Saturday, February 11, 2006

Football Mock Drafts are everywhere.

Well the Mock Drafts have started, and again I find that everyone is picking Marcus McNeill, OT, Auburn for the Buccaneers. I know last time I wrote this article, It started a WAR with Ski, over at the Best Bucs Blog. However, this is not about WARS, this is about doing research and finding Buccaneer material. As I have mentioned I am a huge NFL Draft fan, which is weird because I don't really follow college football. I play fantasy football and I am in several leagues to include my own league which you can view at . I throw a big NFL Draft Party every year. (This is where I get my scouting report for the Fantasy Football Draft) got to be smart with things.

The real reason for this story is I found another interesting mock draft, this time by a NFL team.

The official Patriots website held a mock draft, and here's what they have the Buccaneers doing:

"23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Marcus McNeil, OT Auburn – McNeil probably won’t last this long but if he does, the Bucs will be ecstatic. McNeil is one of the top offensive tackles in the draft and that’s an area the Bucs need a major upgrade in. Anthony Davis and Kenyatta Walker are currently the starting tackles in Tampa Bay and neither player is considered to be very strong. At 6’9 and 330 pounds, McNeil has the size and toughness to become a starting tackle for the Bucs as a rookie. McNeil isn’t quite as polished as some of the other tackles in this draft but he’s an athletic player with a lot of upside. If the Bucs don’t address the offensive line, expect them to go after a young player on defense or receiver.

Other Possibilities: Chad Jackson, DeMeco Ryans"

I am really getting excited about this years draft. I don't think it will be as good as last years draft with us taking Cadillac Williams as the number 5th pick overall. Besides last year I did not have my annual party, because I was invited to watch the draft at Raymond James Stadium in their huge lounge, with some of the players and even BIG NASTY was there. However, I miss my annual party and so did my friends, who I kinda left out to dry last year, so I promised them a bigger bash this year.

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