Monday, January 02, 2006



Thats right baby, your 2005 Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the NFC South Division Champs. This earned them a home playoff spot against the Washington Redskins on Saturday, January 7. The kickoff will happen @ 4:30pm.

The game will mark the second time that Tampa Bay has begun a playoff run with a home game against the Redskins. In 1999, the Buccaneers won the NFC Central and earned a first-round bye before playing host to Washington in the divisional round. The Bucs rallied from a 13-0 second-half deficit in that contest to win 14-13 and earn a spot in the NFC Championship Game. That was also the last playoff appearance for the Redskins.

The Buccaneers, who finished last season 5-11 had a heck of a turn around and finished this season 11-5. This was done first and foremost by Coach Jon Gruden (will somebody please give this guy a contract extension). This is for all the nay sayers that always dog Gruden, "What can you say about Gruden now?” He has turned this team around and is only the second Coach in the Bucs history to win two Division Titles, the first was John McKay in 1979, and 1981. Tony Dungy won a Division Title in 1999. Coach Jon Gruden won two Division Titles in 2002, and 2005, not to mention the NFC CONFERENCE TITLE in 2002, and the Super Bowl in 2002.

Sorry about the bitching, I just get tired of listening to Steve Duemig on 620am talk bad about Gruden ever week. This include his loyal fans who call in and join in the Gruden witch hunt.

The Buccaneers beat the Saints 27-13, but it was not an easy win. The Saints Offense drove the Ball all over the Defense. As usual I was at the game and the feeling was this one just might get away from us. It was great to see our Offense move the ball well in the first half, but then the Defense had us fans sitting on the edge of our seats as the Saints easily drove the ball down the field several times with a backup quarterback. But in the end, it was Defense End Dwayne White, who two weeks in a row saved the Bucs, when he came up huge. Last week against the Falcons, he was named Special Teams Player of the Week when he blocked Atlanta’s field Goal attempt in OT. This week when the Bucs were up by just one touchdown and the Saints were driving down the field, White came up with the trifecta – the sack, the fumble, the recovery and the touchdown. This is going to be the Guy who replaces Simon Rice next year. In the Pewter Report Magazine for this week, they report that Simon Rice will be gone next year due to his locker room problems and his high salary cap hit. After what White has done in the last two weeks, we just might be in good hands with Dwayne White. Plus he comes a lot CHEAPER.

WOW, at the end of the game it was amazing to see the fans celebrating and the Bucs monitor flashing “ 2005 TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS are the NFC SOUTH DIVISION CHAMPIONS.”

Well lets hope the Buccaneers can repeat week 10 and beat the Skins in our house.

(On a side note: Another reason I hate the Falcons, did you see them lay down yesterday to the Panthers. Tell me that was not pay back for the Buccaneers knocking them out of the Playoffs. There is no way a Division team beat them 44-11, specially when they usually have the Panthers number. I hate the dirty birds.)


The Armchair Quarterback said...

Congrats on your Bucs. They surprised me and lot of other people this year. I thought when Griese went down they were screwed. They played well down the stretch and their defense as always was tough.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

Thanks Armchair..

Ian C. said...

I never would've guessed Tony Dungy only won one division title with the Buccaneers. As you said, that makes Gruden's achievement more impressive (though I know the divisional alignments have changed).

And the idea that Gruden might be under any kind of criticism is crazy. (Maybe it's just one sports talk host.) You know how fast we'd take him up here in Detroit? And if he ever left Tampa Bay, he'd trip over another NFL job on the way out, as they'd all be piled up at his door.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

Ian, you are so right, sorry man you can't have him. I agree with you he is an awsome coach. I am sure detroit will get some one great this year. You guys have the wide receivers, your team can be very deadly under the right coach.

coloradohurricane said...

I caught the end of the game at a Chili's on the 16th st mall. the fumble return was great.

i think they have a good chance since the nfc seems to be more competitive than the afc. the afc seems like a 2 team race indy and denver.

God, I hope the Broncos don't win it all. These Bronco fans will then become intolorable.

dolphinfan said...

Congrats on winning the South and making the play-offs. I think Tampa Bay matches-up very well against Washington. Should be another Bucs win on Saturday.

Wes Norris, CSCS said...

Awesome site, my man! I will book mark it for sure!

Love the pics of Hardy in orange!
Would love to see them have a throwback uniform game!

Where do you get such great pics?

Keep up the good work! Will be checking back after our 24-17 victory over washington.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

Coloradohurricane: Yes, the fumble recovery for touchdown was great. I agree with you that the Bucs could run the table since the NFC is up for grabs. I also hope the broncos don't take it all.

Dolphinfan: Thanks bro for the support. I think we will win against Washington as well.

Wes: thanks for stopping by. As for my pictures, I have pictures saved from years ago and I still search the web for great photos. 24-17, yeah that will be great. See you back here after the game on Saturday.

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