Sunday, January 15, 2006

Another T.O. Advertisement

This does not come from Cutthroat Pirate, However after surfing the Buccaneers forum, I found a few fans who are excited about T.O. and the prospect of him being a Buccaneer. If this was to happen and he kept himself in check, we just might be unstoppable.

Just another advertisement of what might be after March 3, 2006.

Also if you are into fantasy football check out my new blog about my fantasy football league. I have been playing fantasy football for over 5 years. This year I started my own league and decide to post it on a blog. This is where more of my nfl other then the Bucs will be posted. Eventually I might get it so all 10 owners can post on the blog.
Caution it is still a work in progress:

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