Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Bandwagon Fan……….

What is a bandwagon fan? A bandwagon fan is a phrase used among sports fans to describe a sports fan that only roots for popular and successful sports franchises. This kind of fan is typically despised in the sports fandom.

I hate to do this article, but when another blogger calls you out, you must reply. You see I thought that Ski over at the So called Best Bucs Blog was becoming a blogger friend with us both loving the Bucs. Until I read his article today about the RUNDOWN. It pretty much dogs 3 bloggers recent article include my “With the 23rd Pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Choose……….”

Now I could talk about his Blog name and say that I know at least two other Buccaneer Blogs that blow his out of the water, but that would not be nice.

I could say that half the time he does not know what he is talking about when it come to the Buccaneers, specially the older Bucs players and records.

Example: I wrote an article about Ricky Bell called “A Blast from the Past: Number 42, RB, Ricky Bell.”This article must have been good, because Ski Linked it to his blog. However on my comments page Ski said…
and don't forget bell was the first back to rush for a thousand
yards in a season for the Bucs, which I believe only one other back (Dunn) has
done once.”

if you are a true Bucs fan every one knows about James Wilder and Errict Rhett, hell most of us even know about Reggie Cobb as our Running Back and now he is a College Scout for the Bucs. Did you know that Ski?

Any way I replied to Ski comments and said
…“Ski, How could you forget all these greats. But I have been a Bucs fan
since 1979: All these players rushed for over a thousand yards in a
season:*1979,Ricky Bell, 1,263*1984,James Wilder, 1,544*1985,James Wilder, 1,300
*1992,Reggie Cobb, 1,171*1994,Errict Rhett, 1,011*1995,Errict Rhett, 1,207
*1998,Warrick Dunn, 1,026*2000,Warrick Dunn, 1,133”

Do you know what Ski said…….. .
“and proving once again that I'm an idiot (at least I got one out of
You said it not me.

Why did all this have to happen? Well you see I think Ski is down on the Bucs right now because they did not go further into the Post Season, Ski are you jumping off the bandwagon?

You see this started because Ski wrote this…. Talking about Buc Stats (another Buccaneer Blog) and my recent article on my blog
“'Cause sometimes we're just too lazy for a full length post for each story.”
Mmmm I have seen some of you stories with no comments on them. I would say lazy or uninteresting.

He continues with
“Pewter Pirates does some
(i.e. Googled "Bucs" and "draft pick", we could have done
that) and discovers the Bucs will draft Auburn OT Marcus McNeil. The only other
question is what should McNeil's nickname be? We vote for Morgan Freeman.”

At least I did my research, first and foremost it was a shout out to Birdman’s site about the NFL Draft: This is where I first got my information, then I just decide to see what the consensus was…. So Ski next time you want to have a rundown be sure you can back it up. Because I think you are just Falling Down off the bandwagon


bond,fan bond said...

Ouch, But I guess Best Bucs Blog had it coming to him. There is nothing worse then a guy who is unhappy and takes it out on another.

Cutthroat it is to bad you had to go to this level, but as we say in England
"This England never did, nor never shall,
Lie at the proud foot of a conqueror." You were called out and you fired back good for you my American friend.

dolphinfan said...

Battle of the Blogs, Bucs style!

Cutthroat Pirates said...

LoL yep, soory dolphinfan that it came to this bro.

coloradohurricane said...

your blog is way better than ski's.

isn't it a little bit arrogant for someone to call their blog "best buc blog" anyway ? maybe if he posted some pix of naked buc cheerleaders, he could call his blog "best." but when it comes to content... you kick ski's ass.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

Thanks Colorado Hurricane. I learned from the best. Thanks.

dolphinfan said...

No need to apologize. Just keep doing what you are doing, you know where people are reading and linking and posting etc...

Heard a rumor about David Carr to Miami for Ricky Williams and then the Texans draft Vince Young.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

Wow what a rumor. That could help both teams if Carr is or can be a real qb. I think Ronnie Brown will be a very good back for the dolphins.