Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Buccaneers are now $10 million under the cap.

Your heard me right, the Buccaneers have finally stop paying for our Super Bowl win. General Manager Bruce Allen and Coach Jon Gruden make one hell of a team. In fact this is the first season since the Super Bowl that big name players such as Derrick Brooks, and Mike Alstott were not forced to leave the team due to salary cap problems.

For several years now, it has been reported that the Buccaneers bought themselves a Super Bowl as most teams due by signing crazy money to players. Ex-GM Rich McKay is the biggest reason the Bucs have had salary cap problems since the Super Bowl, but not no more. GM Allen has now created roughly $10 million in salary cap space.

The Buccaneers received part of this salary cap relief when linebacker Shelton Quarles agreed to take a pay cut.

"I don't want to say how much the pay cut was but it allowed me to stay here,"
Quarles told the Tampa Tribune on Tuesday. "It was significant, but they also
turned some of the money into a signing bonus."

I can't even remember the last time the Bucs were this far below the salary cap. They have been paying the price for the money they spent during their Super Bowl run a few years ago, but it appears as if general manager Bruce Allen has finally put an end to the cap problems.

Now what can be done with this money? Well there is talk in Tampa and from the Buccaneers Radio Network that they are interested in Javon Walker, and they are reportedly interested in Joey Harrington. The Bucs have used five starting quarterbacks during Gruden's four years in Tampa. He seems to be high on his current starter, but Simms will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the 2006 season. Thus, don't rule out the Bucs adding a veteran free agent or in Joey Harrington trade talks. They still might bring in free agent cornerback Charles Woodson and convert him into a safety to replace Dexter Jackson.

However, I think they will keep the money to help pay for the rookies, which I still think they will draft an offensive tackle with the 23rd pick unless WR SINORICE MOSS, falls, which he won't. They also need to save money for June 1st which is the next big free agent date, where more veterans get cut. They could also use some of this money to rework Ronde Barber's deal, where there is a real threat of a hold-out.

In other Bucs News:
The Bucs have their eyes on Seattle reserve quarterback Seneca Wallace.

Free-agent tackle Brad Hopkins, whom the Bucs are considering signing, is "leaning toward retirement" instead of playing another season. Hopkins told Sirius NFL Radio that he may not want to leave the Nashville area to play in another city but has yet to make a decision on his future.

Free-agent LB Patrick Chukwurah said that he likely will decide between returning to the Broncos or joining the Bucs on Monday.

Kenyatta Walker's deal has been revealed : The details of Walker's contract show he was signed for five years, but the base salary jumps from $700,000 this season to $1.95-million in 2007 and $4.35-million in 2008. How much of that Walker actually receives remains to be seen considering the sizable escalations in the deal that might force restructuring. It is safe to say this is a one year deal. So again look for the 23rd pick to be an offensive linemen.

For the fifth consecutive season, the Bucs will hold training camp at Disney's Wide World of Sports complex, this is by far the best training camp and NFL experience I have ever seen. The place is normally packed with fans of the Bucs/football and from around the world visiting Disney. It is neat to see them experience the NFL for the 1st time. Not to mention there is so much stuff to do, thanks to the Buccaneers and Disney. The NFL Experience is usually there for kids to play and have fun. After both the morning and afternoon practices, the players come over and talk with the fans and sign autographs. Living in the Bay area, I usually spend a week or so at the training camp. Besides its free and I don't miss a Bucs event.

Well with a small hesitation I renewed my season tickets. You see I have four tickets, and they went up $100 a piece, so about a $10 increase per games for ten home games. Plus $98 in taxes. Then I read that the Bucs might make season ticket holders pay another 10-year deposit which is the cost of one years season ticket. So my 10 year deposit was around $2100 for all four for tickets, which I do not want to pay again. Then you get a % back at the end of the season for the next 10 years, which if your lucky might get you dinner at Carrabbas with no drinks. Oh yeah, for those that do not know this does not include playoff tickets, which are sold separate if the Bucs get into the playoffs.

Here is what Bucs executive vice president Joel Glazer, who sat down with Tampa Tribune NFL reporter Ira Kaufman on Tuesday at the NFL spring owners meetings about season tickets:

Why have you raised ticket prices again?

One of the unfortunate things about sports in general these days is the cost.
Nobody likes raising ticket prices, but to remain competitive and do the things
necessary, that's the price of sports. Ticket prices have gone up everywhere. I
know what our top ticket price is and it's less than probably a third of the
NFL. I wish prices were what they were 20 years ago, but I also wish player
salaries were what they were 20 years ago. In terms of overall entertainment for
the game-day experience, we think our fans are getting good value for their

What about rumors season ticket holders will soon be asked for another 10-year deposit?

We've heard a lot of speculation recently, but nothing has been decided.
We'll deal with it and it's something our fans will be happy with at the end of
the day. We know they've shown long-term commitment to the franchise and we'll
address that issue when the time comes.

This really did not answer the question. Well at least I do not have to pay for T.O.'s contract. Which brings me to another thought, We all bitch about how much these players make, to include me, but I just renewed my tickets. This only supports the high salaries that these players make. What are we as sports fans to do.

Arrrrrrrrrrrr maties Cutthroat out. Remember Dead men tell no tales.................

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