Friday, June 02, 2006

Where Will I Be Tomorrow.............

Of Course, I will be at the 2006 Buccaneer Fan Fest. I never miss it, what true fan would? If I lived in Alaska, I would still be here for this event. This is truly a way for the Bucs to give thanks to their fans.

Ok for those that have never been here is how it works?

9:30 am gates open, and on-field activities and Pirate ship open. However, most of us will still be standing in a line of about 40,000 waiting to get our VOUCHERS for club level autographs. In fact most of us have been waiting since 6:00 am. YES, a die hard Bucs fan gets up at 6:00 am and waits in line to get his VOUCHER to get the Rookie of the Year(Cadillac Williams') autograph. A small price to pay but well worth it to me.

10:00 All autograph areas open ( and there is a lot of areas to get autographs. Ok, here is how it works, the stadium is broken into for corners, A, B, C, D. Each club level gets an A, B, C, D. Inside each area is 3-4 players that will sign autographs for you. The nice thing is that this is inside the air- condition, which as we all know Florida heat is a killer.

AM Shift 10Am- Noon

A Section
Josh Bidwell
Mike Alstott
Dewayne White

B Section
Kenyatta Walker
Barrett Rudd
Anthony McFarland

C Section
Alex Smith
Jermaine Phillips
Sean Mahan

D Section
John Wade
Ike Hilliard
Derrick Brooks

PM Shift Noon-2pm

A Section
Will Allen
Ryan Nece
Carnell Williams
Jeb Terry

B Section
Mark Jones
Torrie Cox
Chris Simms
Davin Joseph

C Section
Matt Bryant
Juran Bolden
Michael Pittman
Chris Hovan

D Section
Michael Clayton
Earnest Graham
Luke McCown
Anthony Davis

Main Concourse
Scheduled Players
No Voucher Required

10:00 am - Noon
Bruce Allen
Coach Gruden
Scott Jackson
Lynn McGruder
Jason Nerys
Donte Nicholson
James Patrick
Kalvin Pearson
Justin Phinisee
Rick Razzano
Stefan Rodgers
J.R. Russell
Edell Shepherd
Brian Simjanovski
Jerald Sowell
Maurice Stovall
Terrence Stubbs
Boone Stutz
Jermaine Taylor
Moe Thompson
Anthony Trucks
Jeremy Trueblood
Torrin Tucker
Paris Warren
Derek Watson
Andrew Williams
T.J. Williams
Todd Williams
Jamie Winborn
Keith Wright
Ellis Wyms
Alan Zemaitis

Noon-2 pm shift

Blue Adams
Jahmile Addae
Jared Allen
Mark Anelli
Xavier Beitia
Charles Bennett
Phil Bogle
Larry Brackins
Jon Bradley
Anthony Bryant
Steve Cargile
Antoine Cash
Jonathan Clinkscale
Chris Colmer
Marquis Cooper
Carey Davis
Robert Douglas
Dwight Ellick
Toniu Fonoti
Chas Gessner
Bruce Gradkowski
Andre Hall
Reuben Houston
Julian Jenkins
Jacque Lewis
Sam Lightbody
Wesly Mallard
Tim Massaquoi
Derek McCoy

12:15 Pm Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders Performance, which I can't miss because my buddies girlfriend is a new 2006 cheerleader, (I guess that means more perks, and another source for me lol.)

Coaches Corner with Head Coach Jon Gruden, General Manager Bruce Allen, and other Buccaneers Coaches. This is usually a Q and A session with the fans.

Anyway this is so exciting, I am like a little kid when it comes to my Bucs. I will try to get some photos and post them on here for all to see. GO BUCS.


Ski said...

do you get to talk to the players? I would be interested in seeing what some these guys have to say.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

Yes, it is a one on one, they are sitting behind a big table that you walk up to. When you are up there say with Cadilliac Williams the line is behind you. Since it is a voucher they run out when they think there is enough fans for that player.