Thursday, February 23, 2006

I Was Wrong and I Am Glad.....

The Buccaneers, who are $19 million over the salary cap and over $20 million of the $90 Million plus figure for the 2006 season's salary cap, belongs to two players Derrick Brooks and Simeon Rice.

I was a believer that Brooks was safe and that Rice was out. However, breaking news coming from the 2006 NFL Scouting Combine is that Rice appears safe.

General manager Bruce Allen has said "that the Bucs might be comfortable with Rice's price tag in relation to his production." Rice has had the most sacks in the past four years in the NFL. Rice, who has 56 1/2 since 2002, including 14 in 2005, third in the league. Rice just might be safe.

Rice's agent, Tom Condon, said "Wednesday the Bucs have not approached him regarding Rice's contract even though Condon said Rice will count more than $10-million against the 2006 salary cap." This is huge, because Bruce Allen has said that this week he will contact the players/ agents that they want to restructure their contract. If Rice is safe and it appears as if he is, will Derrick Brooks be back next season. Brooks has already agreed that he would restructure his contract as long as he his guaranteed to retire a Buccaneer.

It was also reported that Booger McFarland more then likely is out for next season, unless he comes way down on his $6 million figure for next season.

Tom Condon who is also Kenyatta Walker's agent has said, "He's played through the five years of his contract. I think he'd like to take a look at free agency and see what's out there." Good, I think the Buccaneers can find a much better Offensive Linemen in free agency.

Speaking of Offensive Linemen, I caught the tale end of the Buccaneers radio network and they said that there is a "RUMOR" (I know, whatever!) that the Jets are getting ready to release 3 offensive linemen that have played for Bill Muir and Paul Hackett, when they coached for the Jets. I need to do more research on these 3 players, but it sounds like a salary cap situation, and these 3 players know Muir and Hackett's system. It seems that these 3 veteran players might just be what the Buccaneers need.

It seems that T.O. news has surfaced again. "Terrell Owens' agent Drew Rosenhaus remained mum if Owens will make a visit with the Bucs, who have a mild interest in the mercurial Philadelphia receiver who likely will become a free agent next week. Denver and Miami remain the most likely destinations, and the Bucs would be hard-pressed to create enough salary cap room to make a serious run at Owens." St Pete Times.

More news about the CBA. It seems the Buccaneers owner, Malcom Glazer has sided with Jerry Jones and Daniel M. Snyder on the topic of Teams at the top of the revenue list, who don't want to share their profits with the lower revenue teams.

Heading the list of high-revenue teams are the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, New England Patriots, Houston Texans (yes, Texans, I was surprised too, however they are a new team with a new stadium) Philadelphia Eagles, and our beloved Buccaneers.

Yes, this picture speaks volumes and we do as fans owe a special thanks to Mr. Glazer, who changed the face of the Buccaneers. However, "You may not care about the NFL CBA negotiations" until the NFL is on strike and there is no season of football, "their impending potential to bring down western civilization" is an upserd statement. See being an former paratrooper for the 82nd Airborne, I know what and who is trying to bring down this great nation, and you could say that it is the Billionaire tycoons. The NFL in 1993, started a thing called free agency which helps keep the parity between teams. These owners want to destroy that. Lets talk about the owners charging full ticket price to include parking at a NFL preseaon game, but then they only pay their players training camp salary during the preseason games, WHICH YES, if you did not know is way different.

But if you want to read about how communism has infiltrated the NFL and how at the next owners meeting in Palm Beach, Florida; the Soviet Russia model or (Doctrine, as us military veterans know it by) will be handed out for them to use as rules then read this
communism and the NFL

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coloradohurricane said...

Back when I used to follow the NFL religiously I kept up with the business side of the sport. I don't really know the details nowadays, but I do know the NFL should avoid what Major League baseball looks like- a few big market, marquee teams who get all the stars, and a bunch of also-ran small markets who can't compete.