Sunday, January 29, 2006

Alstott indicators point to return if ...

There is good news coming out of Tampa this morning. It seems that the St Pete Times is reporting that Mike Alstott, the A-Train, wants to come back for another season as long as the Bucs want him.

"Mike Alstott may not have played his last game. There are increasing indications the fullback is leaning toward returning if the Bucs will have him.Before embarking on an offseason to contemplate retirement, Alstott asked running backs coach Art Valero for an honest assessment. No player wants to overstay his welcome, certainly not a six-time Pro Bowl player and a beloved icon like the A-Train. Valero didn't hesitate when he told Alstott he could still get it done. Before the 2005 season Alstott had real concerns about his role. He wanted to be involved in the offense in some capacity and on the field as much as possible."

As I have mentioned before Alstott is my favorite all time player, and Cadillac is becoming my new favorite player to carry me into the future of Buccaneer football. I hope Mike does return for another season.

Mike was the lead blocker for Cadillac last season, he had 7 touchdowns of his own, including the two-point conversion against the Redskins. He was also named an alternate in this years Pro Bowl.

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dolphinfan said...

The fullback position is becoming the lost art of the NFL. Alstott has always been one of my favorite players to watch. There are not many players in the league like him, Strong comes to mind from Seattle.

OU has a fullback in the NFL draft. His name is JD Runnels and he will have a long career in the league as well.

coloradohurricane said...

Alstott has at least a few good years left in him.