Sunday, July 23, 2006

No Misguided Rumors, I Tell Facts and Ronde is Here to Stay.

First let me remind some critics out there, that I was the first to break the story on May 22nd, 2oo6 that the Bucs were working on a deal with Ronde. Ronde Barber is here to stay.

Back in May I received a phone call from my good friend, who works at One Buc Place and told me that the Bucs were going to get a deal done with Ronde this season.

Sure it took longer then expected, after all the Bucs had to make sure they had money for the rookies. Like Bruce Allen said, Ronde was already under contract and had agreed to honor it without holding out. So Allen had time to work on Ronde's deal. Now it seems that the deal will be finalized this week according to the Orlando Sentinel's reporter Chris Harry:
"It took a few years, but the Bucs seem to have figured that out. The team is
expected to give Barber a generous contract extension this week."
Orlando Sentinel

Now after all the bitching that some of the Bucs Bloggers have done about the Bucs letting Ronde go next season, now one is bitching about what it might cost to keep Ronde. from a confused soul .

Well let me say this, Cutthroat Pirate has done it again, and after the deal is finalized and public, I will be the one saying "TOLD YOU SO" . I think someone is just out right jealous of another's blog, knowledge and sources. GROW UP.

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