Thursday, March 02, 2006

NFL Owners Voted Unanimously Thursday to Break Off Talks with the Players' Union

Well its over the NFL is screwed, according to ESPN:

NFL owners voted unanimously Thursday to break off talks with the players' union on a contract extension, leaving the current salary cap in place with the start of free agency looming and possibly forcing the mass dumping of veterans.

"The situation is about as dire as dire can be," commissioner Paul
Tagliabue said.

The owners, who met for 57 minutes Thursday morning, endorsed a
recommendation by their management council executive committee to reject the union's latest proposal.

The breakdown of talks left intact, for now, a salary cap of $94.5
million. The two sides had hoped to add $10 million to $15 million to the 2006 salary cap. Without the additional room, some teams could be forced into wholesale cuts to get beneath the cap by midnight. Free agency starts Friday.

Doomsday is at hand for the NFL and their key star players. The cuts have already started pouring in. The Miami Dolphins already cut four-time Pro Bowl cornerback Sam Madison,cornerback Reggie Howard, safety Tebucky Jones and offensive tackle Damion McIntosh. The Broncos released running back, Mike Anderson.

The Buccaneers have said that they are $19 million over the cap and the NFL/ESPN and NFL Network reported that the Bucs are really only $8 million over the cap. I think Bruce has faked some numbers. Buccaneer radio network also discovered that the Bucs are only $8 million over also. The Rumor is that the Bucs inflated their number to make the veterans redo their contracts.

Anyway we will see what happens and who the Bucs cut today.


dolphinfan said...

Bad news for big money guys. This year will be a low cap. Watch the ticker today and tomorrow because there will be some major cuts.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

I agree Mat, this really sucks for us fans.