Saturday, February 04, 2006

Bucs Are Close to Hiring Their Def. Line Coach.....

The Buccaneers continue to search for their assistant coaches; However, one coaching position might be filled very soon.Southern Cal defensive line coach Jethro Franklin has emerged at the top of the list to serve in the same capacity as former Bucs defensive line coach Rod Marinelli. However, the Bucs must first find a way to get Franklin out of his contract with the Trojans.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have yet to announce any hirings on the coaching front, but the team apparently has yet another vacancy to fill. has learned "that the Bucs will not renew the contract of strength and conditioning coordinator Garrett Giemont. There is a strong possibility that Bucs assistant strength and conditioning coach Mike Morris will be promoted, although it is not yet clear whether he'll replace Giemont."

Continued report 02/05/2006.............The Bucs are expected to announce the hiring of Southern Cal defensive line coach Jethro Franklin for the same position in Tampa Bay.

The Bucs still must hire a defensive backs coach and replace offensive assistant Kyle Shanahan and assistant defensive backs coach Raheem Morris.
Defensive lineman Ellis Wyms said Saturday he was coached by Franklin in the 2001 Senior Bowl, when Franklin was with the Packers, and had fond memories of his brief exposure. Wyms is eager to get going with his new position coach.

There was no official word Saturday, but the Los Angeles Daily News reported that Franklin, who was interviewed Friday in Tampa, accepted the Bucs' offer.


coloradohurricane said...

He would be a good addition to the Bucs staff.

It usually is pretty easy to get a college coach out of their contract-they all usually have buy out clauses

bond,fan bond said...

He will be a real good coach for you guys. Cutthroat how do you get your inside scoops before it is even in the paper. Someone has insides sources????