Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Free Agency Period May Be Pushed Back Till April.

Who cares if Dexter Jackson is leaving the Bucs or not. Do you really think he earned the Super Bowl MVP? He would have never intercepted those passes if not for John Lynch. Maybe Lynch, Brooks or even Pittman should have won the MVP. Oh well, we survived when Jackson wanted more money and left for the Arizona Cardinals, we will survive when he is gone again. Oh and by the way Mr. Roy Cummings from the Tampa Tribune it was Super Bowl 37 not Super Bowl 38.
I am sure it was a typo.

I know you guys really don't care about the bucs signing Cowboys , place kicker Billy Cundiff.

Oh Boy what we really do not want to hear, specially if you play fantasy football like me is that free agency period may change. As most of us know and were looking forward to March 3, 2006. Which is known as Free Agency Period in the NFL. This date might be changing due to the NFL and the players' association still unable to agree on terms for an extension to the collective bargaining agreement, the league may move back the start of the free agency period. According to several published reports, the date would be moved back from March 3 to April 1 in hopes that an agreement could be reached. The later date may be enough for the two sides to agree on a new CBA, but it would certainly make for a busy April for personnel departments, who would have three weeks to woo and sign free agents before the draft.Man, just when we are half way through February, and looking forward to March, the NFL changes everything. However, if the CBA could be reached, it would be worth it for the future of the NFL. At least us fans will have a busy month of football in April.

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