Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Rod Marinelli Head Coach of the Detroit Lions?

Well it looks like it is a done deal, according to the NFL,

Marinelli is close to finalizing his contract with the Lions. Congrats to Coach Marinelli. Pewter Pirates also had a busy day as I assisted Ian from
Ian has a great sports blog and Lives in Michigan. Like many Lions fans, they never really heard of Marinelli. I was asked by Ian to give an interview with him about Marinelli so that Lion fans could have a better understanding of how a Tampa Bay Buccaneer Fan feels about him. I was glad to assist Ian. I think they will have a great coach in Marinelli. If any body would like to read Ian's article about the Lions coaching search check it out.

Thanks again Ian about your great comments on my blog. You will be happy with Marinelli. I just hope Millen gives him a chance. Sometimes building a great team takes a few years. However, the Lions already have a powerful offense, now they just need someone to run it.

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