Sunday, August 13, 2006

Official Season Kickoff Party

Where will you be Friday, September 7th @ 7 PM, and you call yourself a Bucs Fan. I am a Bucs Fan and I will be at the official Season Kickoff Party for the Bucs, which is hosted by Miller Lite Beer. This fun event is located at Channelside in downtown Tampa.

I went last season, and it was a blast. If you read my blog, you know I go where ever the players are. I love meeting the players and getting their autographs. Last years kickoff party I met Cadillac Williams, Brian Griese, Michael Clayton, Shelton Quarles, Monte Kiffin and Coach Gruden. Of Course, I have met most of these guys during other Bucs occasions, but it is still always great to met them again and have them sign a new Bucs item.

Plus who doesn't like drinking Miller Lite beer and watching a free concert. It is like a high school prep rally but on the PRO-Level. Besides I have been out of high school for well over 15 years, so it is nice to feel like a kid again.

OK got to go, the Bucs had this morning off from training camp, but I will be heading out to make the afternoon practice. As always I'll report on the training camp practice later today. It so great living so close to your team and being able to report first hand on the Bucs activity.


dolphinfan said...

Hey man, where have you been? Did you go to the Dolphins/Bucs game Saturday night? If so would you mind writing up something on your thoughts about what you saw with the Dolphins and sending it to me by e-mail.

I'll post it and of course give you full credit for it.

coloradohurricane said...

The Bucs still train in Orlando ?