Thursday, August 03, 2006

Davin Joseph's Poll Results

Thanks again to all who voted, this time I had 40 votes on the question: How do you think Davin Joseph's career as a Buc will be?

21 votes went towards Pro-Bowl Offensive linemen.
5 votes went towards a good Offensive Linemen.
12 votes went towards an OK Offensive Linemen.
2 votes went towards won't cut it in the NFL.

I have been watching Davin Joseph at training camp and he is the real deal. We have not had an offensive linemen this good since Paul Gruber. This guy is opening huge holes for Cadillac. Coach Gruden has also been giving him a lot of praise.

Thanks again for your votes.

Side Note, I won't be at training camp this afternoon, I got a migraine headache, I think from being in the sun too much this week. I don't have an IV like the players get to help hydrate.

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