Drafts and everyone has the Buccaneers taking Marcus McNeil with the 23rd overall pick.

Who: Marcus McNeil
Position: Offensive Tackle
School: Auburn
Status: Senior
Height: 6-9
Weight: 335
40-Yard Dash: 5.00 (EST)

Positives: Marcus McNeil is a colossal tackle with a punishing style of play, and he is more willing to lay his man out than contain him. Even if someone manages to survive the first contact on his feet, McNeil has the ability to hold them at bay with his massively long arms. He is quite possibly the best run blocker in the upcoming

Negatives: McNeil occasionally has trouble against speed rushers that avoid his first shot, and has shown problems against the spin move because of footwork that needs improvement. He's far from a liability in pass protection, but it's definitely not his strong suit

Overview: Marcus was coveted by NFL scouts in his junior year, and very likely would have been a high first-round pick if he had entered the draft. He was named to the first-team All-SEC squad by several media outlets

I can not wait, I have a huge Annual NFL Draft Party, with my Fantasy Football Owners (friends). It is a great scouting event if you are not up to date on all the college guys. Plus if you love football and parties what a great combination. Plus we always get a little competition of Madden on PS2 during the party. Talk about a bunch of drunk idiots.

Monday, January 09, 2006

The Offseason Shake Up Hits the Bucs Fast

I hate this time of year, the Buccaneer's football season is over, my fantasy football season is over, 11-3 (great season for the Cutthroat Pirates, but no Super Bowl. Anyway this is the time of year that we must face change. As always I try to bring my readers first hand news. I have my source and I am scared that next years team is going to look different. Starting with coaches.

1st change, Mike Tomlin the 5 year defensive backs coach with the Buccaneers is headed to Minnesota to be the Defensive Coordinator. Another great Bucs coach headed out to keep the Monte Kiffin tree alive. Minnesota Vikings just hired Brad Childress as their head coach and he is making change already. Watch the announcement on Tomlin come this week.

The Kansas City Chiefs hired their new head coach Herman Edwards, with this will come the hiring of Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator Rod Marinelli. You must remember that Edwards and Marinelli both came from the Dungy Era and are close friends. Marinelli has been TampaÂ’s Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Line Coach. Marinelli has been with the Buccaneers for over ten years. It is amazing to me that he is the Assistant Head Coach over Monte Kiffin, but Marinelli has been a hot committee of several years now and rightfully so should be an NFL Head Coach, but he has been blocked in the past by the Bucs and not allowed to interview for head coaching jobs.

Both of these coaches deserve a chance at being a defensive coordinator on any team to even being a head coach in the NFL. It just shows what kind of talent the Buccaneers Defense has had for coaches over the past ten years, with Herman Edwards, Lovie Smith, Monte Kiffin, Rod Marinelli, and now Mike Tomlin. This just sucks for our team because we lose two great coaches that played a factor in us having the number one defense again this year.

"Buccaneer GM Bruce Allen was reportedly meeting Sunday night with defensive line coach Rod Marinelli, the thought being to get a new deal done before Marinelli takes another job. New Chiefs head coach Herman Edwards may want Marinelli as his defensive coordinator, reports the Tampa Tribune, but Marinelli denied those rumors in the Kansas City Star. The St. Pete Times reports that Marinelli will interview with Detroit for its head coaching position though he'd be a longshot for that job."

I feel like crying, I have been a Bucs fan since the 1979 season and I have never seen a player like Mike Alstott. I have learn to love this guy who wears number 40. I have met Mike on number of occasions and he is a class act. I have been on the field with him after the game, I have been to special events where he is at. I once even was at a non- public event, (Rank has its privilege) hung out with Mike. I have several autographs of my all time favorite player. He truly is the man. However, it is being reported everywhere that he is thinking about retiring. I listened to his radio show tonight with Steve Deumig and it was a sad sad day. He says he is not sure if he is going to retire, but the writing is on the wall. If Mike decides to retire, it will be a sad day in Buccaneer history, but it has been the best ten years a Buccaneer fan could ever have wanted. Besides number 63, (Lee Roy Selmon) for those who don’t know, Mike is the next best player and person to ever where a Buccaneer’s uniform. We will truly miss you Mike, PLEASE GIVE US ANOTHER YEAR.

In other NFL news, ESPN and NFL are reporting that Chris Simms is the Hottest free agent out there. This is not good news for the Cap heavy Bucs. I hope the Bucs can keep Chris, and we don't have another Steve Young situation.

Now for a real story........ Coach Gruden when asked to comment about reports that the Bucs may be interested in Terrell Owens, predictably Gruden declined, reminding the reporter that talking about acquiring a player currently on another team is tampering.

