Thursday, January 12, 2006

At What Cost?

You are the GM of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and your coach, Jon Gruden wants T.O.
What do you do?(Salary Cap is not an issue).

I have mixed emotions on this topic. It seems as of late T.O. is back in the news since the Eagles gave Drew Rosenhaus permission to trade T.O. The other part of the story that is making headlines is that T.O. wants to go to the Buccaneers. Now it is really no surprise that Coach Jon Gruden wants T.O. he sees the playmaking ability that this guy possess. T.O. is one of the best wide receivers in the game, but he is a head case. Keyshawn Johnson was not even this much of a head case.

Bruce Allen, the General Manager of the Buccaneers had his 2006 Off-season Press Briefing and it was interesting. He would not say if Chris Simms contract would get done before other teams make him an offer he can't refuse. Mmmmmmmmmm (Please Bruce we need Simms back). Bruce also stated that St. Louis Rams want to speak with Monte Kiffin for their head coaching job. (Please Monte stay here.) I think he will, I think he has no interest about becoming a head coach. If you recall when Coach Gruden took the head coaching job, he offered the head coaching job to Monte in order to keep Monte in Tampa. Monte advised then that he did not want to be a head coach and only the Buccaneers Defensive Coordinator.

Now back on T.O., Bruce would not comment on T.O. and how he would fit into the Buccaneers organization. He also stated that they have not talked with Drew Rosenhaus about acquiring T.O. (Yeah Right!) But he did say that there can be no trade for T.O. until March.

Owens, 32, has five seasons remaining on the seven-year, $49 million contract he signed with Philadelphia after the Eagles acquired him in a three-team trade in 2004. In March he is due two roster bonuses totaling $7.5 million -- one a payment of $5 million on March 5 and a second payment of $2.5 million later in the month.

A 10-year veteran, one of the game's premier receivers, was suspended twice last season, once during summer training camp for a week, then at midseason. He appeared in a career-low seven games and caught 47 passes for 763 yards and six touchdowns. Owens, who began his NFL career with the San Francisco 49ers as a third-round pick in the 1996 draft, has 716 career receptions for 10,535 yards and 101 touchdowns. He has appeared in 142 games (128 as a starter) and has been chosen for the Pro Bowl five times.

Now I had a conversation with one of my fantasy football buddies, and we decide that a T.O. playing for the Buccaneers would definitely propel the Buccaneers to another level and not to mention make Chris Simms a fantasy stud. Can you imagine T.O, Joey Galloway, and Cadillac Williams on our offense. The Buccaneers would be one of the best offensives in the NFL, if not the best. So I ask you do you think Gruden wants this guy?

I know one player who does not, Michael Clayton. He had his last radio talk show for the season last night. He was asked what he thought about T.O. playing for the Buccaneers? Clayton advised that he would not like the idea of T.O. as a Buccaneer. Of course he would not like T.O. as a Buccaneer, because that would make Clayton the number 3 receiver.

Also on a side note T.O. is on my fantasy football team. I also have Cadillac. So these two guys would be my keepers going into next season. But reality is that T.O. is a gamble. A gamble on whether he learned his lesson. However, can you imagine the damage he could cause in the Buccaneers locker room. Not to mention the bad influence he would be on the young Buccaneers like Simms, Cadillac, and Alex Smith. We do not need another Keyshawn. But Gruden sent Keyshawn home packing, and just maybe he is not afraid to send T.O. home. It’s a gamble that could bring you another Super Bowl Ring or turn your team into a soap opera like the Eagles went through this year.

But again I remind you that in his career he has 716 career receptions for 10,535 yards and 101 touchdowns. He has appeared in 142 games (128 as a starter) and has been chosen for the Pro Bowl five times.

So my question again is do you give T.O. a second chance are you a gambler ?

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bond,fan bond said...

Man I am not sure if I would want that trouble in my locker room.

Like you said he is a premier receivers, he is also a player that can come in for one year and help you win a Super Bowl.

I heard on ESPN that only 3 coaches could handle T.O.
1. Gruden
2. Shanahan
3. Parcells

They also said the Bucs are the front runners on getting T.O.
Good Luck.

I love the T.O. press conference picture you have with him in the Bucs background. By far you have the Best Bucs Blog.