Sunday, June 25, 2006

Bucs Hire Kevin Demoff..

Pewter Report broke a story that the Bucs have hired Kevin Demoff to be the senior assistant to Buccaneers general manager Bruce Allen. You ask who the hell is Demoff, as I did? Well I did my research and discovered this guy might be a "diamond in the ruff."

Kevin Demoff has an inside lane on the fast track. He has three years as director of football operations for the Arena Football League's Los Angeles Avengers. He was a consultant in 2005 for the Buccaneers, and now it seems with the major loss of director of player personnel Ruston Webster, who was hired by Seattle, Demoff is the man. Ruston Webster is a major loss for the Bucs, who have not really felt his loss yet. Next season the Bucs might feel it after they have gone a full year with out Webster's input.

Demoff seems like he could be the man to help GM Bruce Allen with contract negotiations, salary cap management, scouting and planning. I have always been impressed with the Bucs since the Glazers Era on their selection of front office staff.

Here is ainformativee article about Demoff:
Valley News Web


Jayda2006 said...

I was psyched to find out that other Bucs fans were fired up about the us getting Demoff. I had the chance to meet Kevin at Dartmouth. There are a few things that struck me as I got to know him:

1. We called him "The Matrix" b/c of his impressive ability to crunch analysis in his head on the fly. He knows his stats.

2. He was also the Bill Bellichick of our flag football team. Without an athletic bone in his body, he was able to effectively gameplan and execute us to victory while playing the free safety position. Demoff runs a 7 second 40, but always managed to break up passes to the Dartmouth track team guys. Impressive.

The future is so bright for Demoff that he has to wear shades. Great pickup.

PAA2006 said...

You've got a nose for talent Jayda.

Not only is Demoff a Decion Science mastermind but he excels in Corporate Communications. Demoff is indeed a diamond in the rough, and the NFL and its constituents should sit back and watch this one-of-a-kind communicator rise to the top.

Enjoy the ride Tampa. General Manager won't be the last stop for this man. He will be NFL Commissioner some day.