Friday, February 24, 2006

Bucs QB in 06?

Well the tables have turned, and the question is how much of this is just a tactic to scare Chris Simms. It seems now that the Bucs are saying that Griese is their man for one more year. All reports coming today, to include the Buccaneer radio network along with GM Bruce Allen are saying that Griese is here to stay and start. This is a slap in the face of Chris Simms, but it has been an unwritten rule in the NFL for some time that you do not lose your starting job to injury. Oh and the Bucs like to remind everyone that Griese was 5-1 as the Bucs Starter.

Coach Gruden said that Griese gives us the better chance at winning and is more like Brad Johnson. Well coach if he is more like Brad, then why did you force Brad out, who one us a Super Bowl.

This year it seems that so many teams are in need of a QB, that I think the Buccaneers are hoping that if Chris Simms receive a one-year, $2-million qualifying offer from the Bucs, that would enable Tampa Bay to receive a first- and third-round draft pick for Simms if they fail to match an offer from another team when he becomes a restricted free agent March 3.

Simms,who is very unhappy at how things are going, fired his agent Marvin Demoff and hired Tom Condon. The only problem with Condon, is that he is playing hard ball with the Buccaneers over Rice, Walker and now Simms.


Ian C. said...

Any idea how much of a salary cap hit the Bucs would take by cutting Griese? Keeping Simms seems more logical, based on age and salary, but after just signing Griese to a long-term deal before his injury, I'm betting they're on the hook for his signing bonus, at least.

At the beginning of the offseason, a few people were saying the Lions would be interested in Simms. But I haven't heard that in a while.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

IAN,I sm not sure the actual figure, but I think it is really low. I do know that his contract is year by year even though it was a five-year, $32-million contract.

I think the problem with Chris Simms is the CBA and the future of the NFL. The Bucs want him back, but can't afford his asking price todate. If they give him a one-year restricted free-agent tender for 2 million, by doing this they plan on keeping him and blocking any other team. In order for a team to get Simms it would cost them a 1st and 3rd round pick, which might be a little steep for some teams. But if any one does take him the Bucs get great draft picks out of it.