Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Some Updates.

As I have stated before, I am a huge fantasy football fan. I currently play in three leagues, but I am thinking about dropping out of one. I currently run a league of 10 owners to include me. This is where I have been putting all other NFL news, and keeping this blog a Buccaneer Blog only. If anyone is interested in my other blog it is , I am currently getting the other nine owners up to date and signing them up on the blog. It is a slow process but I will get it done before the new season.

Ok, I have added a NFL Draft Countdown to this blog, and I am fixing it like it was before. I created other pages to show Bucs info, but it got to be a little much. You see I need the other pages for my playmakers site. Besides this is a very good detailed blog anyway.

I throw a huge NFL Draft party every year for my fantasy league. It usually turns into a Madden (EAS sports) on xbox and PS2 competition. However, it is a good way to have a meeting to discuss our fantasy league.

The picture of Chris Hovan is because he is the only news the Bucs are writting about as of late. He also had a press conference at One Buc Place, which can be seen at He basicly said the Bucs gave him a chance, so he is loyal to them, and he likes the fact that the Bucs are very close to being in the Super Bowl.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. This could not have happen to a better "JERK" then Keyshawn. Dallas cut Keyshawn yesturday, which is believed they are making room for T.O. I hate Keyshawn, and I think this says a lot about Joey Galloway. Now who got the better trade BILL?

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