Sunday, January 15, 2006

Gruden Stands Alone....

Since the Buccaneers were eliminated from the post season, I was hoping this might be Coach Dungy's year. However, the Steelers just out played the Colts, which leaves me with one thought. Maybe Dungy can't win the Big One and this confirms that Coach Gruden is the reason we won the 2002 Super Bowl. One must remember that it was also Gruden's Raiders that were in the Super Bowl that same year, and the year before Gruden was one game from the Super Bowl and would have gone if not for the famous tuck rule.

I feel really bad for Dungy and the Colts, so where do I go from here, I guess its Denver and John Lynch.


female nfl fan said...

Jon Gruden is not only cute, but he is a great head coach. I agree that he was the reason you guys one the 2002 Super Bowl

Nice Blog, I have not seen a better Buccaneer Blog

bond,fan bond said...

Gruden is the man. I still like Tony, he is a great guy and head coach. It is sad they did not win.

Even if they went to the Super Bowl, it would not have take any thing away from Gruden

dolphinfan said...

Chucky is a great coach. When you look at what he did at Oakland and what he has done at Tampa Bay you really see his fingerprints on the team.

I felt bad for Dungy because of the personal issues and then to lose before the conference championship.

The Colts are the first 13-0 team to not reach the conference championship game.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

Yeah, I like Dungy he is a class act. Before Gruden he was my favorite coach. But I will always be a Gruden fan for the Super Bowl.

Do you really think Ricky Williams will get traded this year?

dolphinfan said...

I'm hearing a few rumors about Williams but nothing solid enough to write about yet. The best I have heard is with Houston for Carr but I doubt that would happen. If I'm the Texans I take Reggie Bush over Williams.

Things should heat up as we get closer to the draft but the Dolphins may not get what they want for him.

The other side is that Williams and Brown make up a pretty good backfield. The Dolphins may want to give them a chance to make a play-off run next season. Williams is signed for the league minimum so he is not costing them a bunch of money.

Ian C. said...

Hey, I was wondering if we could have an e-mail conversation about Rod Marinelli, since he's a finalist for the Lions head coaching job. I'd just like to see what you know about him, whether you think he'd be a good head coach, and get an idea of what Detroit fans could expect from this guy. If you get a chance, e-mail me at Thanks.

Cutthroat Pirates said...


The info has been emailed to you. I hope it helps. If the lions get Marinelli, you guys would be getting a great coach. I think he will be better then Lovie Smith or Herm Edwards. He has coached for Dungy, Kiffin and Gruden so I think he would be better rounded then Smith or Edwards. Plus he has coached in the Big Game.