Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Joey Galloway on ESPN Rapid Fire.

Well I have not commented too much on this great player, number 86, Wide Receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Lets face it, probably one of the greatest trades in Buccaneers history; Keyshawn Johnson to Dallas for Joey Galloway.

Well tonight he was on ESPN's Rapid Fire: Here is the questions and answers from the 15 minute rapid fire.

Q: Better Buccaneer Uniforms, current one or the old orange ones?

A: The old ones.

Q: You get to make the call on T.O. coming to Tampa. Do you say yes or no?

A: No.

Q: If you had not gone to Ohio State where would you have gone?

A: No where else, that it, Ohio State is it.

Q: First thing Chris Simms said to you win Texas beat Ohio State?

A: Where is my money.

Q: Better Ohio State Receivers,Ted Ginn or Santonio Holmes?

A: Santonio Holmes

Q: Quarterback you would draft first, Vince Young or Matt Leinart?

A: Matt Leinart

Q: Who is the toughest NFL Cornerback to get free from?

A: Champ Bailey.

Q: Who is the Cornerback that is the most fun to burn?

A: Shawn Springs.

Q: Who has hit you hard then anybody in your NFL career?

A: Derrick Brooks caught me one time.

Q: Was this in practice or was it in a game, when you were in Dallas?

A: It was in a game, when I was actually in Seattle. I ran a slant and he is fast.

Q: What did it feel like?

A: It was one of those I was running and the next thing I know I was getting up.

Q: You don't remember the hit?

A: No

Q: Has he brought that up to you as a Buccaneer?

A: I don't think he remembers, he's had so many hits, I don't think that one stands out.

Q: The Seahawks sent you to Dallas for two number one picks, who got the better end of that deal?

A: Tampa Bay.

Q: Who did you route for in the Super Bowl.

A: Pittsburgh.

Q: Did you really?

A: I grew up 45 minutes from Pittsburgh. I grew up a Lynn Swann fan.

Q: So Nothing against Seattle, you just grew up a Steelers fan?

A: I grew up a Pittsburgh fan.

If you want to watch it here is the link. Rapid Fire

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