Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Blast from the Past: Number 88 TE, Jimmie Giles

I have been kind of neglecting the weekly topic called "A Blast from the Past". This is my way to pay tribute to the great Buccaneer players of the past. Some of these players are in our hearts as Buccaneer fans, but will never be honored any other way. This week I will honor Jimmie Giles, tight end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

By now everyone knows the story: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A lifetime record of 190-275-1, 11 straight seasons with 10 losses or more (2-14 in 83, 85, 86), visits from Steve Young, Doug Williams and Trent Dilfer who sputtered and were booed but went on to play and win Super Bowls for someone else, 459 games without a kickoff returned for a touchdown. Let's not even mention Bill Parcells (he did it to us twice!) and Bo Jackson blowing the Bucs off. But that doesn’t do the misery justice.

Back when the Bucs where referred to as the Yuks, there was a bright spot. Jimmie Giles was drafted in the third round of the 1977 draft by the Houston Oilers out of Alcorn State. In 1978 the Buccaneers made a trade with the Houston Oilers that sent us TE Jimmie Giles.

Giles played for the Buccaneers from 1978-1986. He played in 188 games (121 with the Buccaneers). He started 112 games for the Bucs, 5th best ever. Giles is best know for being The finest tight end in Buc history. Giles ranks at the top of many Buccaneer records.
-MOST POINTS SCORED IN A GAME #1: Jimmie Giles 24 points at Miami, 10/20/1985.
-MOST TD’s SCORED IN A GAME #1: Jimmie Giles 4 TD at Miami 10/20/1985.
-MOST TD’s RECEIVING IN A GAME #1: Jimmie Giles 4 TD at Miami 10/20/1985
-MOST YARDS RECEIVING BY A TIGHT END: #1: Jimmie Giles 786 yards 1981
-ALL TIME RECEIVING LIST #4: Jimmie Giles with 279 receptions for 4300 yards his longest also is a record, he caught an 81 yard TD from Doug Williams versus the Bears (11/1/81) which was second longest in team history. Lead all NFC TEs with 8 TDs in 1985. He has 34 career touchdowns as a Buccaneer and seven 100 yard games.

In 1986, Leeman Bennett, head coach of the Bucs released Giles midway through the season. Kevin House and Jimmie Giles led the receiving corps going into the season, but were wrongfully released at the mid-point of the year together with veteran running back Ron Springs. Leeman Bennett gave the reason as being "their collective lack of performance" but one had to wonder if it was Hugh Culverhouse pulling the purse strings on another disastrous season. A case of "we can finish last with you, so we can certainly finish last without you". You must also remember this was an embarrassing season for Culverhouse after his first round pick in the draft a guy by the name of Bo Jackson refused to sign with Tampa. (I hate Bo, this is an article for another time, but for what it is worth I hated Culverhouse more. As momma would say in the Water Boy, “Culverhouse is the devil”)

Giles was selected to Four Pro Bowls: (1980-82, 1985) as a Buccaneer. Giles caught the game winning TD in the 1985 Pro Bowl.

Giles was selected by the Pewter Report as the number 11 greatest Buc of all time and tagged "scoring machine".

Giles was named as the 11th Greatest Buccaneer Player of all-time by BUCPOWER.COM in 2003.


coloradohurricane said...

It was definitely Culverhouse being cheap.

A guy goes to the pro bowl the precious year, you don't cut him.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

I agree with you Colorado. We will have to see if the Buccaneers repeat that same thing by cutting Derrick Brooks this up comming year after he goes to the Playoffs

scott said...

I'm an old school Buc fan. I was at the 1976 game when they lost to Buffalo 14-9. I love the old orange uniforms and I grew up watching Doug Williams, Kevin House, the Selmon brothers, Cecil Johnson and James Wilder.

But my #1 favorite Buccaneer of all time is #88 Jimmie Giles. Even when the new guys like Alstott, Sapp, and Lynch were finally gaining Tampa some long overdue respect, I never forgot good old Jimmie. He'll alway sbe my favorite Buccaneer.

He was robbed of a touchdown in the 1979 playoff game against the Eagles. If they had instant replay back then like they do today, Jimmie would have had his touchdown. Jimmie Rules!!!