Saturday, August 05, 2006

Training Camp Notes:

The Bucs gave the players off on Saturday afternoon, after a sloppy morning practice, Coach Gruden hopes that the Bucs will come back Sunday morning rested.

Another change to the Bucs Training Camp schedule, is the Sunday afternoon practice will be moved to a private location and closed to the public. This means I will be home Sunday afternoon.

Coach Gruden's comments on giving the players the afternoon off:
“The coaches [get time off], too,” he said. “You get a chance to maybe have
dinner with your family and have a meal with somebody else. See some different
faces, you know what I mean? You can only see so much of Bruce Gradkowski in a
week. This is just to break the grind a little bit. Hopefully guys get mentally
rejuvenated and we all come back ready to roll.”

It is funny how he mentioned Bruce Gradkowski, I think Coach Gruden has a new favorite.

ROSTER MOVES: Bucs released rookie cornerback Reuben Houston and re-signed first-year cornerback Dwight Ellick.

I found it interesting that Kenyatta Walker and Torrin Tucker have missed most of training camp this season, but this is really good for Jeremy Trueblood. Walker is the starter at right tackle and Tucker has been working behind starter Anthony Davis at left tackle. With those two out, the Bucs are in a two-man rotation on both ends of the line. On the right side, rookie Jeremy Trueblood, a second-round draft pick, has moved up to the starting line and has seen a significant jump in his number of practice reps.That’s helpful for Trueblood in terms of gaining experience, particularly on the first-team line.

Coach Gruden Comments from

On the receivers:
“They’re doing well. They’re doing very well. [Joey] Galloway’s had a great week. [David] Boston is picking it up and making big plays for us. We're getting better. We’ve got a deep group of receivers. We like what they’ve done so far.”

On if practice will change next week with the first preseason game coming up:
“Well, in the mornings it won’t. We’ll have very similar practices to the ones we’re having now, try to get some physical work done early and some situational work done late in practice. Then in the afternoon we’ll have a couple periods where we take a look at the Jets – they’re obviously a lot different than they were last year – and familiarize our football team with not only their personnel but what we predict them to do.”

On comparing this team to last year’s team at this point in camp:
“I forgot all about last year’s team. When you get into the grind like this, all you worry about is where you are now. We have a lot of returning starters from a year ago, and we do have, I think, some key additions who are making things quite interesting. I just look at this year’s team. I like the work ethic that we have. I think we do have some talent, but I also know that we have a long way to go.”

On the importance of receivers gaining yards after the catch:
“It’s really important. Sixty percent, on some teams 50 to 60 percent, of what you get is effort. A lot of these 80-yard touchdown passes that guys throw are quick screens where a guy stretches it, breaks a tackle and runs. Yards after the catch is a big part of winning football, yards after contact, hidden yardage is a big part of pro football. We’re always looking for guys who have a knack to do that.”

On if he has thought about a quarterback rotation for the first game:
“Yeah, we have thought about that, but we won’t make any finalization on that until the next few days. We’ve got to see who’s up and who’s out and we’ll go from there.”

On what he likes about Gessner:
“I don’t know, he’s just a good guy. He’s a good player. He makes plays. He’s a functional guy in different positions. He plays pretty good special teams. He’s practiced well; we’ll see how he plays in a game. He’s done a good job. You’ve got to give him credit. He’s worked hard. He’s a bit of an obscure guy coming in here and he’s gone wire-to-wire here with a lot of good players. He’s doing well.”

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