Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bucs Training Camp Date Announced.

Well it is almost that time of year, where I can drive 20 minutes from my house and see my Bucs practice and get autographs everyday. As a fan or obsessed fan as my wife likes to say, this is a great time to watch free Buccaneer football, drink $5.00 beers, and meet the players. Buccaneer training camp is just a little over three months away. Buccaneer players will arrive in Celebration, Florida on Thursday, July 27 for the beginning of their 2006 training camp.

All of the Buccaneers’ training camp practices will be open to the public. There is generally an admission fee to get into the Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex, but fans attending practices are not charged. I go every year and I am looking forward to this year as well. If you get the chance to go, it is a must, but beware the Florida heat is a killer and the price of beer at Disney does not help.

During the two-a-days (practices), I recommend going during the morning hours, because sometimes the afternoon practice is called off due to lighting from the afternoon thunder storms. Believe me I know, I have spent many days at the morning practice then I head over to Downtown Disney for lunch with plains of returning to the practice field only to have it cancelled due to the lighting.

The Buccaneers while in Celebration stay at the Celebration Hotel, which is restricted to team personnel for the duration of training camp.


dolphinfan said...

Have you ever been to training camp? I went to watch one of the Dolphins mini-camps about three years ago. I was pretty cool and the players were very approachable.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

I take a week off of work and go everyday. I only live 20 min from the Bucs training camp. Your right it is great and the Bucs players love it. Warren Sapp was great to watch when he was a Buc, because he would get you as the fan into it.