Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What has cutthroat been up to?

Hello Bucs' Fans,

Well, I have been on vacation in Daytona last week. Then left there in time to make every Bucs training camp to date. I have seen some great match ups to date, and some great competition, which I will talk about later. My digital camera is not working, which is what happens when salt water and electronics come in contact. I am in the process of buying another one before training camp ends, and I will get those pictures posted on here.

Training camp has been fun, but very hot and it does not help that Disney’s Wide World Sports Complex sells beer but at $5.00 a pop. Never the less, training camp has been a blast. It is so nice living only 30 minutes from Disney and being able to go everyday. I must say that I hated the afternoon practice when it is special teams only. However, it is great to meet the players and get autographs. I was really excited to meet and get Davin Jospeh's autograph. In fact, I got to see Simeon Rice's press conference, is he not the man? It was funny to hear him talk about himself, this guy is very animated. He talked about how Joe Green told him when Simeon started playing football, that “Once the world knows your good, you got to be that good everyday, and Simeon said that is the hardest thing for him to keep doing.” Simeon was very positive on this years team, he talked about how Simms is looking great, and how Clayton is hungry this season and looks great, which I will say that he could emerge again as the go to guy after this camp. I was watching Clayton practice and he sure does have a fire lit under his ass. If you play fantasy and Galloway is your guy, watch out because Clayton is back and leaner then every. Simeon closed his press conference by saying “I’m on my way to being the best ever, period. The he basically said he is better then Kobe, and D-Wade.

I also found it very interesting that David Boston has been getting a lot of the 3rd WR set snaps over Ike Hilliard. Boston looks great and I say right now he is on this team, and might even take Hilliard’s slot. Also for a little bit of rookie info, Davin Joseph is lining up with the starting offensive line, and is opening huge holes for Cadillac.

Another first at Pewter Pirates,
I got in a quick Q&A session with Buccaneer Linebacker #56 Ryan Nece.

Like I said this was fast and on the spot, so all I could get was two questions in. Which I don’t think its bad considering it was my first time. So my new thing during training camp will be when the players come over to the fans to sign autographs, I will try to get a couple questions in and post them on here.

Q. Ryan what do you think of this years Bucs?

"The team is good and fast. The team chemistry is the best it has ever been.:
Q. Ryan with the new training facility in Tampa, do you think that this will be the last year at Disney Wide World of Sports?

"Good question, I don’t think so. They (Coaches) make training camp like boot camp. They like us isolated and away from our families so we can train hard. I think we will be back here next year."

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