However, a shit storm is starting to surface after today when Eagles gave Drew Rosenhaus permission to shop T.O. The Buccaneers where reported at the top of T.O.'s list. Gruden declined to directly address the possibility of the Bucs attempting to sign troubled All-Pro receiver Terrell Owens, as recent reports had suggested.

"He's still under contract (with the Eagles)," Gruden said. "It would be tampering to even discuss his situation."

I think some talking might be going on and GOD help us. First how could we ever afford T.O. and must we remember Keyshawn Johnson. T.O. would help this team on the field, but he would destroy it in the locker room. For more info read this story from ESPN:

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Buccaneers Season is Over.....

Well our season is over, the Washington Redskins knocked us out of the Playoffs. Well I should say we knocked ourselves out of the Playoffs. Two costly turnovers in the first half really was the difference in this game. The second half we played a lot better, but it was not good enough. How about the Buccaneer Defense, I was wrong we are not number 2 in the NFL we were number 1 going into this game.

Overall I am happy it was a great year. Jon Gruden is my coach of the year from a 5-11 season to a 11-5 season. Our team is young and will just get better.

I am just happy that we made the playoffs this year. Watch out for the Buccaneers next season.

Keep reading the Pewter Pirates Blog, just because the season is over does not mean the blog is over. I have so much Buccaneer info and I live in Tampa, so I am always getting all the scoop and gossip I can.

Friday, January 06, 2006

The Buccaneer’s Playoff History:

The year was 1979, the star was Defensive End Lee Roy Selmon, the Buccaneers finished the season 10-6, and clinched their first ever NFC Central Title and their first-ever playoff berth in team history. On 12/29/1979, the Buccaneers defeat the Philadelphia Eagles 24-17 in their first-ever playoff appearance and the Bucs were a game away from the Super Bowl. The next week the Bucs played in the NFC Conference Championship game and lost to the Los Angeles Rams 0-9, and the Rams faced the Steelers in Super Bowl XIV.

In 1981 the Buccaneers returned to the Post Season after a 9-7 season record. The Buccaneers received a first round bye and traveled to Dallas where they were destroyed 38-0.

In 1982, the NFL saw its first all out strike and the regular season games where cancelled. The Buccaneers finished the regular season at 5-4. The lead team in the NFC was Washington with a 8-1 record followed by Dallas with a 6-3 record. Every team in 1981 made the playoffs. The Bucs played Dallas during the first round and lost 17-30.

The Buccaneers did not return to the postseason until 1997, with new uniforms, a new logo and Coach Dungy. The Buccaneers finished the regular season at 10-6. The Buccaneers won their Wild Card Playoff game against the Detroit Lions 20-10. However during the Divisional game the Buccaneers lost to the Green Bay Packers 7-21.

The Buccaneers failed to make the Playoffs in 1998, but 1999 would bring a memorable year. The Buccaneers finished the season 11-5 and won the NFC Central Division Title. The Buccaneers played in the Divisional Playoff game where they beat the Washington Redskins 14-13. The Buccaneers made it to the NFC Conference Championship game against the St. Louis Rams. Shaun King played a great game for the Buccaneers and the Bucs lost in the last minute of the game, but they should have won. A terrible instant replay decision against Bert Emanuel, who had caught the touchdown pass in the end zone, cost them a realistic shot at the winning score. The NFL later over turned the call and said that it was a touchdown pass, but the damage was done. The Rams beat the Bucs 11-6.

Next two season was Tony Dungy’s demise. In 2000, and 2001 Tampa Bay Buccaneers reached the postseason Wild Card Game. Both years we played the Philadelphia Eagles. In both games the Eagles were too much for Dungy’s Buccaneers and the Buccaneers fired Coach Dungy.

The year is 2002, and history is made, Coach Jon Gruden the youngest head coach in the NFL took the Tampa Bay Buccaneers into the post season. Tampa Bay won the NFC South Division Championship and hosted the San Francisco 49ers. The Buccaneers destroyed the 49ers 31-6. The Buccaneers then had to travel to the cold to face their arch nemesis the Philadelphia Eagles. The Buccaneer’s with the number one Defense in the NFL helped seal Tampa’s fate. The Bucs would beat the Eagles 27-10 and would travel to San Diego for the Team’s first Super Bowl appearance. The Buccaneers would destroy the Oakland Raiders 48-21.

The year is now 2005 and the Buccaneers have once again returned to the post season. Coach Jon Gruden has the Buccaneers at 11-5 during the regular season with the help of a rookie, the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Carnell “Cadillac” Williams, and this Saturday the Buccaneers will host the first playoff game of the 05 season against the Washington Redskins. Can the Buccaneers repeat the performance from the 2002 season. I hope so. I think we match up well against the Skins. I think if the leagues number 2 defense shows up on Saturday the Buccaneers walk away with the win. Win, lose or draw, it is nice just being back in the post season. GO BUCS.