Wednesday, January 18, 2006

So You Reap What You Soe.

I hate to write this article, I hate writing anything bad about my Bucs, but this one is worth reporting. You see over the last few years, the Buccaneers have not allowed their coaching staff to interview for other coaching positions. The local media gave them hell this past offseason about it. Now this year they allowed their coaches to interview for promotions and several have left the organization or they will leave soon.

Mike Tomlin the defensive backs coach was named the Defensive Coordinator in Minnesota.

Assistant defensive backs coach Raheem Morris took the defensive coordinator position at Kansas State, and defensive assistant Joe Woods is likely to join Tomlin as a secondary coach.

The Bucs may be on the brink of losing a second defensive assistant coach to another team. Defensive line coach Rod Marinelli will meet today with Detroit Lions officials for the second time in 10 days to discuss their vacant head coach's position.

Marinelli, 56, will be the first in what is expected to be a series of candidates granted a second interview for the job. No matter what Marinelli is gone this year.

Now here is where it gets bad. You see Bears coach Lovie Smith worked with Marinelli while Smith was the linebackers coach in Tampa. He sought a year ago to interview Marinelli for his defensive coordinator's position but was denied the opportunity by the Bucs.

In January 2004, the Bucs denied the New York Jets permission to talk to Marinelli about becoming their defensive coordinator

Now the Buccaneers are losing their def. coaches and are trying to hire new coaches. They asked the Atlanta Falcons for permission to interview some of their def. coaches and the Falcons said, “ Of course NO”. Two reason why, the Bucs have not been over eagered to allow their coaches to interview with other teams. Plus the Falcons, I am sure don’t want to lose a coach to their NFC South Enemy.

It is also reported that Gruden and Allen (GM) are purposely breaking up the def. 620am the official radio station of the Buccaneers reported yesterday that there is two teams in the Bucs. Meaning that the Def. and the Offense are divide. I am not sure I agree with this since Monte Kiffin signed a two year extension. I think he has a big say what goes on with the Def. and its players. After all it was Kiffin who gave the green light to replace John Lynch with Jermaine Phillips. I also think that he will be the deciding factor on if Simon Rice is let go this up coming year. I also think he will be the reason the Buccaneers keep their ICON Derrick Brooks, with or without him restructuring his contract. I think if anything Gruden is just trying to split the salary cap 50-50 on both sides of the ball. Which is only fair.


dolphinfan said...

The departure od assistant coaches to other teams for a promotion is a sign that your team is heading in the right direction.

Ian C. said...

I agree with dolphinfan. One of the favorite knocks Lions fans take against their team is that you hardly ever see a former Lions assistant move on to find success with another team. (Dick Jauron would break that streak if he inexplicably gets the Bills job.)