Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bucs Updates.......

I am so behind on Bucs news, I have been studying for my medical test.

Number 2 Quarterback on the Depth Chart Luke McCown, has to have knee surgery. McCown, who is considered the most mobile quarterback on the Bucs roster injured his right knee during Organized team activity.

Coach Gruden had this to say about the situation:
"He's going to have surgery here in the next couple days," said the coach. "Our main man down in Miami, Dr. [John] Zvijac will do a great job, and [Head Trainer] Todd Toriscelli will begin the rehab process immediately. We can only update you as time moves on, but right now he won't be with us for the early part of the season. But knowing Luke McCown like I do, he'll be back sooner than most guys."

I think Rattay and Gradkowski got a big break, and I think both of these quarterbacks are fine as back-ups. Gruden, who normally enters training camp with 4-5 quarterbacks. He probably will look to bring in another guy to spark competition during training camp. If I was a betting man, I would say that Gradkowski wins the back-up job, until Luke can return.

Gradkowski has been a favorite of Gruden's since he was drafted by Tampa. Gruden's comments on Gradkowski. With Kerry Collins as the star veteran qb, I think we might see a little more of Rattay and Gradkowski at training camp. I'll let you know as I will be there every day.

Anoter former Bucs player dies at the age of 52: Former Bucs receiver Theo Bell died Wednesday at St. Joseph's Hospital after a lengthy battle with kidney disease and scleroderma. You can read about Theo Bell's NFL Career with the Bucs at St Pete Times.

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