Friday, March 10, 2006

Bucs Make Their Cuts..........

As the start of the new season is upon us, and the doom for many players as teams have until 12:01 tonight to get under the $102 million salary cap, the Buccaneers made cuts.

No surprise as the Buccaneers cut Brian Griese, offensive lineman Matt Stinchcomb and linebacker Jeff Gooch. All three of these players were rumored to be on the cutting block for weeks. Griese is wanted back by the Buccaneers (WHY). I do not see any reason to bring him back. Simms is the future, and he will get a long term contract during this season. Tim Rattay is who the Bucs need to bring back as the Back up.

However, I heard something interesting tonight. We all know how Jon Gruden loves quarterbacks, and there has been a lot of talk about the Vikings making a trade to a team for Culpepper. First it was the Raiders, who said tonight "NOPE NOT US" and why would it be? Do you really think Randy Moss wants to play with him again? Then there was the Dolphins, who also said "NOPE NOT US" (I think they are interested, but they want Brees, who seems to be heading to New Orleans for a big pay day.) So could this secret team that is making a trade to the Vikings be the Bucs. Is Simeon Rice the trade bait. You must remember that Mike Tomlin was with the Buccaneers for 5 year as the defensive backs coach. Now Tomlin is the Defensive Coordinator in Minnesota. Could this rumor be true? Lets see with Simms only signing a one year deal, and Griese was just cut, and Tim Rattay is a free agent, could Culpepper be heading to Florida but not to the Dolphins? My sources have been right before, so lets wait and see. With Simms as the Starter this season, this gives Culpepper a chance to recover from his knee surgery and fix his love boat troubles.

What are your thoughts?

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