Friday, August 04, 2006

Davin Joseph vs Chris Hovan.

What a treat it was to be at the Bucs training camp on Friday morning as one-on-one pass rushing drills took place. Davin Joseph and Chris Hovan set the standard. Everyone was on their feet to watch these two guys go at it. The entire team gathered in a circle to watch as the Rookie, Davin Joseph put a licking on Chris Hovan. Hovan who previously according to Coach Gruden set the standard on these one-on-one drills, was beaten by the star rookie, and 1st round draft pick, Davin Joseph. Hovan was so pissed he ripped his helmet off and slammed it to the ground. Now is there any doubt the Bucs made the right choice with Davin Joseph. Like my Poll says PRO-BOWLER.

Buc tight end Alex Smith did not practice today he was out with a slight hamstring injury. He told the media afterwards that it was no concern.

Update on safety Will Allen, he needs a surgical procedure on his thumb. The team originally said Allen will miss a few days but now it seems that Allen might miss at least a week. While Allen's injury does not seem serious it comes at a position where the Bucs have no real depth.


dolphinfan said...

I told you, Joseph is a beast. That's how we grow them at OU.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

Yes you did my friend. The Bucs finally got a great linemen. Thanks to the OU.